—хемы окраски истребителей яковлева як-1 и як-1Ѕ

Color schemes of Yakovlev Yak-1/1B fighters

любезно предоставлены јлександром  азаковым

Ќесмотр€ на цифровой индекс, як-1Ѕ по ““’, пулемету и обзору (отсутствие гаргота) был ближе к як-9, чем к як-1.

советский истребитель як-1  онев
Soviet Yak-1 fighter of Konev ace
советский истребитель як-1,  онев

советский истребитель як-1 Ўинкаренко
Yak-1 sovjetiske fly
советский истребитель як-1

sovjetiske fly як-1Ѕ
Soviet Yak-1B fighter
»зтребител як-1Ѕ

 Ѕ‘ истребитель як-1Ѕ
sovjet vliegtuigen Yakovlev Yak-1B
советский истребитель як-1Ѕ

Neuvostoliiton ilmavoimat як-1
Neuvostoliiton ilmavoimat Jak-1
советский истребитель як-1

I'm Yak, the fighter! My motor sings!
I live in the sky!
But this one who's sitting inside of me
Thinks that he is a fighter.

I shot down a Junkers in this sortie,
I treated him like a toy;
But this one who's sitting inside of me
Already annoyed me to death!

Last sortie left me riddled with lead,
My mechanic mended my skin.
But this one who's sitting inside of me
Sends me again to a spin!

To an aerodrome the bomber bring
Death with their shelling;
But all you hear is bombs' stab sings:
"Pe-e-e-e-e-a-ce to your home!"

Behind me, "Messer" prepared to kill.
I'll leave! I am tired of pain!
But this one who's sitting inside of me
Looks like decided to ram!

What a madman he is! We will be dead both!
But I will not burn on a sand!
With systems and gears in overload
I am back, up from the dive!

I'm a on a lead now! Where is my wingman?
Where is that daredevil? He goes on fire!
He nodes and dives, singing at last
"Pe-e-e-e-e-a-ce to your home!"

And now, the one inside of my skull,
Is left alone in the soup,
He made me confused and started to dive,
Straight from an inside loop.

He is pulling the handle with double the "g's".
On this ace I won't stake a dime!
I have no choice, I have to obey.
But this is the very last time!

I swear to won't behave again! 
I would rather burn on the hill.
Can't he hear that my pulse got crazy?
My blood-gasoline is too low!

An aeroplanes patience can be sorely tried
At last, I'm not made of steel.
But this one who's sitting inside of me
Slumped head-first to my windscreen

Hes dead! At last I'm flying high.
Burning last sparkles of strength,
But what is it? what? I'm in free-falling dive
And I cannot escape my fate.

A pity, I haven't achieved a thing.
Let another one try excelling
It turns out that I will also sing
"Pe-e-e-e-e-e-a-ce to your home!"

V.S. Vysotsky
Yak-1 color profiles ||| ÷ветные профили истребителей як-1

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