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Destroyed SPGs were counted as the tanks
The best allied tank ace Dmitriy Lavrinenko
with his crew and T-34/76

WWII Soviet Tank Aces
This aces list of world war II is incompleted, because in Red army almost weren't statistics about personal victories of a tankers. Destroyed SPGs were counted as the tanks. In many cases I had to use a fragmental sources for this aces rating, so some scores may be actually bigger. And if you have any additional info about the allied tank (or SPG, or armored car) aces, please E-mail me.
Name AFV unitKilled tanks + SPGsNotes
1st lt. Lavrinenko Dmitriy Fyodorovich T-34-76 4th [1st Guards] tank brigade 52+ some guns ; KIA 18 Dec. 1941
lt. Kuchenkov M.P. SU-8510th Guards tank corps32
Moiseyev N. T-346th Guards tank brigade31 + 29 guns
cap. Dyachenko N. T-34-7610th Guards tank corps31
cap. Samohin Konstantin Mihaylovich BT-7 , T-34-76 4th [1st Guards] tank brigade 30++ some guns ; KIA 22 Feb. 1942
subcol. Burda Alexander Fyodorovich T-28 , T-34-76 4th [1st Guards] tank brigade, 15th Guards tank division30++ guns; inc. 8 tanks on 4 October 1941
mast.sgt. Novitsky N. T-34/7610th Guards tank corps29
maj. Storozhenko Vssiliy Yakovlevich T-28 , T-34/76, T-34/85 4th [1st Guards] tank brigade 29+ many guns Lebedev Nikolay Alexandrovich -34-76 69th tank brigade28+ 16 guns Bryuhov Vasily Pavlovich -34-85170th tank brigade28 Andreyev Nikolay Rodionovich T-34-76 32nd tank division, 1st [6th Guards] tank brigade 27+ 2 tanks captured, + some tens guns
lt. Horoshilov Pavel Maximovich KV-1 16th Guards tank brigade 27+ 13 armored cars + 10 guns ; KIA 18 Mar. 1943
1st lt. Hazov Vladimir Petrovich T-34-76 58th and 6th tank brigades 27+ 1 plane (by MG fire), + some guns ; KIA 18 Sep. 1943
Usov Andrey Mihailovich KV-1, 20th heavy tank brigade, 46th Guards separate heavy assault regiment 27+ tens of guns; inc. 22 tanks + 2 guns + 2 halftracks on 19th August 1941 in Kolobanov's crew
sublt. Razumovsky M. T-34-7610th Guards tank corps25
1st lt. Sholohov Dmitry D. KV-1 158th tank brigade24on 30th July 1942
1st sgt. Kibizov Alexander Nikolayevich SU-1001454th selfpropelled artillery regiment 24+ many guns and APCs
lt. Maneshin D. 10th Guards tank corps24
capt. Markov Vladimir Alexandrovich T-34-76 , T-34-8510th Guards tank corps 23 + 2 airplanes + many guns and APCs
1st lt. Balashov Anatoly Nikolayevich T-3434th separate tank regiment23
1st sgt. Kupriyanov V. T-34-7610th Guards tank corps23 Saveliev Konstantin Ivanovich KV-1 , T-70133rd tank brigade , 11th Guards tank brigade23
1st lt. Kolobanov Zinoviy G. T-28, KV-1, SI-76 20th heavy tank brigade, 1st tank division 23+ 3 guns + 2 halftracks; inc. 22 tanks + 2 guns + 2 halftracks on 19th August 1941; gunner - 1st sgt. Usov
lt. Konovalov Semyon Vasilievich KV-1 ; unknown trophy german panzer 15th tank brigade 22+ 1 tank captured, + 2; inc. 16 on 13th July 1943
lt. Zamula Mihail Kuzmich T-34-85200th tank brigade22during 8 and 9 July 1943
lt. Gribolev Pyotr Filippovich T-3467th Guards tank reginent21incl. 1 arm.train; + guns
mast.sgt. Shopov S. T-34-7610th Guards tank corps21
lt. Bulitsky N. T-34-7610th Guards tank corps21
lt. Shishkin Nikolay Konstantinovich SU-152 , ISU-152 1145th heavy self-propelled arlillery regiment 20++ guns ; gunner Bychkov
lt. Klimov Mihail I. T-34-76, ISU-122383rd heavy self-propelled arlillery regiment 17
mast.sgt. Pimenov M. T-34-7610th Guards tank corps20
lt. Mochyony V. T-34-7610th Guards tank corps20
sgt. Tkachenko V. T-34-7610th Guards tank corps20
cap. Raftopullo A. BT-7 , T-341st Guards tank brigade20
1st sgt. Lyubushkin Ivan Timofeyevich T-34-76 4th [1st Guards] tank brigade 20
lt. Lazeykin N.S. T-3414th tank regiment19inc. 9 during 1 combat
Barmin Ilya Yelizarovich T-34-7628th tank brigade1916th to 25th Nov. 1941
Krysov Vasiliy Semyonovich KV-1; SU-122, SU-85; T-34/85 4580th separate heavy tank battalion; 1454th self-propelled artillery regiment;19 + many guns, + many shared tanks, + some halftracks; gunner - Korolyov Valery
1st lt. Lukanin Veniamin GrigorievichKV-1S , IS-257th Guards separate heavy tank regiment 19gunner - 1st.sgt. Arefiev Sergey
Golovyashkin Georgy S. KV-125th Guards tank brigade19+ 10 ATGs; inc 1 armored train
lt. Gudz Pavel D. KV-1 89th separate tank battalion18+ 4 guns, inc. 10 during 1 combat
lt. Maksakov Vladimir N. T-34 45th Guards tank brigade18+ many guns, many APCs Kashnikov P.M. T-34/85 6th Guards mech corps17+ 2 APC; gunner sgt. Anferov
lt. Klimov Mihail I. T-34-76, ISU-122383rd heavy self-propelled arlillery regiment17
1st lt. Kobzar Yakov Trofimovich T-34-76200th tank brigade17+ some ATGs
col. Druzhinin Leonid Mihaylovich M4A2 Sherman 40th separate tank regiment16 + 11 guns
Polunadyozhin P.S. Churchill50th separate heavy tank assault regiment16 + 4 guns + 1 APC
lt. Brazhnikov Grigory I. T-34-7649th tank brigade16
lt. Lugovoy Fyodor Stepanovich T-341st Guards tank brigade15+ ~20 guns + 1 plane (by gun)
1st.sgt. Naydin Grigiriy Nikolayevich 5th tank division15on 25th June 1941 + 10 guns
Soloviov V.KV-115
Salnikov Mihail Stepanovich15
lt. Oshkaylo F.D. T-3428th tank brigade14+ 7 ATGs and 1 APC 16th to 25th Nov. 1941
lt. Vorobyov Pyotr P. T-34 4th tank brigade 14 + 3 APCs; + guns inc. 9 during 1 combat in October 1941
1st lt. PetrovKV52nd tank brigade14on 12 Sept. 1942
lt. Kretov Nikolay Fyodorovich T-34-7623rd tank brigade 14+ 3 guns during 18-27.11.1941
lt. Lugovoy Grigory M. T-34-764th tank brigade13+ flaks, in 1941
maj. Hohryakov Semyon Vasilievich T-3454th Guards tank brigade13+ guns
Zaboryev Stepan M. 53rd Guards tank brigade 13
1st lt. Almuhamedov Zarif S. KV, IS-272nd Guards separate heavy assault tank regiment123 guns , 1 APC
Kolesnikov SU958th self-propelled artillery regiment12+ 7 APCs
lt. Silayev I.I. KV-112
Kibizov SU12
Panin StuG III (trophy)12
Vostrov Vladimir Borisovich SU-76 423rd Guards separate self-propelled artillery regiment12
lt. Bessarabov Georgy Ivanovich T-34-76 , KV 1st Guards tank brigade 12+ armored car + 5 guns
Fen Alexander F. T-34-76 , 84th 31st tanks brigades 12+ many guns
1st lt. Kozhemyachko Andrey KV10th tank division11+ 12 shared; + 1 tank captured, in 1941
capt. Yeskov Dmitry Pavlovich T-34-76, KV-113th heavy tank regiment 11+ 17 guns
1st sgt. Molchanov Pyotr S.T-34-76, KV-14th tank brigade11+ 13 guns, during 3 days in 1941
lt. Kalinyonok Marat A.T-34-8589th tank brigade11+ 7 guns Vladimirov Mihail Nikolayevich 958th self-propelled artillery regiment 11+ 5 guns
Kalendaryov A. 133rd tank brigade11+ 4 guns
lt. Gnilomedov Ivan A. T-34/8565th tank brigade11+ 3 guns 16 to 19 Apr. 1945
lt. Deputatov Ivan S. T-34/8536th Guards tank brigade11+ 3 APCs, gun Borisov Ivan F. T-34/85 36th Guards tank brigade 11+ 5 APCs, 18th to 21st february 1945; gunner Pisarenko Klimenkov ISU-122366th Guards self-propelled artillery regiment11
1st lt. Rahmetov Zhumash R. 4th tank brigade11during 3 days in 1941
1st lt. Bayda K. I. 93rd tank brigade11during 20-21 July 1944
Goncharenko N.K. 1894th self-propelled artillery regiment11
Hrapov M.Ya. T-3411
1st lt. Sorokin T.N. T-3411in one combat 1942
lt. Silachyov Alexey 11
(22 in pair)
during 1 combat in July 1943
lt. Dmitriev Maxim
capt. Naumov Kondratiy I. Matilda15th Guards tank brigade11+ 4 guns Stepanov Konstantin I. 46th tank brigade10++ 5 guns
cap. Bosov Alexey P. KV-123rd tank brigade 11+ 1 plane(rammed) on 18th November 1941; + few guns on 27th August 1939
Vitin Vladimir Karpovich 2nd tank brigade11+ 3 guns
capt. Pavlov Sergey M. T-35, T-34-76, KV-1133th tank brigade11+ 3 guns
1st lt. Shvetsov Vasily V. KV, IS-272nd Guards separate heavy assault tank regiment10++ APCs
lt. Mahonin Nikolay T-3458th tank brigade10+ 11 guns
cap. Iovlev Vladimir Alexandrovich 250th Guards tank regiment 10+ 10 guns + 6 APCs ; KIA 1944
lt. Sokolov Yury Sergeyevich T-34-76 45th Guards tank brigade 10+ 2 guns + 8 APCs
Vasiliev G.V. KV43th tank division10+ 4 guns, in 1 combat
lt. Karpenko Nikolay G. T-34-76 , T-34-85 53rd Guards tank brigade10+ 3 APCs
1st lt. Lobanov Andrey G. T-34-76 37th tank battalion10+ 2 guns , KIA
lt. Klimychev and jr.sgt. KlimovKV-2 14th tank division10+ 1 gun in june 1941; KIA
maj. Sanhkovskiy A.F. SU-1521541 TSAP10during 1 day in July 1943
lt. Kitiy Mihail T-3426th tank brigade10in Sept. 1942
lt. Nagumanov D.S. 166th separate engineer-tank regiment~10
mast.sgt. Voronin Pavel Martynovich M4 Sherman18th Guards tank regiment10during 1945
lt. Frolov M.P. KV-1178th tank brigade10inc. 5 during 1 combat
mast.sgt. Pozyura T-3449th Guards tank brigade10
lt. Klimenko N.S. T-342nd and 51th Guards tank brigade10
1st lt. Yaroshevsky V.I. T-3449th Guards tank brigade10+ guns
cap. Lyamin19th tank brigade9.5
(19 in pair)
during 1 combat in Oct. 1941
1st lt. Lugansky V.
PolchaninT-3463nd tank brigade9+ 10 guns; during few days in 1942
lt. Chernyh Valentin 24th Guards tank brigade 9 + 5 guns + 4 AFVs
maj. Ivanov Ivan S. Guards9+ 2 APC; data of Aug. 1944
lt. Kukarin A.M. T-34-76 4th tank brigade 9 during 6th October 1941; gunner 1st serg. Lyubushkin Ivan
lt. Pavlovich 49th tank brigade9in one combat 1943
Chervov P.I. KV-1 6th Guards tank brigade9+ 10 guns Tatariniv L.M. T-34-76 24th Guards tank brigade9+ 6 APCs
Koryazhnov S.A. SU-1229+ 15 guns Popov T.N. T-34/769 ?+ 6 ATGs
Lyahov Pyotr T. IS-2 57th Guards detatched heavy tank regiment 9gunner - Kopylov Vasily ; in August 1944
lt. Zamyatin Stepan M.SU-1001821st self-propelled arlillery regiment9 Lubyanetzkiy Ivan F. 322nd tank battalion8+ 11 guns Seletzov Ivan F. 156th tank brigade8+ 8 guns, during June 1942
1st lt. Mihail I. Sotnichenko 584th tank batalion 8+ some guns; during 9-13 March 1944
1st lt. Korolkov Ivan I. T-34-76 133rd tank brigade 8+ 2 guns, on 10 July 1942
mast.sgt.Rybakov Nikolay gunner of SU-761222nd separate self-propelled arlillery regiment 8+ 1 APC, on 31 Jan. 1945
lt. Fadin Alexander M. T-34-7622nd tank brigade8 + 1 plane (by main gun), + some guns, + 1 APC
sgt. Rudak BP-35 7th division of armored trains8+ 8 shared; on 17th October 1941
subcol. Provanov G.V. 4th tank corps8 + 12 guns
Guschin Vladimir Ivanovich ISU-122387th self-propelled arlillery regiment8 + 2 guns Labuz Pavel Ivanovich T-34-8561th Guards tank brigade8 + 3 APCs
lt. Mahrov A.G. 181th tank brigade8 + 2 APCs
lt. Zhabin I.N. KV 10th tank division8+ 1 tank captured during 1 day 1941; gunner Tochin T.I.
lt. Dodonov A.V. T-34-76 63rd Guards tank brigade8during 6 days in 1944
cap. Shpiller V.B. KV-1 220th tank brigade8
lt. Dudnik Yefim ISU-122366th Guards self-propelled artillery regiment8
lt. Kuznetzov Arkadiy KV13th separate Guards tank gegiment8on 8 Jan. 1943
lt. Sergeyev Fyodor KV-1 1st tank division8on 19th August 1941
MakarovSU-85 1454th self-propelled artillery regiment8gunner - Kovalenko
lt. Tokarev V.I. T-34-85 52rd Guards tank brigade8on 13th August 1944; gunner 1st serg. Komarichev G.P.
1st lt. Fokin G.N. 6th Guards tank brigade8
Agapov N.F. T-34-854th Guards tank corps7inc. 1 armored train; + 1 tank captured
lt. Bogatyryov V.V. T-34 , ISU-12238 tank regiment, 364 Guards selfpropelled artillery regiment7+ 8 guns 3 APCs
Mas.sgt. Chyortov Georgy P. IS-272nd Guards separate heavy assault tank regiment78 guns
1st sgt. Kosmachyov Mihail Mihaylovich T-347+ many guns
1st lt. Gladkov Boris V. 21st Guards tank brigade7+ 10 guns
1st lt. Gogonov Alexey G. 267th tank batalion7+ 9 guns 17 to 30 April 1945
lt. Kazadayev I.V. T-342nd tank brigade7+ 6 guns + 2 APCs
cap. Pyenyezhko G.I T-3431st tank brigade7+ 2 guns + 8 APCs on 11th January 1944
1st lt. Grustnev P.I. 36 Guards separate heavy tank regiment7+ guns Golub Ivan Platonovich T-34/85 13th Guards tank brigade7+ 5 guns Vedeneyev M.I. KV-15th tank division7+ 4 guns, during the 1st month of the war Milyukov Alexander I. KV-1 , T-34-76 , T-34-8553rd Guards tank brigade7+ some guns
lt. Luppov Yevgeny A. T-28, T-34-76 1st Guards tank brigade7+ guns Gorobetz S.H. T-34-5721st tank brigade7+ some guns
1st lt. Bochkovsky Vladimir Alexeyevich T-34-76 , T-34-85 1st Guards tank brigade7+ many shared and guns
1st sgt. Antonov T-34-764th tank brigade7+ 2 ATGs; on 6th October 1941
lt. Andreyev 7+ 2 guns; on 6th Aug. 1942
Vayser Vladimir Z. 7+ 2 APCs
lt. Samoylenk G.F.T-34 , SU-10044 tank regiment ; 1821st self-propelled arlillery regiment7+ 2 guns
lt. Pylev V.S.SU-122 , SU-1001011th self-propelled arlillery regiment ; 1821st self-propelled arlillery regiment7
lt. KozadoevT-3463nd tank brigade7during few days in 1942
subcol. Zhukov H.G. T-34 61st Guards tank brigade7during 1 combat
lt. Kuznetzov Yevgeniy I. T-3421st Guards tank brigade7on 6th July 1943
lt. Parshin Victor S. 32nd tank brigade7on 12 Aug. 1943
Zusmanovsky Zinoviy A.SU-76M372nd Guards SAP7during April 1945
Meretzkov 6th tank brigade7May 1942
lt. Revkov I.I. T-34-7622nd Guards separate tank regiment7during 9-12 May 1944
lt. Shkiryansky R.V. KV-1178th tank brigade7
Shutov 6th tank brigade7May 1942
cap. Aksyonov A.S. KV, N-34-76183rd tank brigade7
subcol. Mihail A. Lagutin 1509th self-propelled artillery regiment 7on 29th October 1944 Babkov A.P. T-347gunner - Zhuk A.D. Kurlyand A.P. T-34-763rd Guards tank brigade7during 1 combat in Feb. 1942
cap. Danilov Alexey S. T-34-76 3rd Guards mechanised corps7on 24th Sept. 1943 Lyaschenko Konstantin I. 18th tank brigade7om 11 Oct. 1941
Kryotov Alexander F. 14th tank brigade7in Jan. 1942
maj. Filippov Vladimir Ivanovich 52 tank brigade7
Adushkin Ivan P. BT-7 , T-34-8564th Guards tank brigade 6+ 1 airplane (by main gun); + 1 APC
Dashinskiy KV-16+ 18 guns on 3rd October 1942
1st lt. Kiselyov I.A. T-34/8565th tank brigade6+ many guns + 8 APCson 17th Jan. 1945
1st sgt. Kondaurov I.A. 62nd tank brigade6+ few gunsduring Jan. 1945
1st lt. Galpyorn Vladimir I. IS-230th Guards heavy tank regiment6+ 14 guns
Novikov Ivan V. M4A218th Guards tank brigade6+ 8 guns
1st lt. Blinov Nikita P. 6th Guards tank brigade6+ 8 guns
1st sgt. Rorota I. A. SU-76 1438th self-propelled artillery regiment6+ 6 guns; on 31st Oct. 1943
lt. Puzyrkin Yakov A. T-3453rd Guards tank brigade6+ 6 guns
Aminev Victor Alexeyevich BA-10 8th armoured brigade6+ 2 + 2 guns 4th to 7th July 1939
mast.sgt. Klishin Yegor gunner of T-34/8562nd Guards tank brigade6+ 4 APCs
lt. Savushkin A.P.SU-122, pz.V Panther 1454th self-propelled artillery regiment6+ 1 APC and 3 guns
Andronov V. 143rd tank regiment6+ 2 guns Mirenkov I.S 240th tank regiment6+ 2 guns; gunner - Babushkin S.M.
Oshkalo 28th tank brigade7+ 1 APC on 25th Nov. 1941
cap. Razryadov V.I. 28th tank brigade6+ 1 APC on 25th Nov. 1941
col. Bogatyryov H.U. T-34-8512th and 6th Guards tank corps6
sgt. Makagon T-28 9th tank regiment6on 22th June 1941 Zhuzhukin Ivan Fyodorovich 28th separate Guards tank regiment6on 13-14th Jan. 1945
lt. Prihodtzev Vasily IS-11st separate Guards heavy tank regiment6during one combat in 1944
Serdechnev Anatoliy T-34/85 2nd Guards separate tank brigade6during 1 combat in July 1944
Kapotov Nikolay P. T-28 , T-34 4th [1st Guards] tank brigade6during 6 October 1941
Feoktistov T-34/85 2nd Guards separate tank brigade6during 1 combat in July 1944
Mast.sgt. Husyainov Z.S. 134th tank regiment6on 12 Oct. 1944
lt. Kuzmin 1st Guard tank brigade6
Capt. Kotlovetz Mihail P. 41st Guard tank brigade6 Yermolaev Vasily A. T-34-76 12th Guards tank brigade6on 7 Dec. 1943 Polyansky I.N. T-34-76 , KV-1 4th tank brigade6during 6 Oct. 1941
Zagudayev Alexander T-34 1st Guards tank brigade6during 12 Nov. 1941
Kuzmin 1st Guards tank brigade6 Kraynov Stepan M. T-34-85 52rd Guards tank brigade6during 13 Aug. 1944
lt. Sergeev Maxim S. T-34-76155th tank brigade6during 1 Oct. 1942
capt. Shenelkov Valentine 5th Guards tank brigade6during 1 combat
Simenchuk Nikolay4th tank brigade6during 1 combat in 1941
lt. Minenko I.N. T-342nd motorised regiment6on 21st Nov. 1941
lt. Alexey Yerohin T-34-766during 2 days in 1943
lt. Kudryavtzev Alexander S. 11th Guards separate motorcycle batalion6in 1945
lt. Chuchuk Dmitry Yakovlevich T-34-76 197th tank brigade61943
lt. Konovalov A. T-34 100th tank brigade6
lt. Yevdokimenko M.I. KV-1 1st tank division6 ? 5on 20 Aug. 1941
Makogon T-34-76 9th tank regiment6 on 22 June 1941 Oskin Alexander P. T-26 , T-34-8553rd Guards tank brigade5+
Stychnsky S.A. SU-152368th Guards heavy selfpropelled artillery regiment5+ 5 panzers and 14 ATS shared in platoon
Martynov A.M. KV-116th tank brigade5+ 3 captured
maj. Koroluov A.S. 221 tp, 111 tbr, 1922 sap5+ 3 75-mm guns + 1 AVF captured
Sorokin G. A. T-34 3rd Guards tank corps5+ 10 APCs; on 3 Aug. 1944
Yamaletdinov Shagy T-34 41st Guards tank brigade5+ 8 guns and 3 APCs
lt. Folomeyev D.S. T-70 , T-34-76106th tank brigade5+ 7 ATGs; in January 1943
lt. Prisyagin N.A. 70th mech. brigade5+ 6 field guns
1st.sgt. Zubov Grigoriy N. 277th tank batalion5+ guns
lt. Aleyevsky A.I. T-3416th Guards mechanized brigade5+ 4 flaks + 3 APCs Antonov Mihail M. T-34-76231th separate tank regiment5+ 4 guns Parshkov I. 57th Guards tank brigade5+ 4 guns ; during August 1942
lt. Burmak G.V. 21st Guards tank brigade5+ ATG battery in August 1944 Frolikov Dmitry G. T-344th Guards tank brigade5+ 2 tanks captured, + few guns, during June 1944
lt. Martynov Alexander KV16th tank brigade5+ 3 tanks captured, on 8th Nov. 1941
Stepanyan 28th tank brigade5+ 1 ATG
lt. Yarovoy G.S. 22nd tank brigade5+ 1, in 1942; gunner Dmitriev A.F.
mast.sgt. Krichevtsov K.G. 31st light tank division5+ 2 APCs
lt. Roslyakov A.A. 108th tank brigade5
capt. Reshetnikov Nikolay 25th tank brigade5
lt. Hitzenko Ivan I. IS-23-th Guards separate heavy tank brigade5in 1 combat
lt. Pechnikov S.K. 1st tank division5during 4 days in 1941; gunner - Babayev
lt. Boyko Alexandra L. (female)IS-25+ 2 guns
lt. Chuvashev I. T-34107th tank brigade5+ 2 guns ; gunner K.L. Levin
lt. Shaskov V.M. 168th tank regiment5 Astahov V.N. T-34-768th [3rd Guards] tank brigade5
maj. Bratzyuk Nikolay Z. 106th tank brigade5
maj. Bukia Akakiy K. 745th self-propelled artillery regiment5during 22 Aug. 1944
1st lt. Duhov Alexey 1st Guards tank brigade515th to 17th June 1944
lt. Yelagin Alexander N. 745th Guards self-propelled artillery regiment5?+ guns
lt. Volkov Alexander I. 326th tank battalion5on 18th Sept. 1944
lt. Malozemov Ivan 5th Guards separate tank regiment5on 31st Jan. 1943 Stolyarov Andrey 107th tank brigade5on 6st July 1943
cap. Marunyak 249th separate tank battalion5during September 1942
SamoylovSU-85 1454th self-propelled artillery regiment5
PorshnevSU-85 1454th self-propelled artillery regiment5
1st lt. Sorokin A.P. 14th tank regiment5
lt. Andreyev A.M. KV-1S13th Guards separate heavy tank regiment5+ 1 APC + 5 guns
lt. Stropin5in 1 combat Dec. 1941
sgt. Nurtynov SU-122 15 (inc. APCs) + some guns Blinov K.M.T-34103rd tank brigade4+ 1 tank captured
lt. Maslov Vasilysome+ 8 APCs and 2 guns Abramtsev S.P.181st tank brigade4+ 19 APCs and 4 ATGs
lt. Pika V.F.SU-76M1228 SAP4+ 8 APCs 2 ATGs; during april 1945
1st sgt.Reshetnik N.I.SU-76M372 guards SAP3+ 3 APCs and 2 ATGs; during 21-22 april 1945

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