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Italian light tank M13/40 Italian tank P40/26 Leoncello
ItalyItalian Armor Comparison Table Italy
YearBuiltTypeArmament [ammoload] Roof ArmorBottom ArmorForward ArmorSide ArmorTurret Armor Speed (kmph)CrewWeightEngineRange
Carro Armato
1921105 Fiat 3000A2x6.5mm [4000] 8..16mm2225 t55 hp100 km
192948 Fiat 3000B37mm [120] 6mm6mm16mm16mm16mm165.6 t63 hp130 km
1940241L6/4020mm/L65 [296]
+ 8mm [1560]
6mm6mm15mm15mm15mm 4226.8 t68 hp200 km
194092M11/3937mm [84] + 2x8mm [2808] 8mm6mm30mm14mm30mm 33311 t43 hp200 km
1940710 M13/4047mm/L32 [104] + 3x8mm [3048] + *aa 14mm6mm30mm25mm40mm 30414 t125 hp200 km
1941695 M14/4147mm/L32 [87] + 3x8mm [2664] + *aa 14mm6mm30mm25mm40mm 3214,5 t145 hp280 km
1943100+ M15/4247mm/L40 [111] + 3x8mm [2640] + *aa 14mm6mm42mm25mm50mm 4015.5 t192 hp220 km
1943102P26/4075mm/L34 [75] + 8mm [600] 20mm14mm50mm45mm60mm 42426 t420 hp150 km
Carro Veloce
* inc
CV338mm12mm- 4222.7 t40 hp110 km
1935 CV352x8mm [3200]5mm5mm13mm8mm- 4223.3 t40 hp150 km
1942459DA 4747mm/L32 [70] + *aa open30mm15mm30mm 4236.8 t68 hp200 km
1942467DA 75/1875mm/L18 [44] + *aa - 31313,1 t125 hp
1943182DA 75/3475mm/L34 [38] + *aa 40mm30mm- 38314 t145 hp200 km
1943100+DA 105/25105mm/L25 [48] + *aa 14mm14mm50mmmm75mm 38315,8 t185 hp180 km
194330DA 9090mm/L53 [6] open30mm25mm- 35417 t125 hp200 km
Carro Commando
194130CC M402x8mm - 4105 hp
194249CC M4113.2mm [404] + *aa - 32412,5 t125 hp200
194386CC M4313.2mm + *aa - 170 hp
Auto Blindo
193446Fiat AB66137mm 57,1 t
194024SPA AB403x8mm 8,5 7646,8 t88 hp400 km
1941647SPA AB4120mm [456] + 2x8mm + *aa 787,3 t110 hp
194379SPA AB4347mm/L40 [63] + x8mm + *aa 6228 t535 km
1943250Lancia Lince8mm 6308623,2 t70 hp400 km
YearBuiltTypeArmament [ammoload] Roof ArmorBottom ArmorForward ArmorSide ArmorTurret Armor Speed (kmph)CrewWeightEngineRange

* : including command vehicles, flame throwers (Carro Lancia Fiamme), bridge layers, etc.
* aa : One vehicle of 4 had 8mm AA machinegun on the roof

Italienischer Panzer M13-40
M13/40 tanks of Ariete armored division in Lybia, 1941

Italian AFV SPG DA.47 SPG Semovente DA 75/18
Italian SPGs (Semovente)

Italsky lehky tank Carro Armato L6/40 Command vehicle Carro Commando L-40
Italsky lehky tank

flamethrower tankette Carro Lanciafiamme L3 (CV-35) Italian tankette Carro Veloce CV33
Italian tankettes (Carro Veloce)
Tanquete de combate

Soviet Carro Armato L6.40 Char leger l'armee italienne L6-40 destroyed Carro Armato L640
Italian light tanks L6/40 captured by Red Army.
Char leger l'armee italienne L6-40.

Italy Photo galleries of Italian tanks and SPGs Italy

Italian guns
Caliber/Lengthmuzzle speedPenetrationROF, shot per min
Breda-35 20mm/L32830 m/s150(pract) 240(max)
Vickers-Terni 37mm/L40640 m/s34mm
Ansaldo 47mm/L32628 m/s26mm @ 1000m
Ansaldo 47mm/L40775 m/s50mm @ 400m
32mm @ 1000m
Ansaldo 75mm/L18425 m/s59mm (by HEAT)10
Ansaldo 75mm/L34634 m/s-
Ansaldo 90mm/L53830 m/s126mm @ 100m
90mm @ 1000m

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