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The tanks of WWI

panzer Mark V ww1 WWI light tank Renault FT-17
The heavy tank Mk.V and the light tank FT

WW1 Tank Comparison Table. Specifications.
YearBuiltTypeArmament [ammoload]Front ArmourSide ArmourRoof ArmourSpeed (kmph)CrewWeightEngineRange
British191675 Mark I male2x 57mm/L40 [324] + 3 MGs [6272]12 mm10 mm6 mm 4.5828.4 t105 hp37 km
British75 Mark I female5 MGs [30080]27.4 t
British191725 Mark II male2x 57mm/L40 + 3 MGs12 mm10 mm6 mm845 km
British191725 Mark II female5 MGs12 mm10 mm6 mm8
British191725 Mark III male2x 57mm/L40 + 3 MGs12 mm8
British191725 Mark III female5 MGs12 mm8
British1917420 Mark IV male2x 57mm/L23 [332] + 4 MGs [6272]16 mm12 mm8 mm 5.6828.5 t125 hp56 km
British1917595 Mark IV female5..6 MGs [10000]27 t
British1917200 Mark V male2x 57mm/L23 [207] + 4 MGs [5800]14 mm14 mm8 mm 7.5829.5 t150 hp72 km
British1917200 Mark V female6 MGs [14100]28.5 t
British1918200 Mark V* male4x 57mm/L23 [221] + 4 MGs [8400]12 mm6 mm4 +2433 t63 km
British1918432 Mark V* female8 MGs [16800]4 +2432 t
British1917200 Mark A "Whippet"4 MGs [5400]14 mm14 mm5 mm13314 t2x 45 hp64 km
British191845 Mark B "Whippet"4 MGs [7500]14 mm6 mm10418 t100 hp110 km
French1916400 Schneider C.A.175mm/L13 [94..96] + 2 MGs [4000]11,5 mm11,5 mm5,5 mm6613.5 t60 hp48 km
French1917 Schneider C.A.175mm/L13 [94..96] + 2 MGs [4000]24 mm17 mm5,5 mm614.6 t75 km
French1916165 St.Chamond M1675mm/? [106..108] + 4 MGs [7488]11,5 mm8,5 mm5,5 mm 8.5922 t90 hp60 km
French1917235 St.Chamond M1775mm/L36 [106..108] + 4 MGs [7488]11,5 mm17 mm24 t
French19172100 Renault FT mitrailler1 MG [4800]16 mm8 mm6 mm826.5 t35 hp35 km
French1917 1246Renault FT canon37mm/L21 [240]6.7 t
YearBuiltTypeArmament [ammoload]Front ArmourSide ArmourRoof ArmourSpeed (kmph)CrewWeightEngineRange
German191720 A7V57mm/L26 [180]+ 6 MGs [10000..15000]30 mm20 mm15 mm121832 t2x 100 hp35 km

Short notes:

The best WW1 tank was light Reanult FT with rotating turret, armed with 37mm cannon or MG. Also were built 188 Renault TSF (unarmed radio command tanks) and 39 Renault BS (with 75mm howither, not used in combat).

A part of the troop carriers Mk.V* were rebuild from the standard Mark V. 25 built Mk.V** weren't use in combat.

A number of early British tanks (Mark I to IV) tanks were rebuild as a support (transport and so on) vehicles.

A part of "female" tanks were transformed to composite tanks - the left sponsor was rearmed with a 57mm gun instead of a machinegun.

The Germans captured 78 British tanks Mk.IV (used about 30 of them) and Mk.A (not used in combat).

The Germans also used 20 A7V chassis for production of an unarmored tractors.

The white armies used tanks (at least 62 Mk.V , 17 Mk.A , 3 Mk.B , 21 FT ) in Russian Civilian War (1918..20). Finally, the reds captured 59 Mk.V, 17 Mk.A, 1 Mk.B, 14 FT.
7 FT were captured from the Poles in 1920.

lite tank FT-17 light tank Renault FT-18
French light tank Renault FT - the best WW1 tank.

Renault tanks Signal ou TSF (unarmed) and FT-BS (armed with 75-mm Schneider CA-1) captured by the Germans in 1940
Renault tanks Signal ou TSF (unarmed) and FT-BS (armed with 75-mm Schneider CA-1) captured by the Germans in 1940.

heavy tank C.A.1
Char d'assaut Schneider C.A.1.

assault tank C.A.1
French heavy assault tank Schneider CA1.

French heavy assault tank С-А-1 Schneider
French heavy assault tank Schneider CA1.

Tanc francez St Chamond the heavy tank Saint Chamond
the heavy tank Saint Chamond
Tanc francez St Chamond

The medium tank Mark A picture The AFV MkA image
The medium tank Mk.A "Whippet"

tanque A-7-V scull AFV
German tanks A7V

A.7.V Char d'assaut l'armee allemande la Premiere Guerre mondiale.
A.7.V Char d'assaut l'armee allemande la Premiere Guerre mondiale.
Sturmpanzerwagen A7V.

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