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Polonia WWII Polish artillery foto WW2  Poland

foto WW2  105-mm Schneider canon
Polish 105-mm Schneider guns.
105-mm Schneider canon foto.

foto WW2  Polen Bofors 37-mm Panzerabwehrkanone
Polish 37- anti-tank gun wz.36 Bofors in 1939.
Weight 370 kg (816 lbs); Length 3.04 m (10 ft); Barrel length 45 calibers; Width 1.09 m (3 ft 7 in); Height 1.03 m (3 ft 5 in)
Shell 37x249 mm; Breech vertical block; Carriage split trail
Elevation -10 to 25; Traverse 50
Rate of fire 12 rounds per minute; Muzzle velocity 800-870 m/s (2,625-2,854 ft/s)
Effective range 4,000 m (4,374 yds); Maximum range 6,500 m (7,108 yds)

Polen Bofors 37-mm Panzerabwehrkanone.
Polonia 37mm Canon antitanque.

foto WW2  75-mm canon antiaereo
Polish 75-mm flak model 1936.
75-mm canon antiaereo foto.

foto WW2  10 cm M.14 Feldhaubitze, 1939
Polish 100-mm light howitzer Skoda M-14/19 photo.
10 cm M.14 Feldhaubitze.

foto WW2  Haubica 100 mm skoda M14/19, 1939 prepared to German service
Trophy 100- howitzers Skoda M-14/19 [10 cm le.FH 14/19(p)] prepared to German service.
Haubica 100 mm Skoda M14/19.

foto WW2  Cannone 1939
Destroyed Poilish 75-mm field gun model wz.1897.

National Polish units in Soviet army received (until the end of the war) 35000 guns, 1200 planes, 1000 tanks, 700000 rifles and SMGs, 18000 cars.

WWII artillery of Yugoslavia , USSR

WW2 Polish warplanes , armor , infantry

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