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Italian light tank M-13/40 near Tobruk in 1942
Italian light tank M13/40 near Tobruk in 1942.

italienische Kampfpanzer des Zweiten Weltkrieges M15/42
Italienische Kampfpanzer des Zweiten Weltkrieges.
Carro Armato M15/42 in Serbia, 1944.
heavy medium tank P-26/40 Carro Armato Pesante
"Heavy" (indeedly medium) tank Carro Armato Pesante P26/40.

Carro Armato M15/42 photography
Italian light tank M15/42 of WWII. photography.

Italian Carro Armato M14/41
Carro Armato M14/41 (the light tanks of M13, M14, M15 family designated as "medium")

armored car Autoblinda 41 photos
Italian armored car Autoblinda SPA AB41
Italian light tank M-13/40
Carro Armato M13/40

Carro de combate de fabricacao italiana L6/40
Trophy light tank L6/40 at German service - Panzerkampfwagen L6/40 733(i)
light tanks M11/39 & M13/40 at Australian service, 1941
Captured light tanks M11/39 & M13/40 at Australian service, 1941.
Carro de combate de fabricacao italiana M11-39 , M13-40.

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