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The best tankers of WWII


No mercy tank
Horoshilov's KV-1 "No mercy" with many victory marks

SU.152 besattningen
Major Sankovskiy with his SU-152

The best tankers of World war II - photo gallery
Luppov and his KV-1 heavy tank.

an criu T34 Lugowoj WWII photo USSR ace Lugovoi T.34 Lugovoj Fyodor Lugovoy World war II foto
WW2 foto: Fyodor Lugovoy, T-34 platoon commander

Fadin Alexander T-34-76
Aleksandr Michajlowicz Fadin radziecki czolgist T-34-76 foto
WWII Allied Tank Ace image
Dashinskiy WWII tank ace
destroyed 5 ATGs in Sept. 1942, that was hard in his light T-70 Podkupko destroyed 5 ATGs in Sept. 1942, that was hard in his light T-70

Alexander Oskin destroyed 3 and damaged 1 KingTiger in
Alexander Oskin with his crew and T-34/85
destroyed 3 and damaged 1 KingTiger.

Alexandr Burda, Red army armour battalion commander

Usov  WWII photo USSR WW2 ace
Gunner-sniper Usov, the former member of Kolobanov's crew.
russian wartime picture
Soviet expert Braznikov.
mannskapet de bemanning Vedeneev KV1 russian ace
Vedeneyev near his KV-1. World war II photo.

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