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Soviet gunboats in World War II

RKKF russian World War II canonniere navire Kanonenboot
Soviet gunboat 'Red Banner'. The most powerful gunboat in Baltic Sea: a single unit. On 18 November 1942 she was attacked while in harbor by Finnish motor torpedo boats Syoksy, Vinha and Vihuri. She was hit by a torpedo from Syoksy and sunk. It was the largest Soviet warship sunk in action by surface enemy ship during the war, but she was recovered in November 1943 and returned to service in September 1944.

Delovy clun, Kanonenboot, canonniere navire, Tykkivene, Kanonierka

Canonera buque, foto canhoneira embarcacao russo RKKF red fleet
Soviet gunboat Krasnyy Azerbaydzhan. Alongside her sister-ship Lenin, she served in Caspian Sea. During the Russian Civil War she captured the White transport ship "Ondine" on 18 April 1918. During the WW2 both ships provided patrol service in the Caspian Sea.

Canhoneira embarcacao russo. Canonera buque foto.

Delovy clun Red Georgia Gruzia photo WWII red navy
Destroyed gunboat Krasnaya Gruziya at Black sea in 1943, WWII photo. She was grounded and lost on 28 February 1943 after being hit by torpedo during an attack by German motor torpedo boats S-28, S-51, S-72 and S-102 in Black Sea. The wreck was later finished by German artillery and aircraft. It was the heaviest loss of the Soviet Navy due enemy surface attack in Black Sea (during the assault were also lost a minesweeper and a tug). Krasnaya Gruziya had previously laid a field of mines, together the sister-ship Krasnyy Adzharistan: on these mines was heavily damaged the German landing craft F-130 on 29 April 1942. Also their field of mines scored two victories on the first year of war:
1 December 1941: was sunk the Romanian merchant Cavarna (3495 GRT) with cargo of fuel.
2 December 1941: was sunk the German merchant Cordelia (1357 GRT) with cargo of gasoline.
Both ships have been claimed until recently to the field laid by Soviet destroyrs Smyshlyonyy and Bodryy.

Tykkivene, Kanonierka GWIU, armed with two 76-mm cannons and four machineguns ww2 foto warship red fleet
Russian gunboats of GVIU type (armed with two 76-mm cannons and four machineguns and armoured up to 6 mm) at Volga river.

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