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Self-propelled Flaks in Russia
Armored Russo-Balt M AA gun
Armored Russo-Balt T (76mm flak gun)
The first deployment - March 1915, the 1st use - Jule 1915. Gun: muzzle speed - 588 m/s, horizontal range - 8500 m, vertical range - 5500 m, max angle - 50 ° , shell weight - 6.5 kg. Vehicle: combat weight - 4.3 t, engine - 65 hp, max speed - 20 kmph.

Armored Russo-Balt M ammo transporteur
Armored Russo-Balt M (ammo transporter, Russia)

Russo-Balt T flaks und Munition Transporter, Russland
Not-armored Russo-Balt T (flaks and transporters, Russia)

Russian White TKA with 76mm flak gun
Not-armored White TKA with 76mm flak gun (Russia)

Peerless armed with 40-mm flak
Peerless armored car with automatic 40mm flak

Peerless gepanzert mit 40mm Kanone fur Luftabwehr

Peerless armed with 40mm flak
Peerless armored cars armed with 40mm AA automatic cannons

Voitures blindees Peerless armes de canons de 40mm A-A automatiques
Peerless gepanzert mit 40mm Kanone fur Luftabwehr
Peerless blindados con canon automatico de 40mm antiaereos

The photos presented by Jack Mueller and Stanislav Kiriletz.

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