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Tanks of Poland in WWII
Polnischer Radpanzer WZ-34 Gepanzerter Wagen, Modell 34 foto
Polnischer Radpanzer WZ-34 Gepanzerter Wagen, Modell 34.
Polish armoured car wz.34.
Twin-turreted light tank 7TP in 1939 photo
7-TP carro armato leggero Polonia.
Twin-turreted light tank 7TP in 1939.

Polska Polish Armor in 1939 specifications Polska
BuiltNameTypeArmament [ammoload] Bottom ArmorRoof ArmorForward ArmorSide ArmorRear ArmorTurret Armor Speed (kmph)CrewWeightEngineRangeNote
~300TK-3tankette7,92mm [1800] 7mm4mm6..8mm8mm6..8mm-4622,43 t40 hp200 km licensed Vickers Carden-Loyd Mark VI
390 *1TKS7,92mm [2400] 5mm3mm8..10mm8..10mm8..10mm-402,6 t46 hp180 km
132 *27TPlight tank 37mm/L45 [80] + 7,92mm [3960] 9,5mm5..10mm17mm13mm13mm15mm3739,9 t110 hp150 km licensed Vickers-Armstrong 6-ton Tank Mark E
~87 *3Wz.34 armored car7,92mm [2000] 03..8mm50..5522,2 t20..25 hp200 km modified Wz.28
*1 including 10 or 20 tankettes (weight 2,8 t) armed with 20mm wz.38 FK-A automatic cannon.
*2 including 24 tanks of the twin-turret version (weight 9,4 t) armed with 2 x 7.92mm MGs.
*2 plus 16 twin-turret and 16 single-turret British Vickers E ("6 tonn") tanks.
*3 including ~30 armored cars armed with 37mm SA18 Puteaux cannon [96 shells].
*3 plus 13 other armored cars.

Also Poland in 1939 still had 45 Renault FT and 45 R-35 tanks, and also ten armoured trains.
Hotchkiss wz.25MG7.92mm
Browning wz.30MG7.92mm
FK-A wz.38auto cannon20mm/L73.5
SA18 Puteauxcannon37mm/L20
Bofors wz.37cannon37mm/L45

wz.29, wz.28, C2P, C4P, C7P

bron panzerna 7.TP
Trothy polish light tank 7-TP in Wehrmacht - Panzerkampfwagen 7TP 731(p)

Captured by germans polish tankette TKS
Captured by germans polish tankette TKS.

       Poles talks too much about Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939 and Katyn massacre, but did themself the same things even earlier. In 1938 Poland and Germany divided Czechoslovakia (though with no cooperation).
       Winston Churchill called Poland in the period between the two world wars the «Greedy Hyena of Europe». Yes, Poland was the first victim of Hitler’s intervention, that's everybody known truth. The less know truth is that the regime of Pilsudski did with its concentration camps (many thousands of the Russian and Ukrainan captives were starved to dead after 1920 war), ethnic cleansings and rough treatment of dissidents.
L'occupazione polacca della Cecoslovacchia Czechoslowacja Checoslovaquia TK3 1938
L'occupazione polacca della Cecoslovacchia 1938.
Polish tankette TK-3 in Czechoslovakia.

polska Czolg bron panzerna 7.TP 1938 foto
Polish light tank 7-TP intrudes Czechoslovakia through the border.

Polska okupacja Czechoslowacji Czolg 7TP 1938 Poland Greedy Hyena of Europe
Polska okupacja Czechoslowacji 1938.
Polish tanks 7-TP captures Czechoslovakian town Tesin.

Woisko Polskoe 7TP 1938 Tesin city photo
7TP of Woisko Polskoe in 1938 Czecho-Slovakian Tesin city. Capturing Zaolzie by Polish Army.
Czechoslowacja Checoslovaquia.

Woisko Polskoe destroyed by Wehrmacht in 1939, formed anew in USSR during WW2, and equipped by Soviet armor: T-34, T-34/85, T-60, T-70, IS-2, KV-1, SU-57, SU-76, SU-85, SU-100, SU-152, ISU-122, ISU-152, BA-64.

Photo galleries of Soviet SPGs , T-34 , IS-2 , retransfered aid in Wojsko Polskie.

Polish forces at the western front used :
French Renault R-35 light tanks, Renault UE infantry carriers in France, 1940.
British Mk.VIII A27 Cromwell and A30 Challenger cruiser tanks,
American M3 Lee and M4 Sherman medium tanks, M10 Achilles and T12 tank destroyers;
British Archer tank destroyers and Sexton self-propelled howitzers;
British Crusader AA and American MGMC M16 anti-aircraft vehicles;
British Daimler Dingo, Humber, Staghound, Morris, Canadian Ford Lynx and GM Otter, American M8 Greyhound armored cars
in Italy and Western Europe 1944-45 and also in North Africa 1942-43.

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