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Soviet WWII minelayers

The minelayer is a naval ship used for deploying sea mines.

The minelayer is a naval ship used for deploying sea mines WWII photo red navy fleet
The Russian minelayer Marti and the battleship October Revolution.
Confirmed victories of minelayer Marti achieved with mines:
1 October 1941 : sunk German submarine chaser UJ-117 close Hanko.
21 November 1941 : sunk German tug Fohn (303 GRT) on convoy to Tallin.
11 June 1942 : sunk German support-ship MRS-11 Osnabruck close Tallin.
Ship was later recovered but the temporary loss caused distress among the Germans because were lost 
84 men and the mine-field was actually known, but captain did not received the proper chart in time.

specifications information facts The minelayer of USSR navy WWII photo
45mm gun 21-K of the Soviet minelayer Marti. USSR navy WWII photo.

Minelayer Komintern of Red navy in combat near Odessa, 1941.

Stawiacz min, Ruso minador de buque de guerra, posamine, Mouilleur de mines, Minenleger, Minelagger, Mijnenlegger, Minopolagac,

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