Ships sunk by Soviet aircraft in Arctic

—писок вражеских кораблей, потопленных советской авиацией в јрктике


Very few operations during the first year of war: the most significant one was a strike against a group of German destroyers.
21 July 1941 German merchant Wandsbek (2388 GRT) damaged by Pe-2 bomber (3 WIA, cargo of food mostly recovered). Returned in service in 1943.
9 August 1941 German destroyer Z-16 damaged by SB bomber
16 October 1941 Two small harbor motorboats sunk by bombers in Kirkenes harbor.
6 December 1941 German merchant Antje Fritzen (4330 GRT) damaged by bomber (3 KIA, 4 WIA).


Once again, few attacks done (mainly by Pe-2): first strikes against German shipping but most actions done by conventional bombers and not by torpedo bombers.
19 January 1941 German patrol ship Franke damaged (leak found later) with 1 KIA and 1 WIA, while German patrol ship Bussard had 2 WIA, after attack by 3 SB.
29 March 1942 German auxiliary minesweeper M-5608, sunk by mine dropped by 2 DB-3 (9 KIA) (the victory shared with Soviet MO-4 type submarine chasers).
7 July 1942 Norwegian merchant Else Marie (1885 GRT) sunk by Pe-2. Cargo of iron ore.
13 July 1942 German merchant Colmar (3992 GRT) light damaged by Pe-2 (nearby fire from bombed building).
14 July 1942 German landing craft F-243 sunk by Il-4 bomber.
19 July 1942 Norwegian motorboats Store Bill (72 GRT) and Audi (? GRT) sunk by bomber. Cargo of food.
9 August 1942 German patrol ship V-6113 Gote damaged by Il-4 torpedo bomber.
7 October 1942 Norwegian merchant Dora Elise (721 GRT) damaged by two Il-4 torpedo bombers.
31 December 1942 German merchant Hanau (5892 GRT) damaged by Pe-2 (3 WIA).


New operations caused bloody aerial battles with German fighters with no result in summer and fall.
25 April 1943 German merchant Leesee (2624 GRT) sunk with torpedo by HP-52 Hampden torpedo bomber. Cargo of 3622 tons of coal.
10 May 1943 German merchant Fedosia (3075 GRT) damaged by A-20 and Il-2 bombers.
9 December 1943 German auxiliary minesweeper R-56 sunk by bomber. However, later raised and repaired.


During the last year of war in Soviet Arctic, aircraft were far more active and effective. Heavy use of A-20 aircraft as torpedo-bombers. In addition, other aircraft like Il-2 and lend-leased allied fighters attacked German escort ships protecting convoys scoring a number of victories.
11 Febrary 1944 15 soviet SB bombers armed with heavy bombs attempted to sink the famous German battleship Tirpitz. Only four aircraft found the target: while they scored no direct hit, the Tirpitz suffered light damage by nearby bomb explosion.
14 February 1944 Norwegian merchants Tanahorn (336 GRT) and Brynilen (316 GRT) sunk by bombers. Later Tanahorn recovered.
2 April 1944 Norwegian merchant Andenes (863 GRT) sunk by A-20 torpedo bomber.
14 April 1944 Norwegian merchants Vesper (93 GRT) and smaller Solveig (31 GRT, in tow) sunk by Il-2. Cargo of ammunition and food.
23 April 1944 German patrol ship V-6109 Nordwind hit by A-20 torpedo bomber and finished by bomber
11 May 1944 German patrol ship V-6113 Gote sunk during attack by group of Il-4 with torpedo, while Norwegian merchant Belpamela (3215 GRT) damaged by Il-2 bombers: 1 A-20, 1 Il-2, and 1 P-40 shot down by flak, 2 P-40 shot down by fighters, 1 P-39 crashed. 3 German Bf-109 shot down and 3 crashed.
13 / 14 May 1944 German merchants Pernambuco (4121 GRT), Patagonia (5898 GRT) and submarine chaser UJ-1210 all damaged by Il-2.
14 May 1944 German merchant Johann Faulbaums (2944 GRT) (no cargo) sunk by P-40 (armed with bombs), 1 P-40 lost.
16 May 1944 Attack of 4 A-20, 12 Il-2, 18 P-40 and escort fighters result in fierce battle: German submarine chaser UJ-1210 Zeebrugge sunk by bombs, minesweeper M-35 and patrol ship V-6108 damaged. Soviet lost 2 Il-2, 2 P-40, 1 A-20, 1 P-39, 1 Spitfire. German lost 1 BV-138, 1 Bf-109G.
25/26 May 1944 Norwegian merchant Solviken (3502) sunk by Il-4 torpedo bomber (cargo of wood), German merchant Herta Engelin Fritzen (3672 GRT) damaged by Il-2.
17 June 1944 Norwegian merchant Dixie (1571 GRT) sunk by Il-4 and A-20 with parachuted torpedo. German merchant Marga Kords (1112 GRT) damaged by bomber.
22 June 1944 German gunboat AF-39 damaged by attack of Il-2, Aircobra and Kittyhawk fighters.
27 June 1944 German merchant Herta (164 GRT) sunk by A-20 bomber.
28 June 1944 German merchant Florianopolis (6419 GRT) sunk by A-20 bombers.
7 July 1944 Norwegian motorboat Uloy (131 GRT) sunk by bomber.
17 July 1944 German patrol ship V-6307 Jupiter sunk by Il-2.
17 August 1944 German merchant Peter Bornhofen (1345 GRT) (cargo: 1323 tons of food) sunk and Sebu (1894 GRT) (cargo: 3568 tons of ammunition) damaged: ships attacked by 19 A-20, 5 Il-4, 12 Il-2 (only responsible for Peter BornhofenТs loss) and escort fighter. Soviets lost 2 A-20, 2 Il-4, 2 P-39 and 3 P-40, Germans lost 2 Bf-109.
23 August 1944 Norwegian motorboats Christie, Clippen and Livasbjer sunk by A-20 bombers
13 September 1944 German auxiliary minesweeper M-5603 Albatross sunk by bomber.
14 September 1944 German motorboat Borgheim (16 GRT) sunk by bomber
15 September 1944 German landing craft F-232 sunk by bomber, submarine chaser UJ-1224 sunk by Il-2 or P-40.
16 September 1944 German merchant Wolsum (3668 GRT) sunk by Il-2 bomber. Cargo of ammunion, ship exploded.
19 September 1944 German catapult-ship Friesenland (5342 GRT) damaged by A-20 torpedo bomber.

The catapult-ship Friesenland.

25 September 1944 German landing craft F-152 and patrol ship V-6105 Holstein grounded and lost, patrol ship V-6110 and minesweeper R-309 damaged: convoy attacked by 32 Il-2, 14 Yak-9 and 24 Kittyhawks, previously also attacked by motor torpedo boats (another patrol ship sunk).
26 September 1944 German patrol ship V-6706 light damaged by Il-2 (1 WIA).
28 September 1944 German gunboat AF-25 sunk by bomber.
11 October 1944 German merchant Olsa (4016 GRT) destroyed by A-20 bomber, after damages the previous day from Il-2 bomber. German merchants Gothia (1971 GRT) and Stor (106 GRT) sunk by Il-2 bombers.
14 October 1944 German floating worskhop Sudmeer (8133 GRT) sunk by A-20 torpedo bomber. Larger enemy target sunk by size.
16 October 1944 German minesweeper R-301 sunk by A-20 torpedo bomber. German patrol ship V-6707 destroyed by 8 P-40 fighters.
17 October 1944 German patrol ship V-6107 sunk by bomber.
20 October 1944 Norwegian salvage vessel Jason (296 GRT) sunk by bomber.
21 October 1944 larger air raid on Kirkenes by A-20, P-40 and Il-2: German gunboat AF-57 sunk, landing craft F-201 and F-232 damaged and then scuttled. German minesweeper R-151 sunk by Il-2.
22 October 1944 German submarine U-737 suffered light damage by two MBR-2 seaplanes. 3 sailors wounded.
23 October 1944 German patrol ship V-6311 Polarstern and V-6308 damaged by bomber.
24 October 1944 German merchant Margareta (369 GRT) grounded after torpedo bomber attack. German patrol ship V-6111 Masuren sunk by A-20 torpedo bomber, German rescue vessel Yason (296 GRT) sunk by bomber.
25 October 1944 German minesweeper R-250 sunk by bomber.
26 October 1944 German anti-mine ship MRS-26 destroyed by A-20 bomber, further scuttled by Germans. The largest enemy warship sunk in Arctic by Soviet aircraft.

The antimine ship MRS-26 is sinking.

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