Ships sunk by Soviet aircraft in Blacksea

Список вражеских кораблей, потопленных советской авиацией на Черном море


During the first year of war, Soviet aircrafts aggressively attacked Romanian crafts in Danube and coastal area, air-dropping also mines that inflicted losses.
28 June 1941 Romanian tug Manturia (263 GRT) motorlaunch Elena (36tons) and barges SNR-483 and SRD-2 (both of 800tons) sunk by SB bombers. 

4 July 1941 a Romanian dumb barge sunk by one Pe-2 and six SB bombers   

7 July 1941 Romanian tug E. Doanina sunk by bombers 

9 July 1941 Romanian tug Izmail and steamer Principal Karol sunk by eight SB and twelve MBR-2 seaplanes. 

12 July 1941 Romanian armed barge MR-5 (with one 152mm gunk) sunk by SB bombers 

14 July 1941 Romanian dredger Sir John Baldwin (1201 GRT), pilot-boat Randunica and river boat S-4 sunk in Danube.  

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Romanian Minelayer Aurora
15 July 1941 Romanian minelayer Aurora destroyed in harbor by SB bombers (ship already damaged by SB bombers also on 28 June). Romanian barge Daniel (1480 tons) and pontoon SHTF-41 sunk by SB bombers 18 July 1941 Romanian barge Aristide (1188 tons) sunk by SB bombers. 26 July 1941 Romanian pontoons SHTF-3 and SHTF-42 sunk by SB bombers. 1 August 1941 Romanian auxiliary minelayer Durostor damaged and tug Amarilis (103 GRT) damaged by Pe-2 bombers. 2 August 1941 Romanian barge n°6 damaged by a raid of SB bombers in Sulina harbor. 3 August 1941 A German landing craft (Siebel type) sunk by 18 DB-3 of the Naval aviation, together with Air Force 6 SB, with bomb. A group of 6 Pe-2 bombers also inflicted only splinter damage to Romanian motor torpedo boat Viforul and submarine Delfinul. Flak, German and Romanian fighters shot down two DB-3 and one SB bomber but also a German Me-109 fighter was also lost 5 August 1941 German Siebel landing craft sunk by nine Pe-2 bombers but at the price of three of them shot down. 18 August 1941 Romanian auxiliary patrol boat MR-25 sunk by Soviet bombers. German auxiliary minesweeper FR-6 damaged. 6 September 1941 German river guard ship Kriemhild damaged by three Pe-2 bombers. Romanian motor torpedo boat Viscolul lightly damaged by bomber


Soviet aircrafts begun focusing on the German landing crafts (MFP), additionally an important raid was scored against Italian contingent.
Lively activity of Soviet naval aircrafts, including seaplanes, against German-controlled harbors in Azov Sea.
2 April 1942 Romanian minelayer Dacia and torpedo boat Sborul damaged by bomber raid in harbor 

21 May 1942 German river guard-ship Uta damaged by DB-3F bombers (3 KIA, 8 WIA). 

29 May 1942 Italian motor torpedo boat MAS-573 damaged by bombers in the harbor (2 WIA). 

2 June 1942 German auxiliary patrol boat WM-2209 damaged by bomber 

19 June 1942 German fishing boat MFK-2263 sunk by aerial-dropped mine (by Il-4)(Note: also indicated mine of SKA boats).    

12 July 1942 German auxiliary patrol boats WM-2268, WM-2272 and the small boats V-7, V-8 (both 35 tons) sunk during a raid in Mariupol harbor  

19 July 1942 A German motor tug of the Loeper Flotilla sunk and another badly damaged by a single MBR-2 seaplane.  

20 July 1942 German auxiliary patrol boat WM-2273 sunk by MBR-2 seaplanes in Mariupol (also WM-2272 reported on this date, maybe finished off).  

21 July 1942 German auxiliary patrol boats WM-2001, WM-2006, WM-2015 sunk in Mariupol by a single MBR-2. 

                   German harbor protection boat RO-01 Hamburg sunk in Fedosia by a raid of a group of MBR-2 and a single rare MTB-2  

5 August 1942 German landing craft F-134 destroyed by bombers.  

14 August 1942 German landing craft F-138 sunk by bombers but raised and recovered.  

20 August 1942 German landing craft SF-334 sunk (7 KIA) sunk by bombers 

9 September 1942 Soviet raid in harbor (Il-4 bombers) sunk Italian motor torpedo boats MAS-571 and MAS-573, while MAS-567, MAS-569  

                             and MAS-572 damaged. In addition, also German landing craft F-125 damaged in the same raid as well as the wreck of F-134. 

17 September 1942 German landing craft F-331 and auxiliary minesweeper RA-51 damaged by Il-4 bombers 

18 September 1942 German landing craft F-533 and auxiliary minesweeper FZ-3 (MFK-3) sunk by Il-4 bombers, also F-329 damaged.    

25 September 1942 German tug Nauenburg and lighter Mihai total losses after air raid in harbor. 

                              German landing craft SF-119 apparently sunk by bomber (her fate is unclear, loss also reported in August by air attack or mine )   

17 October 1942 German fishing boat GRO-1 (22 GRT) sunk by bomber 

24 October 1942 German minesweeping boat FR-1 sunk and FR-2 damaged by bombers.  

24 October 1942 German patrol boat RF-02 sunk by Il-4 (36th MTAP) with bomb.  

21 December 1942 German patrol boat RJ sunk by Il-4 (5th GMTAP) with bomb. 

22 December 1942 German landing craft L-3 (PiLB type) sunk by bomber  

24 December 1942 A German landing craft (PiLB type) sunk by bomber 

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