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The best tankers of WWII

T-34 crew Prokhorovka
T-34 crew (Storozhenko, Kosyh) of Red army at Prokhorovka.
tripulacao do tanque
Major Filippov

Soviet tank ace Koriazhnov
Guards crew of Koryazhnov's SU-122
Soviet tank ace
Hazov and his T-34

la tripulacion del tanque
Lt. Dmitry Folomeyev - Hero of the Soviet Union
lt. Grigory Burmak - Hero of the Soviet Union
ace of Red army at tank ww2
Ivan Lubushkin - WW2 tank ace

Ivan Golub
destroyed 5 Tigers and 2 Panthers
brothers Miheyevs
ww2 tanker
Ion Degen

Kolobanov with his crew and KV-1
Zinovy wwII photo
Ace Zinoviy G. Kolobanov
equipage d'un char
Reznikov with the crew of IS-2 heavy tank

Dodonov and the crew of his T-34-76.

Carrista . Panzerbesatzung . tripulacao do tanque . equipage d'un char. la tripulacion del tanque

Aces list , photos

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