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WWII British Armor

Mark General Staff specification Armor type Built Armament Note
Mk I A9 Cruiser tank 125 2pdr +3 MG 3 turrets
Mk II A10 Cruiser tank 175 2pdr +2 MG  
Mk I Matilda I A11 Infantry tank 140 1 MG  
Mk II Matilda II A12 Infantry tank 2890 2pdr +1 MG  
Mk III A13 Cruiser tank 65 2pdr +1 MG  
Mk IV A13 MkII Cruiser tank 655 2pdr +1 MG  
Mk V Covenanter A13 MkIII Cruiser tank 1771   never so actions
Mk III Valentine none Infantry tank 8275    
MkVI Crusader A15 Cruiser tank 5300    
Mk IV Churchill A22 Infantry tank 7368    
Mk VIII Centaur A27L Cruiser tank 950   never so actions
Mk VIII Cromvell A27M Cruiser tank 3066    
Mk VIII Challenger A30 Cruiser tank 200 17pdr +1 MG  
Comet A34 Cruiser tank 1186 77mm + 2 MG  
Firefly   Medium tank 2100+ 17pdr +1 MG rearmed M4 Sherman
Mk I Bishop   SPG 149 QF 25-pdr Carrier Valentine
Mk I Deacon   SPG 175 QF 6-pdr Carrier A.E.C.
Mk I Archer   SPG 655 QF 17-pdr Carrier Valentine
Achilles   SPG 1100 QF 17-pdr rearmed SP M10 Wolverine

Mk.III Valentine IV under Moskow, 1942, tanque
Mk.III Valentine IV under Moskow, 1942, infantry tank

WWII British Armor in combat.

WWII tanks

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