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For Civilization III - Civ3real ver.1.52 (49k)
. New units (Jet Bomber, Cruiser, Early Tank, Early Submarine, two Early planes ...), logical improvements and fixes:
Description of the mod .

For Panzer General (DOS) and Allied General - PG/AG-real ver.6.7 (266k), Description of the mod , Installation
and for Steel Panthers I - SP1-real ver. 6.8 (131k) , Description of the mod

I pleased - I still get feedback on my patches. But I havn't interest in PG & SP anymore, sorry.

Both of these patches for PG1 and SP1 classic games featured:
- a lot of added units;
- some bugs and historical errors corrected;
- more realistic units characteristics; etc.
Text files included, please read.

Why I supported these good old games? Because all those notorious PG2 and SP3 (and so on and so on...) are not much better, even worse in some aspects, full of strange things, and also require more and more expensive computers.

Allied General scenarios for Panzer General - AG-scn ver.5.0 (150k)
: Bugs were exist in tree of original scns - some tanks rode on halftrucks %-() ! It was very fun ;^) but I corrected it. Mosquitoes were too early for "El Alheila"(02), "Crusader"(03), "Mersa El Breaga"(04) & "Gazala"(05). In "Gasala" also French inf introduced. In "Mareth Line"(11) & "Meuse"(18) GB Crusarers AA introduced. In "Debrecen"(37) & "Berlin"(39) Soviet tanks consist of IS-2 only. But we all knows T-34 was most numerous WW2 tank (note: at the begin of Great Patriotic War most numerous Soviet tank was T-26). So some tanks replaced by T-34-85. Similar action performed for ATGs and planes. In "Pskov"(24), "Leningrad"(25), "Moscow"(26) German artyllery got transport; also FW190A, T-70 replaced by earlier models (in "Vjazma"(27) too). In "Kharkov'42"(28) some of Soviet equpment replaced to Lend-Leased. In "Stalingrad"(29), "Ploesti"(35) introduced Rumanian Cavalry and tanks. Also "Cairo"(8), "Kasserine"(10), "Ruhr"(21), "Germany"(22), "Rostov"(30), "Kharkov'43"(31), "Dniepr"(32), "Korsun"(33), "Minsk"(34), "Zhitomir"(36), "Lake Balaton"(38) changed.

Finland scenarios for Panzer General - PG-finn ver.2.7 (24k). Players even can buy Finn units.
This stuff allows to play two scenarious which containing Finn units: 03 - standart Allied General "Finland" scenario; 04 - "Motti" scenario made by unknown (sorry friend!) man and updated by me. Finnish side can buy any of own units and even two type of transport. Instalation: 1st of all, my path PG/AG-real ver.5.3 or higher must be installed. If you havn't the file panzequp.60 in the \dat subderictory you must copy a file panzequp.xx from PG/AG real. Then unpack this archive in PG directory and run ins-fin.bat For play Finn scenarios run 51finn.bat, for play regular scenarios run 60.bat

Murmansk scenario for Panzer General (play by email) - Murmansk (2k).
Attention: PG/AG-real mod nessecery for this scenario.
'Murmansk' designed specially for PBeM, AI is very bad especially for Germans. Description: Lend-Lease sea convoy must to supply USSR by equipment. Target is Murmansk, I forced to show this Soviet town as German. If ally reach and "capture" Murmansk, they win. Date set as early as possible for prevent sides to buy ground units. One transport carry Hurricane ftr, it's historically correct British tactic. Another transprot carry truck which can't capture city, of course.

Close Combat III game

Alone non-historical strategy I play is great WarCraft II. It presents the best playbility, nice graphics, lowest system requirements.
There are 21 scenarios (205k) , enjoy! The cost of such useless units as various archers is decreased.

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