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We and our allies owe and acknowledge everlasting debt of gratitude to the armies and people of the Soviet Union
Frank Knox, United States Secretary of Navy
Sowjetunion Flagge der Marine

WWII navy information and facts

Soviet Union main fleets: Black sea, Baltic sea, Northern sea, Pacific ocean



Submarines photos photos


Small sea hunters photos MO-4

Motor torpedo boats Upgunned G-5 photos victories

Minesweepers Minelayers

Guard ships

Also USSR had many flotilias for rivers and lakes



Armored boats type 1124 type D


nave della flotta sovietica della Seconda Guerra Mondiale

The battles of Soviet navy at Northern Sea Black Sea Baltic Sea
(mainly destroyers actions)

Ships sunk by Soviet avation at Baltic sea , Arctic sea , Black sea

Top submarine commanders

Yugoslav Partisan Navy in WW2

Navy of Spanish civilian war

Big-sized color photos:

Soviet naval turrets , German naval flaks

squadrone sovietico red navy
Soviet squadron in 1944: the guardian cruiser «Red Crymeria», next the battleship «Sevastopol».
Squadrone sovietico.

 red fleet destroyer lider KHarkov (type 1)
Soviet destroyer lider Harkov (project 1).

WW2 foto Soviet destroyer Razumniy (type 7) of Northern fleet
Soviet WW2 destroyer Razumniy (project 7) of Northern fleet.

nave della flotta sovietica della Seconda Guerra Mondiale
Kriegsschiff aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg sowjetischen Flotte
navire de la Seconde Guerre mondiale sovietique flotte

buque de la Segunda Guerra Mundial la flota sovietica

War is over

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