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WWII Hungarian Armor

Magyar Harckocsi 41-M Turan-2
Destroyed Hungrian tanks 41M Turan II in 1945.

Hungarian tanks comparison table

Magyar Kisharckocsi
Nimrod SP-flaks wartime picture.

Magyar Harckocsi 38-M Toldi + CV-35 FIAT-Ansaldo L3/35 WW2 picture
Magyar Harckocsi 38-M Toldi + L3/35 (FIAT-Ansaldo CV-35)
38M Toldi light tanks + CV.35 tankettes

Magyar Kisharckocsi CV35 WWII photo
Tanqueta FIAT-Ansaldo CV-35. Second world war armored fighting vehicle.
Magyar Kisharckocsi CV.35

Hungary Toldi-IIA and SdKfz10 captured by Russian army WWII photo
Hungarian Toldi-2A and SdKfz-10 captured by Red army, 1944. WWII photo.

Magyar pancelauto Csaba WWII photo
Csaba armoured cars of 1st Hungarian cavalry brigade at Ukraine in 1941.
Magyar pancelauto Csaba.

Magyar onjaro tuzersegi 40/43M Zrinyi II
Destroyed self-propelled gun 40/43M Zrinyi-2 in Budapest. WW2 foto.
Magyar onjaro tuzersegi 40/43M Zrinyi II.

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