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photo foto Oklepni vlak Khunguz
Huzguz - the imperial armored train, 4 produced

Russian Civilian War, the armored trains of the White forces:

photo foto Panzer zug Offizier
Light armoured train "Officer"
(Panzer zug "Offizier" foto)

Heavy armoured train "Kuban rail-road unit number 4".

The armoured trains of Russian White forces
White armoured train

photo foto Pancierovy vlak
Pantsertrein "The Siberian"

photo foto white armored train The Siberian
"The Siberian" armored train of the Whites

photo foto Soomusrong Бронепотяг Pansartag
"United Russia" and "Ioan Kalita"
Armoured trains of the same heavy type armed with the naval guns
photo foto Сауытты поезд

photo foto heavy armoured train United Russia armed with the 152mm guns
"United Russia"
photo foto Brunuvilciens, Obrneny vlak
An unknown heavy armored train armed with the 152mm guns

photo foto white ligth armoured train
Light armoured train "General Drozdovskiy"
photo foto white heavy armoured train 'To Moscow'
Heavy armored train "To Moscow"

photo foto ligth armored train Azovian of White Russian army photo foto Comboio blindado, Oklepni vlak
Light armoured trains of White Russian armies "The Azovian" and "General Baklanov"

photo foto Railcruiser Orlic photo foto Railcar
Self-propelled armoured wagon (railcar) Zakavkazets (Orlik)

Train blinde, Pancierovy vlak, Panzer zug, Comboio blindado, Tren blindat, Oklepni vlak, Pansertog, Pantsertrein, Сауытты поезд, Brunuvilciens, Soomusrong, Бронепотяг, Pansartag, Obrneny vlak, Panzerzug

Armored trains of the red forces

Soviet armored trains of WW2

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