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WOT Armor-gnomes versus brone-elves versus panzer-ogres ;)

World of Tanks info

Experience for the crew ; Tiers of tanks and battles

GIF images of the rotating tanks camouflaged , no camo , especial , static .

WoT mods and improvements:

yellow striped railcars
yellow striped railcars by tombog.

Use of the 'Server Aim' Caps Look + 0.

How to speed-up WoT launch:
  • Erase the intro video - Create empty file Logo_All.usm of 0 size in the folder \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\x.x.x.x\gui\flash\video\.
  • Skip the loader - Change the properties of WoT shortcut : WOTLauncher.exe -> WorldOfTanks.exe . (don't forget to use the standard load method when the version is updating).


    Obsoleted mods:

    Sniper crosshair by RUSH

    Increased WOT mini-map variant 1 variant 2

    Tanks online

    WWI tanks

    WWII tanks

    War is Over main page