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WW1 Armored Cars

armoured car EV4 (Germany) WW1 photo
Panzerwagen Ehrhardt E-V/4 (Germany)
photo WW1 Armoured Cars
Russian WWI armoured car Fiat
Auto-mitrailleuse russo foto
Armored car Fiat (Russia)

WW1 armoured cars specifications
only vehicles saw combat in 1914-1920 included
countryyearproducedchassis (designer)armament [ammoload]turrets Armour mmspeed kmphcrewweightenginewheels
Russia19149Russo-Balt S 3 x 7,62mm [9000]none3..52054 t40 hp4x2
Russia19148 Mannesmann or Packardauto 37mm [1200] + 7,62mm [8000]shield505 t32..42 hp4
Russia191530 Garford 1 series 76mm [44] + 3 x 7,62mm [5000]16,5178..98,6 t30 hp4x2
191618Garford 2 series [naval] 76mm [60] + 3 x 7,62mm [9000]7..131211 t35? hp
Russia191510Russo-Balt T 1 x 76mm flakopen2054,3 t65 h p4x2
Russia191510Russo-Balt D auto 37mm + 3 x 7,62mm0..1 *N4..525..3564x2
Russia191616 *D (Mbgerov)2 x 7,62mm *C1..23,5..740..55375? hp4
Russia1916 10Filatov2 x 7,62mm *Cnone4..64 1,8 t16..25 hp3
201 x 7,62mm31,4 t
Russia191631Geffery (Poplavko) 2 x 7,62mmnone735432 hp4x4
Russia191747Fiat2 x 7,62mm 25..8604..55,3 t60 hp4x2
Russia1914.. 1919 20+other types of different desing and armament; inc. halftrack and railroad
Britain 191448*RAustin 1 series2 x 7,62mm [~6000]23,5..4 *A50..6043 t30 hp4x2
191560*RAustin 2 series..84 *I50 hp
191666*RAustin 3 series55,3 t
1917~20Austin 4 series5
Russia191833 [Russian] Austin 2 x 7,62mm [5000]5,5..855,2 t
191912Austin (Kegresse)2555,8 thalf track
Britain191418 (2*R) Rolls-Royce1 MG*C1880..962..33,5 t40..50 hp4x2
Britain191536 (32*R) Lanchester1 MG *G1..8603..44,8 t38 hp4x2
Britain 11*RFord T1 MGshield0..5..94x2
Britain1915 64 (16*R)Peerlessauto 40mm flak + 7,62mm15..7,54554,8 t32 hp4
Britain 4*RPierce-Arrow57mm1..949 t4x2
ЃаЁв ­Ёп 191416Pierce-Arrowauto 40mm flakopen4x2
Britain 191610*RArmstrong-Withworth-Garrott2 MGs2 76054 t38 hp4x2
30*RArmstrong-Withworth-Fiat5 t60 hp
Britain 191636*RArmy-Motor-Lorries2 MGs2very poor vehicles, not used4x2
Britain 25*RSheffield-Simplex
France1915 ~300White2 MGs or 37mm + 8mm14546 t35 hp4x2
France1915 ~120 (30*R)Renault8mm [6000]
or 37mm [300]
shield0..4 454..518 hp4
France1915 ~150Peugeotshield3..5403,6..4 t24 hp4
Belgium1914 30+ (4*R)Minerva8mmshield *S4403..64 t35 hp4
Italy191510 Lancia-Ansaldo IZ3 x 8mm [15000]26..96064,2 t25..40 hp4x2
1917110Lancia-Ansaldo IZM3 x 8mm13,9 t
Canada191520Autocar 3 x 7,62mmopen0..104083 t4
Germany191733Ehrhardt E-V/4 6 x 7,7mm1..7608..97,12..8,86 t85 hp4x4
Poland192016 Ford T7,92mm [1250]10..85021,35 t22,5 hp4x2
countryyearproducednamearmament [ammoload]turretsArmour mmspeed kmphcrewweightenginewheels

*D Different chassis
*N The crafts with the turret had no 37mm guns
*R A number of vehicles sent to Russia
*A Uparmored to 7mm in Russia
*G Upgunned by 37mm cannon in Russia
*I Crew increased to 5 men in Russia (2nd driver's post added)
*C One vehicle was armed with a cannon
*S Two vehicles "Sava" were equipped with the full-armoured cupola; the vehicles sent to Russia had "Mors" chassis
Also Germany built and used in combat 3 vehicles Bussing A5P.

In 1914, the 1st Russian armored squadron acted at German front with big success.

Auto-mitrailleuse russo WWI photo
The full-drived armored car Jeffery (Russia)
In 1914, the 1st Russian armored squadron acted at German front with big success
Russian armored car Russo-Balt S
 ww1 foto
Mbgerov armored car (Russia)

British built Austin armored cars Russian built Austin armored cars

Garford armored cars Fiat armored cars

French armored cars Italian armored cars

Selfpropelled flaks

Foreign armored units in Russia

Deutscher Ehrhardt EV.4 Strasenpanzerwagen foto
The German armoured car Ehrhardt E-V/4, captured by the Russians and upgunned by 37mm gun.
Deutscher Ehrhardt EV.4 Strasenpanzerwagen foto.

Filatov armoured cars (Russia): the armament placed at the rear of the hull
The tree-wheeled Filatov armored cars (Russia): the armament placed at the rear of the hull.
Lanchester: one MG in the big turret

Pantserwagen Lanchester picture
Lanchester got the additional 37-mm gun in Russia. An improvement that served the vehicles well.
Auto-mitrailleuse russo.
Pantserwagen Pakard pakkard ww1 foto
Packard (Russia) had shielded 37mm automatic cannon.
Pantserwagen Packard photo.

Polski samochod pancerny Ford FTB Tfc
Ford FT-B (Tf-c), Poland: the MG in the turred, but the bottom was not armoured.
Polski samochod pancerny Ford.
Automitrailleuse Minerva (Belgium): the open roof with the shielded MG
Vehicule blinde leger Minerva.
Automitrailleuse Minerva (Belgium): the open roof with the shielded MG.

Belgian armored car Minerva of WWI foto
Belgian armored car Minerva of WW1.

Autometralhadora Avtocar Avtokar Autokar
Autocars (Canada)
Autometralhadora Avtokar ww1 foto.
Autometralhadora Autocar
Autocar: The 1st MG mounted in nose, and 2 other MGs mounted openly.
Autocar (Canada): The 1st MG mounted in nose, and 2 other MGs mounted openly
Destroyed armoured car Autocar in France, WWI photo.

the full-drived Ehrhardt EV4 AFV had 2 MGs in the turret and four MGs at the hull
the full-drived Ehrhardt E-V/4 (Germany) had 2 MGs in the turret and four MGs at the hull.
Ehrhardt EV4 Strasenpanzerwagen
Pansarbil Armstrong-Withworth * First world war armored fighting vehicle
Armstrong-Withworth - the typical British twin-turreted craft made by the Russian order.
Pansarbil Armstrong-Withworth.

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