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WW2 Armor of Hungary specifications

40-M Turan I Magyar Harckocsi
40-M Turan I Magyar Harckocsi
40M Turan I medium tank
pancelauto 39-M Csaba
39-M Csaba pancelauto
39M Csaba armored car

Hungarian Armor Comparison Table
YearBuiltNameTypeArmament [ammoload] Roof ArmorBottom ArmorForward ArmorSide ArmorTurret Armor Speed (kmph)CrewWeightEngineRangeNote
1940~10039M Csabaarmored car20mm + 8mm 9mm6546 t90 hporiginal Hungarian design
19408038M Toldi A20light tank20mm [208] + 8mm [1400] 6mm10mm33mm13mm13mm5038,5 t155 hp licensed modified Swedish Lansverk L60
194111038 Toldi II 2020mm + 8mm 6mm10mm33mm13mm33mm
1943[80 remade Toldi II]42M Toldi IIA40mm/L41,5 [54] + 8mm 6mm10mm35mm13mm35mm479,3 t220 km
194013540M Nimrodanti-aircraft40mm 013mm3569,5 tToldi chassis
1942~28040M Turanmedium tank40mm + 2 x 8mm 14mm50mm25mm50mm 46518,2 t260 hp162 kmlicensed modified Czechoslovak T22
1943~18041M Turan II75mm/L25 [56] + 2 x 8mm [1800] 4318,5 t150 km
19437240/43M Zrinyiassault gun105mm/L20 [42] 75mm43422 t220 kmTuran chassis

Photogallery of Hungarian AFVs

WWII combat photo
Hungarian occupation of Czechoslovakia with Fiat-Ansaldo tankettes.

40/M Nimrod flak 40-M Nimrod legvedelmi
Hungarian 40M Nimrod flak
Magyar 40-M Nimrod legvedelmi

armoured car 39.M Csaba
armoured car 39M Csaba
pancelauto 39.M Csaba
SPG Magyar onjaro rohamloveggel Zrinyi
Hungarian assault gun Zrinyi
Magyar onjaro rohamloveggel Zrinyi

Wegierski clog 38/M Toldi I w Polsce
Wegierski clog 38/M Toldi I w Polsce.
Hungarian 38M Toldi light tank in Poland.

Hungarian armor guns
Zolothurn 36M20mmanti-tank rifle
Bofors40mmautomatic cannon
MAVAG 41M75mm/L25gun
MAVAG 40/43M105mm/L20howitzer

Foreign-produced armor in Hungarian service.
Over 100 tankettes CV3/35 were bought from Italy in 1938;
Over 340 tanks were bought from Germany, including:
108 PzKpfw38(t) panzers in 1942,
about 100 Pz.Kpfw.IV panzers of different versions in 1942 and 1944,
over 200 StuG.III self-propelled guns in 1942-1945,
150 Hetzer self-propelled guns in 1944-1945.

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