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Танк поддержки пехоты Матильда

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The Red Army received Matildas Mk.II as part of the lend lease agreement. Matildas saw action on the eastern front as early as the Battle of Moscow and became fairly common during 1942, especially on the southern fronts closest to the Persian supply route. Unsurprisingly, the tank was found to be too slow and unreliable. Russian crews often complained that snow and dirt were accumulating behind the skirt panels, clogging the suspension. The slow speed and heavy armour made them comparable to the Red Army's KV-1 heavy tanks, but the Matilda had nowhere near the firepower of the KV. When attempts were made to fit a larger gun, the turret ring was found to be too small to accommodate anything larger. The vehicles were modified with the addition of sections of steel welded to the tracks to give better performance in the poor ground conditions experienced in Russia.

Лендлизовский пехотный танк Матильда на Поклонке: цветное фото
Лендлизовский пехотный танк Матильда на Поклонке: цветное фото

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