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WW2 Rail-road armor: railcars and railcruisers

russian rail-cruiser MBV
the railcruiser MBV with the T-28 turrets.

wartime picture Soviet railcruiser M.B.V.
the railcruiser MBV with the T-28 turrets

armored railcruiser M.B.W. USSR
the railcruiser MBV with the rearmed T-28 turrets. Click to enlarge the picture.

WW2 Rail-road armor : railcars and railcruisers
Soviet railcar. Photography of 1942. Click to enlarge the picture.

russian armored railcar D-2

Armored railcar D-2
photo WWII armored rail-car D-2

Russian railcar D-2
foto WW2 armored railcruiser D-2
the railcruisers D-2

The railcar D-2
wartime picture armored railcar BTD-35 foto armored railcar B.T.D.
the heavy armored railcar BTD with the T-26 turret

armoured railcar D.T.R.
the armored railcar-transporter DTR

image armored railcar KZ1
the self-propelled armored wagon "Red Star" KZ-1 with the KV-1 turret

self-propelled armored railcar in combat BD41
the BD-41 self-propelled armored railcar in 1943.

Armored trains: White forces Red forces Soviet army

NKPS-42 OB-3 BP-42 BP-43 Flak

Crimerian Not-serial Tank Railcruisers Armored Railcars

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