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WW2 rail-road armored cars

Rail-road armored cars of USSR: FAI (9), BA-20 and BA-20M, BA-64, BA-3, BA-6, BA-10 (20)

soviet armored train BP-35 (PR-35 + 2 x PL-37) supported by BA-20 and BA-10 armored railcars
Armored train of BP-35 type supported by BA-20 and BA-10 armored cars/railcars

foto WW2 BA-I-ZhD railroad armoured car
BA-I-ZhD in Great Patriotic war

Soviet rail-road armored car BA-6ZhD

Soviet rail-road armored car BA-10ZhD

Soviet armoured railcar BA-10ZhD

soviet railroad armoured car an action
foto WW2 BA-64V railroad armoured car
photo WWII russian railroad armored car BA-20 ZhD
BA-20ZhD - 1938 to 1941 were built 135 ones

Armored trains: White forces Red forces Soviet army

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