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Soviet Battleships

Sevastopol type:
- Sevastopol (Paris Commune)
- Petropavlovsk (Marat)
- Gangut (October Revolution)
- Poltava 

Specifications: Displacement 24 800 tonnes

12 * 305-mm guns in 4 turrets (MK-3-12). Barrel lenght = 52 calibers, muzzle speed = 762..950 m/s, ammoload = 100 shells per gun, ROF = 1,8 shot per min.
16 * 120-mm guns. Barrel lenght =  52 calibers, muzzle speed = 825 m/s, ammoload = 250-300 shells per gun, ROF = 7 shot per min.
4 torpedo launchers 450-mm (ammoload 3 torpedos per launcher).
Also flak cannons (47-76mm).

1 recon hydroplane KR-1.

Armor: Waterline belt 125225 mm , Deck 1250 mm, Turrets 76203 mm, Barbettes 75150 mm, Conning tower 100254 mm 

Speed: 23 knot max, 16 knot econ.

Crew: 1125.

sowjetische Kriegsschiff Sewastopol MK3-12
The MK-3-12 turret

Soviet battleship Sevastopol at Black Sea ww2 foto
The turret of battleship "Sevastopol" at Black Sea.
Szovjet Csatahajo Sebastopol. Sowjetische Kriegsschiff Sewastopol.

Soviet battleship Parisienne Commune
Soviet battleship "Paris Commune" photo.
Sovetsky bitevni lod Comune di Parigi foto.
Soviet battleship turret guns Paris Kommune WWII red fleet foto
The main guns of battleship "Paris Commune"
Sovjet slagschip Pariserkommunen

Russian battleship Marat photo ww2  red fleet
Russian battleship Marat
Russische Schlachtschiff Marat

Propeller of the Soviet battleship RKKF foto fllet  World War II
Propeller of the Soviet battleship
Elica corazzata sovietica

HMS Royal Sovereign (Revenge-class) dreadnought Arhangelsk
Arkhangelsk battleship in USSR. Armor = 102-330 mm. Main guns: 4 x 2 x 381-mm/L42 Mk.I ; 14 x 152-mm/L50 Mk.XII.
HMS Royal Sovereign (Revenge-class dreadnought) was transferred on loan to the Soviet Navy in lieu of war reparations from Italy.
Sadly it did only a naval mission with soviet crew without contacts with enemy, but Nazi tried to sunk Arkhangelsk in harbour using midget submarines.. luckily their mission failed before start)

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