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                                              "from Russia with love"
						  notorious 007

		       PG/AG-REAL version 6.62
	    for SSI's "Panzer General" & "Allied General"
			  CopyLeft 1996..98


PG and AG are exelent games, but they has some historical inaccuracies.
It may be too late, but I corrected them. New units added (few of
ones changed from doubled units), real bugs (example: GB SPAA had no
fuel) corrected. I had a reason for each change, if you want proof -
contact me! Also please feel free to report any bugs or inaccuracies.
Some Cost changed accordingly combat chars.

Please read INSTALL.TXT for an instalation guide.

Some changes in version 3.x and latest made accordingly with
differenses between Panzer General and Allied General. AG is a later
game then PG, and some good corrections were made.

'AG+' means that direction of change according to AG.
'AG-' means that direction of change oportuning to AG.


ver.4.0 - new units added;
ver.4.3 - some scn changed;
ver.4.4 - a formula for calculation Air Attack applied;
ver.4.6 - Ground Attacks of Tactical bmrs justifed;
ver.4.7 - CD-ROM PG version supported;
ver.5.0 - AG supported;
ver.5.5 - flametanks added;
ver.6.0 - new icons drawn;
ver.6.1 - fisrt six scns changed;
ver.6.2 - allied prestige added to Kursk scn.
ver.6.3 - FW190A divided to three models
ver.6.4 - Forts became Soft Targets
ver.6.5 - ST Guards Cavalry bug fixed
ver.6.6 - Value of towed ATGs increased once more


Game terms:
SA, HA, AA, NA = Soft, Hard, Air, Naval Attacks;
GD, AD, CD = Ground, Air, Close Defenses;
Mov = Movenment;	Init = Initiative;	Spot = Spotting;
scn = scenario.

Common military terms:
LMG, HMG = light, heavy machine gun;
HE = heavy explosive;	AP = armor piercing.

                          C O N T E N T S
 ***    74 NEW UNITS



PG's AI never attacked any of my units whith Cost 12 prestige points:
German tank PzIA or Italian anti-tank Semovente L-47. May be they were
too inexpensive for to be attacked :-) ? I increased Cost for them
and it solved the problem.


All units from AG supported: 5 Finn units, Volksturm, ST Guard's, GB Commandos, FR Vichy inf.

And my new units :
11) Ar234B Blitz - jet bmr without guns [PI]
12) Ta152 - final evolution of FW190. Improved engine and armament.
13) HS129 - anti-tank bmr. Presented version armed with one 75mm + two 20mm cannons & 220lb of bombs. [NI]
14) Waffen SS - no more than elite inf !
15) German Motorcycle [PI,PA]
16) Marder I on French Lorraine chassis
17) Early version Bf109D, slower and armed with 4 LMGs
18) PzVIE Tiger which had zimmerit armour & LMG for air defense
19) Flammpanzer II [NI]
20) Flammpanzer 38
21) FW190A3 armed with 4 20mm cannons and 2 LMGs
22) FW190A6 armed with 4 20mm cannons and 2 HMGs, more powered
23) Axis Innational inf, support troops
24, 25) Axis and AF Horse transports - cheap but slow. [CI]
26, 27) ST SU-76 full armoured and SU-76M open-topped self-propelled ATGs [PI]
28) ST OT-133 flame tank
29) ST 37mm SPAA on GAZ truck chassi, very numerous
30) ST T-44 - an improved T-34. The T-44 were actually built, but top
secret (like British jet ftr Meteor). The forvard MG and gunner
were removed, that increased GD (no hole in the forward
armour and it thickened; also less heigth).
31) ST IS-3 - this tank had very good armour slopes. Same 122mm gun and poor ammoload as IS-2. [PI]
32) ST P39 - Lend-Leased AiraCobra. Aproximately 5000 were transfered.
33) ST BA-20 or FAI - prewar very ligthly armoured (6mm) recon car, armed with LMG. Very fast (90 km per hour). [CI]
34) ST Pe-3bis - heavy ftr version of dive bmr Pe-2
35) ST SB - obsolete but numerous bmr. Suicidal because of poor speed and defensive armament. [PI]
36) ST Po-2 - So weak and slow biplane that could be used only by nights. What a heroic crews!
37) ST Su-2 - light bmr, sometimes used as a ftr. 6 forvard 7.62mm MGs, two defensive 7.62mm MGs. [PI]
38) ST T-26 - most numerous prewar tank, 45mm gun + 2 LMGs. [CI]
39) ST Tu-2 - dive bmr introduced in the middle of the war. [PI]
40) ST La-5FN - La-5 equiped with improved engine
41) ST Valentine II - Lend-Leased tank, armed with 2 pouner gun and MGs
42) ST T-80 - version of T-70 tank. Turred allows shot planes. One man added to crew.
43) ST 85mm flak, range=3.
44) ST 100mm D-10 ATG, appeared in 1944
45) ST Yak-9B - bmb version armed with 3 HMGs and 400kg of bombs into fuselage.
46) ST Yak-9D long range ftr
47) ST Yak-3 late war ftr
48) ST I-16 type 24 ftr armed with 2 cannons & 2 LMGs. [PI]
49) IS-1 tank, armed with 85mm main gun
50) ST T-35 five-turreted tank, armed with one 76mm gun and two 45mm guns and six LMGs. [PI]
51) ST 203mm Gun. No comments.
52) ST Universal carrier - Lend-Leased transport vehile.
53) FR Panhard AMD35 - numerous armoured car armed with 25mm gun
54, 55) GB Crusaider flak tanks. 1st model was armed with 40mm cannon, 2nd - two 20mm cannons.
56) GB Whitley level bmr fetured good naval attack [NI]
57) GB Beaufighter ftr-bmr featured good naval attack
58) GB Matilda III - tank armed with 3" gun
59) GB Bishop - full armoured SPA armed with 25 pounder. Range=2. [PI]
60) GB Churchill Mk.I - infantry tank armed with 3" gun in hull and 2 pounder + LMG in turret.
61) GB Tempest - ftr, faster Typhoon variant; armament the same
62) GB Mk.VI light tank, armament: LMG + HMG
63) GB Mosquito Mk.II - heavy ftr version
64) GB Mosquito Mk.IV - bmr not armed with guns
65) US M9 Halftruck - better armed then M2 ( HMG and 2 LMGs )
66) US Calliope - rocket launcher on Sherman chassi, range=1
67) US M3 Lee medium tank
68) US M5 Satan flame tank
69) IT Fiat CR.42 Falco biplane ftr. Almost 1800 built. [CI]
70) IT MC.200 Saetta ftr, armed with 2 HMGs [NI]
71) IT CV-3/35 tankette armed with twin LMGs [CI]
72) IT L-3/35 flame tankette [CI]
73) IT M11/39 tank [CI]
74) Another axis submarine designed specially for Murmansk scn. Range increased, Spot reduced.

[NI] means new icon.
Sorry: old icons not always good for new units. [PI] means poor incon.
[CI] means created icon (for PG only).

In spite of I ADDED most of new units, some of ones are
replacements for similar or wrong units:
ST Yak-1M, Yak-9M (incorrect designations)
PzIA (similar to B)
PzIIF (similar to A)
Bf110D (similar to C)
sIG II (only 12 built)
Marder IIIH (differented from M by icons only)
GB Blenheim Mk.I (similar to Mk.IV)
NOR Fokker D.XXIII (only prototype built)
M4 (similar to M4A1)
Panther A (similar to G)
Pz38(t)G (similar to F)
IT Re.2005 (only 37 served)
IT G.55 Centauro (only 31 served)
IT Semovente M-41M anti-tank (was built too late)
IT M14/41 tank (similar to M13/40)
PO PZL P37 Los (had not chances to be used in game)
FR tank AMX R40 (not numerous)
ST SU-152 AT, ISU-152 AT (doubled same-named SP arty)
Jadgpanzer 38 (just another name of Hetzer)
I believe it was bad idea - to create 2 FlaK38 (4) 'Air Defense'.
Such short-range guns exelent for 'Anti-Aircraft' units (ex.: Wirblewind).
All those units replaced by more resonable and interesting vehiles.

IT 90mm Breda changed from 'Anti-tank' (unarmoured truck!) to 'Air Defense'
(historically right). Chars changed.


Some units allowed to buy for another country. Historical accuracy maintains.

(from 1942 to 45 foreign units presented 10-17% of Soviet forces)
US P51B Mustang		-> UK
US B25B Mitchell	-> UK, USSR
GB M3 Stuart		-> USSR
GB Churchill Mk.III	-> USSR
US M4A2 Sherman		-> USSR

	regular equipment:
75mm gun -> USSR, simvolizes a lot of types of 76.2mm guns
40mm AD  -> USSR, simvolizes Lend-Leased one and own Soviet 37mm flak
90mm AD  -> UK, simvolizes 3.7" and lager flaks
Partisans -> Greece, it was rebel country


US recon M8 & M20 allowed to buy now.

Italian M41M arty was unvaliable before I changed dates for one.

French tactical bmr Bloch 174 was unvaliable too before I fix it.

NA introduced for P47B, P40 and all versions of Mustangs.

37mm German flak can now use naval transport.

Range inreased for GB 40mm SPAD from 0 to 2 'AG+'; HA
icreased by 2 (must be equal to towed 40mm flak).

Target Type changed from amazing Hard to Soft for US, FFR, GB trucks.
FFR truck not permited in 1940 any more, also 'GM' removed from name.

Why ST Pe-8 was placed to "Tactical bmr" purchase section? We
moved one to "Level bmr" section.

GB Cromvell VI is "Artillery" and moved from "Tank" section.

Animation error for Italian armoured cars corrected by best possible
way: instead of British vehiles German ones showes now; direction
of fire is corrected too.

Few AG scns had tanks on halftrucks. Cool, isn't it?
Those wrong transports removed.


I don't know why icon of 4-engined Pe-8 for 1-engined Sturmovik. For 
Il-2 and Il-10 icons changed.

White star added for US M10 anti-tank (note: it's not M36's icon). [NI]

PzIIIG's barrel shorted. [NI]

The PzIIIN more like to the PzIVD than to the PzIIIJ, icon changed.

AAMG added for IT M13 & M14 tank.

I can't paint new icons for AG, but we can do it for PG:
CV-3, T-34, Me262, KV-1, KV-2, T-26, T-28, CR.42, BA-10, BA-20, BA-64...
Check it and you'll see improvenments!


La-3 is wrong. LaGG-3 (Soviet ftr) is right.

T-34/40, KV-1/39, and those tanks of other years renamed to
T-34 (40), KV-1 (39), etc.

Mosquito Mk.IV was bmr and had no guns, therefore it changed
to Mk.VI. Yes, I know - it must to appear later.

Tiger I changed to PzVIH Tiger; Tiger II changed to KonigsTiger.
StuG IV corrected to StuPz IV Brumbar.

Il-4 replaced by DB-3. DB-3 was more common name and appeared earlier.

Word 'Sturmovik' added for Il-2 & -10.

Word 'Pershing' added for US M26, 'Hellcat' for M10,
'Wolvrn' for M36, 'Chaffee' for M24.

Word 'Ghibli' added for Italian bmr Caproni 309; 
'Dakota' for British transport Douglas C-47;
'Karas' (Crucian) for Polish bmr P23.

Names for German tank-destroers corrected from Jadg.. to Jagd..  'AG+'

Word 'Stuka' added for Ju87 dive bmrs; Word 'Uhu' (Owl) added for
He219; 'Slmndr' for He162 Salamander; 'Pfeil' for Do335; 'Greif' for
He177; 'Horn' for Me410.

Word 'Puma' added for German recon car 234/2. PSW 222 & 234/1 got
AA=4 because of 20mm cannon could shot to planes.

FR CHk 75 changed to Hawk 75; HFII to Gladiator II, LC F-DXXI to
Fokker D21. Meaning still the same, but more clear.

FR truck changed to Renault.

And some minor changes, often names became longer.

Few inaccuraties corrected and NATIVE city names established,
see file CITYNAM.TXT for details.


Next formulas used:

Max Ammo for fighters:
	Shells per 20mm cannon /20
	Shells per lager cannon /15
	Rounds per light MG /50
	Rounds per heavy MG /40

Air Attack for ftrs:			100%
	AA = Max Mov - 6 + sum of guns
 15mm cannon =2.5 (109F)
 20mm cannon =4
 lager cannon =5
 HMG 	= 1.5
 LMG	= 0.66

Air Attack for bmrs:			60%

Ground Attack for bmrs:
  kg bombs		SA	HA
	<=300		4	3	(Po-2, HS-129)
	400-500		5	4
	600-700		6	5
	800-900		7	6
	1000		10	7
	1800		13	9
  A->G rockets			+5	(Il-, Typhoon, Hurr IId, Mosq VI)
  pair of 37 or 40mm cannons	+4	(Il-2M3, Hurr IId)
  75mm gun			+11	(HS129)
  dive :	Ju87 SA+2 HA+3 , Tu-2 SA & HA+2 , Pe-2 HA+1

Max Fuel:	Range(km, without external tanks)*0.064

Most noticiable bug - Soviet prewar ftr I-16 was a monoplane, not a
biplane. I changed I-16 to biplane I-153 "Chayka" (Gull),
last version of I-15, which was (while slow) most maneuvereable
WW2 plane, able to make 360-degrees turn in only 8sec, therefore AD

Soviet figters were no so bad! Of course, Russians had total
inferiority initially, but at the end of the war Soviet air forses
fully controled the sky (no by reason of number alone!). Only
LaGG-3 was realy poor plane. While all ftrs were well armed, with
20mm cannons & MGs, I increased almost all air AA values to 12-16 (20 only
for La-7, armed with 3 cannons) 'AG+'. Also some AD values changed. 'AG+'
Initially instruments were poor, therefore Spot reduced to 2 for
early Soviet ftrs (the same did for PZL P11, Fiat CR.42, Fokker D.XXI).

Init increased for La-7 and Yak-1 by 1. HA changed to 2 for LaGG-3.
GD increased for La-5 by 1.

Soviet level bmr Pe-8 was not light. It might carry from 4 to 9
tons of bombs. Let's compare to the classic heavy bmr B17 : "Fl.
Fortress" might carry from 3 to 8 tons. So Pe-8 is 'heavy level
bmr' now, am I right? Also Pe-8 was armed with two 20mm cannons and
4 MGs; I increased AA to 11. Berlin was bombed already in august
1941 by TB-7 and DB-3 bmrs. There were only 79 of Pe-8 produced.

P51D had six MGs, AA reduced from 20 to 18. 'AG+'
P51B had four ones, AA reduced from 18 to 15.
To compensate Init increased to 7 for all Mustangs; GD reduced by 1.
AD deccreased for B & D. P51H allowed later.

Ammo changed for most of American ftrs. Before P47D had
less Ammo against P51D (compare 8*425 rounds against 6*313).

Init increased to 6 for P47. GD reduced for Thunderbolt by 1. 
AD increased for P47D.

Init reduced and AA increased for P40 WarHawk.

Ini reduced for FR P36 Hawk.

P38 and P47 presented as ftrs, therefore AA increased, and SA,
HA, NA reduced to strafe level. I have to note - almost
any ftr in WW2 could carry bomb, but that planes have low GD
values in PG. A/Cs presented as tac.bmrs have lower AA: it
reduced for FW190F & G and increased for P38.

Attacks increased for B25. Init reduced for B25H, B26,
A26 by 1. Ammo increased for B24, 25B, 26 and reduced for
B29, 25H & 32.

Strafers Il-2, -2M, -10 could carry rockets and armed with two 20mm(Il-2),
37(-2M3), 23mm(-10) cannons and MGs. Iliushin Sturmoviks had strong twin
armour (they nicknamed "Flying Tanks"), but earliest versions of Il-2 were
one-sitters, without rear-firing gun. Only at the end of 1941 gunner with
12.7mm MG was introduced and max speed increased by 110 km per hour - AD
increased for Il-2M3 and -10; also because of capability to carry torpedos,
NA increased to 4. SA & HA increased 'AG+'. Also Iliushin Sturmoviks were
able to intercept bmrs. For example: on 8 october 1943 eigth Il-2s
attacked thirty Junkers and shoot down 8 enemies without loosing a single
plane! So now, Il-2, -2M3, -10 have "active" AA.
Init for Il attackers not increased, for Il-2 even reduced. 'AG-'
Spot reduced for Il-2.

Init changed for ST Pe-2 and GB Stirling to 3. 
SA increased for dive bmr Pe-2. AD increased for Stigling.

AA reduced for Ju87D by 1 (only 1 LMG added in comparation
with B version). Ju87R allowed earlier, but D later.
Ini reduced for B. NA increased by 2.

German Ju52 was armed, 'passive' AA introduced for them in
previous versions of PG/AG-REAL. But amazingly it was 'active' AA in
fact! So AA=0 again, but Defenses increrased for compensation.

Defenses changed also for allied transport C47. It wasn't armed
so was helpless.

Init reduced for FW190F by 1; GD increased for G & F;
SA, HA reduced for G version, SA & HA increased for F.
Because of four cannons and two MGs AA increased for 190A.
Init increased for 190D to 7; Attacks & AD reduced.

He177 switched to 'heavy' lewel bmr.

NA decreased for 'level bmrs'. Historically, torpedo planes
were very vulnerable during attack. If planes use safe for itself
hi-altitude torpedos, chances to hit any ship decreases.

Me262 allowed earlier.

Mov increased for all jets from 14 to 15, for Me163 to 16.
Because Me163 had only 12min powered flight (only 4 with maximum
power), I reduced Fuel in one of the previous version PG/AG-REAL.
Note Komet couldn't make max move and return to home base;
another nearest base needed! But AI did not understand it, and I was
forced to reduce Mov to 3 (yes, only three) and Fuel to 6.
AD increased and GD redused, NA & HA reduced.

AA reduced for He162 and Do335 accordingly to armaments.
GD, SA & HA reduced for He162. GD increased for Do335.

You maybe amazed by AA is 34 now for He219 - maximal in the
game. But this night inteceptor had six "normal" 20 or 30mm cannons
and additionaly "shcraege music" (jazz) up-firing cannons! I even not
counted "jazz" for AA because one unuseful against enemy ftrs.
In his 1st combat flight (night june 12th 1943) alone He162 shot down
five Lancasters! It allowed earlier, Spot reduced.

Spot for Bf110, Me210, 410 (and US P47N) reduced from 5(?) to 4.
GD increased for Messerschmitt 110.
SA is stroger than HA for Bf110, Me210 & 410.

Bf110C & G changed to ftrs.

IT P.108 (only 24 built) changed to numerous SM.79 Sparviero bomber.
IT Re.2000 (less than 20 served) changed to Re.2001 tactical bomber.

Init increased for Bf109K & G by 1; Because 60 only shells
per cannon, Ammo reduced for E & K. Also for some models of Bf109
SA reduced to 1 (like all ftrs armed with 2 MGs and
cannon). AD reduced for K.

German planes Bf109E, Ju87B, Bf110c, Do17 allowed to buy only before
1944 now; Soviet Pe-2 - before the end of the war.
FW190A allowed from later date.

AD reduced for Morane-Saulnier 406 from 10 to 8. Init & AA increased.

AA & SA increased for FR D520, GD reduced.

French Potez 63 was ftr-bmr. AA switched to "active",
Init, AA and Spot reduced from 4 to 2; HA & SA increased.

Attacks reduced for FR Bloch 174.

First models of Hurricane and Spitfire were identical armed: 8 light
MGs. So many MGs! SA increased from 1 to 3 for Hurric I,
Spitf I & II. AA equalled to 11.

AD changed for Spitfire V & IX to 13. Init increased for Spitf XIV
and XVII from 6 to 7, SA reduced from 2 to 1 for XIV.
GD reduced for latest versions.

Attacks increased for Mosquito; Init reduced.

Attacks & Ini reduced for GB Blenheim.

AA reduced for GB Meteor 'AG+', SA reduced to 2.

Spot equaled to 3, Attacks increased for Hurr IId;
SA, HA & Ini increased for Typhoon; HA reduced for Hurr IV by 1;

SA, AA, Init increased, GD reduced for Breda 65;
AD & Spot increased for Caproni 309.

Some versions of Polish P24 were armed with 2 cannon and 2 MG.
AA, HA increased.

PO PZL P37 changed from 'Tactical' to 'Light Level Bmr'

MM reduced by 1 for B17, B32, Lancaster, Gladiator.

AA increased for LC Fokker D.XXI, Ini reduced.

AA & Ini reduced for Gladiator.


NA changes zeroved for vehiles armed with MGs or 20mm cannon.

GD increased for Tiger, this tank had nose armour more
strong than Panther (although not good slopes).

Matilda I, Marder, sIG, PanzerJager IB, T-40, PzII, PzIII allowed to buy less time.

GD increased for Elefant because of 200mm(!)
forvard armour. This dank-destroyer not allowed in 1945.

In Allied General reduced HA for most of German
and some British tanks and AT. I didn't that 'AG-'.

HA increased for PzIVH by 1 because of same gun as PzIVJ. GD reduced for PzIVF2.

Marder II rearmed with Soviet 76mm gun. A lot of F-22 towed guns
were captured by Vermaht.

HA changed to 2 and Init to 3 for vehiles armed with HMG: US M20 LAC,
ST T-40, US M9 Halftruck, GB Matilda Mk.I.

GD & AD reduced for T-28. Mov increased by 1. Init increased
(and for BT-7A, armed with the same gun too) from 4 to 5 'AG+'.

IS-2 and ISU-122 had 12.7mm MG specialy for air defence. AA justifully
increased to 2.

Soviet heavy tank IS-2 (and tank destroyer ISU-122 armed with the same
122mm gun) got icreased Init 'AG+'.

Init increased for Panther D & JagdPanzer IV/70 from 11 to 12,
as Panther G have; for JagdPanther, Nashorn, KonigsTiger,
8.8 PaK43/41, Elefant from 12 to 13; for JagdTiger from 11 to 12, HA
reduced to 27 'AG+'. AD increased for PzVIB KonigsTiger.

GD & MM increased for BA-64.

Mov increased for KV-2 by 1.

Yes, T-34 good armour slopes, but relatively thin armour (45mm); so GD
reduced (for SU-85 too).

The KV-1 tank had no competent opponent at the begin of the war.
In the game incorectly showed improvment of KV-1's armour during war.
Wrong, KV-1S (1942) ("S" means "fast") version had less armour and
better speed. Ironicaly - any KV momentary obsoleted with Tiger
introdution, 88mm gun could penetrate any armour. One time 3 Tigers
devastated 10 KVs near Leningrad.

Early versions of T-34 and KV have Init increased to 7 & 8
now. T-34/85 (KV/85 and SU-85) got Init 10. Because of good 76mm
& 85mm guns, also increased HA.

Init increased from 3 to 6 for Pz35(t) (37mm main gun, not only MGs),
Spot reduced.

CD reduced for PzVA & G; increased for PzIIIN, PzIVH, PzVG.

HA reduced to 6 because of short 75mm gun for PzIVD and StuGIIIb.
PzIIIN and PSW233 were armed with the same gun, but part of ammo was
charge, so HA is 9 now. AD reduced for PzIII by 1, exeption is
IIIN - for one GD increased by 1.

GD reduced for Soviet light tanks T-40, -60, -70, fast tanks BT-5,
-7, recon car BA-10. Spot reduced for T-60 (rare radio) and increased
for KV-2 and BA-10 (always had radio). HA reduced for BA-10 & BT-5.

BT-7, KV & IS had MG at rear of turrets, therefore CD increased by 1.

CD increased for not-open-topped SU-85, -100, -122, -152, ISU-122, -152.

Movenment Type changed for Soviet BT tanks to "Halftrucked" because of
they had very high speed only moving on wheels by road, but during
caterpillars using speed of course reduced.

CD reduced for tanketka TK3. Spot decreased for TK3 & 7TP.
HA reduced for 7TP.

Mov reduced by 1 for BA-10. SA increased for BA-10, BT-5, T-70 from 1
- ones had MGs, and HE ammo for main 45mm gun; Init increased 'AG+' to 7.
CD increased by 1 for T-70; MM reduced & AA canseled.

Because of 47mm gun increased Init, Attacks for D1 IG.
CD increased for Somua 35. B1-bis had 2 cannons and also
MGs, Attacks increased.

HA & Init reduced for M13, M14, Sem L-47 & M-42.
CD reduced and GD increased for M14.

Italian arty Sem M-42M allowed earlier, and now we can use it in PG.

IT M-40 got NA 1, not 0. M-41M got better HA and Init.

I reduced Init from 9 to 8 and HA from 12 to 11 for early versions of
M4 and for recon M24. So underpowered gun! Last versions of Sherman had
main gun with caliber lager by 1mm only, but much longer. AD increased by
1 (for Pershing too). For early versions CD reduced to 2. GD increased
for M4A3; reduced for GB M3 Grant.

CD increased for Elefant & JagdPanzer 38 from 1 to 2;
reduced for Stug IIIg from 4 to 3.

GD & AD equaled to 8 for PzIID. CD reduced for PzII from 3 to 2.
Attacks reassigned for vehiles armed with automatic 20mm cannon
(T-60, L6/40, AB-41, PzII, some German recon cars)

Increased GD for British tank A13. SA reduced for A13, A9, Daimler,
Crusader I and AEC I because of 2 pounder gun had not HE ammo, only AP.

HA reduced by 2 for GB units armed with 17 pounder: Archer, Achilles,
Chalenger, Sherman Firefly.

GD increased, but HA reduced for Daimler scout car.

Because of 15mm MG HA increased to 3 for GB Humber. This scout car
allowed earlier.

GB Ahilles, Archer and ST SU-100 have SA much more than 1 now because
they had HE ammo, not only AP. Init increased for SU-100. AA introduced
for Archer because of it have LMG for air defense.

Churchill VI (similar to VII) changed to the V version armed with 95mm gun.
Cromvell IV (similar to V) changed to I version armed with 6 pounder.

I found many bugs for various versions of Stuart. Sometimes SA was 11
(strange for 37mm gun), sometimes 5. SA for all M3 & M5 light tanks
equal 3 now. GB M5 had Init 4 only (all other - 7), sometimes Stuart had
no AA (but AAMG always was mounted), or Movenment less by 1. GD and HA
were different too; fixed. Fuel reduced and SA increased for US (only,
Englishmen added fuel tanks instead of 2 forward MGs) M3.
Spot dereased to 3, 4 was too cool for tank. GD & AD reduced.

American tank M2 and recon Grayhaund changed accordingly. Init,
Attacks reduced for M20 Scout. M2's dates changed.

CD increased for StuG IIIb from 0 to 1: non open-topped,
medium armour but without turret.

AD increased for Hummel & Wespe.

Init and HA reduced for Cromvel IV & VII, AEC MkIII, Churchill VII
by 1. GD increased for Churchill VII from 17 to 19, AD increased for
all variants Churchill.

6 & 17 pounders god HE ammo in 1944, so SA increased to 6 for
GB AEC Mk.II, Churchill Mk.III, Crusader Mk.III.

CD, AD increased for Matilda Mk.II.
Mov reduced from 3 to 2 for Mk.I - only 13 km per hour !

Spot reduced for US, FFR, FPO M8 LAC & M20 LAC by 1.
Mov increased to 9 for M8 & M20.

Many sources used for ammoload count, and right info extracted.
Some Ammo changed accordingly formula: #shells/8 +1(if AAMG).
Formula the same for SPA, but /5, not /8. Note: Firerates not took into
account, SSI did the same. Exceptions are automatic cannons.

Formula for HMGs: #rounds/225
	for LMGs: #rounds/100

Brumbar's MG could not fire to aircrafts, Hummel's on the contrary.
AAs corrected.

Spot increased for FR Char S35 and reduced for H35.

AD reduced for open-toped (and sometimes open-rear) vehiles
from 6. List of those vehiles: German PzJagger I, Marder, sIG,
Hummel, Wespe, Nashorn, some PSW recon vehiles; British Archer,
Achilles, Priest; American M3, M7, M8 HMC, M10, M12 GMC, M18, M36,
Greyhood, M20; Soviet BA-64; Italian Semovente L-47 & M-41M.
Accordignly increased AD for open-topped halftrucks SPW and Bren
Carrier. Also GD reduced by 1 for SPW.

CD reduced for some PSW recon vehiles; for US M2 halftruck, German
Nebelwerfer, GB Sexton CD equal zero now, like all open-topped units.

In spite of open roof US M18, M10, M36, GB Achilles had rotating
turrets, so CD increased to 1.

Table for tanks' SA (and for some other SP vehiles)
in dependence of main gun caliber :

		SA   NA                SA  NA
37mm             3    1    1 MG        1   0
40, 45mm         4    1    2 MGs       2   0
47mm             5    1    3 MGs       3   0
50mm             6    1    4 MGs       4   0
57mm             7    1
75, 76.2mm      10    2
85mm            12    2   cannon with AP ammo only  SA=1
88, 90mm        13    3
95, 100, 105mm	14    3
122, 128mm      16    4
150, 152, 155mm 18    5
203, 210mm	20    6

Max Fuel for ground units:
	# of km /4 	or	# of km /5


Range reduced to 2 for sIG; reason of that is short gun.
Range reduced to 2 for Sherman 105 & Cromvell IV; reason of that
are little gun angles.

German 17 K18 replaced by 21cm FK gun.

Init changed for some of towed arty guns (decreased for big calibers
and increased for easy-to-rotate small calibers).

Ammo increased for GB 5.5" and FR 155mm gun by 1.

Attacks & Init changed for IT 47mm, some GB, ST, AF, US ATGs
accordingly to calibers and length of barrels.
German weapon was an etalon, as always.

Spot decreased for ST 45mm, IT, AF ATGs.

Soviet 57mm ZIS-2 ATG appears later now. ZIS-2 was so good
that Brits asked some ones (and got permission) for research.

Soviet Katusha was was strongly offenced in original game. 
Attacks, Mov, Init increased, dates changed. BM-31 replaced 
by worse BM-8 because BM-31 must has Range=1.

sIG II serves not such long.

SA and AA reduced for German 8.8 Fk 18 ATG by 30%.
Reason of that - SA of other ATGs less by 30% in comparation
with tanks armed with same guns.

US and GB M7 were amazingly different, I'm equaled main characteristics.

Init reduced for StuPz IV Brumbar and GB Sexton to 5
(max. for artillery). SA & HA reduced for Sexton; 
GD & AD increased for Brumbar. Mov of Sexton equaled to Priest
- the same chassis.

FR 155mm gun allowed to the end of the war, Init reduced.

Spot set to standart 1 for US M4 (105) and GB Cromvell VI.

Ini increased to Nebelwerfer to 3.

Ammo reduced for ST 122mm & US 8" gun; the same for German 8.8 ATG.


All Attack values for all wheeled trucks equal to 0 now.  'AG+'

GD reduced for all halftrucks to 6, for all trucks to 1.

Attack values reduced for US (and FFR) M2 'AG+', but Init increased.

Mov, CD, Init reduced; Spot, GD, AD increased for RAM Kangaroo
(vehile on Sherman chassis). This unit allowed earlier.
And of course it's 'hard' not 'soft' target!

Init inreased from 0 to 3 Bren Carrier (armament: MG + AT rifle).
Mov reduced by 1.


In the middle of the war Soviet troops had many automatic rifles and
MGs. It's not reflected in the PG. In AG elite (Guards') Soviet
inf added, but they had too strong HA. I reduced it from 6 to 4
because of lack hand rockets (like bazooka or panzerfaust), only
anti-tank rifles and grenades.

Many changes were made for Soviet Conscript, Regular, Guards', Para
& both cavalry.

SA increased for Britihs Commandos and FFR Mtn inf.
HA reduced for FFR and FPO inf & Para.
AD reduced for Bulgarian inf.
SA increased for Hungarian, FR, Greek inf by 1.
Spot increased for Polish cavalry & Hungarian inf by 1.
GD increased for PO inf and cav, AD reduced for PO inf.

Ammo reduced for all paratroopers. Init increased for most of ones.
Ammo reduced for Volksturm, Bulgarian and Yugoslavian inf.
Ammo increased for all of US inf.

NA set to 0 for all inf.

Unusual high AD reduced for US inf HW and para.
Init reduced for US HW 41.

AD reduced for FFR inf for differenses vs FFR Mtn inf.


Attacks, Init, AD changed for German, American, Soviet,
Italian & British flaks accordingly to armament (and armour of
self-propelled vehiles).

Range reduced for 40mm and smaller flak from 2 to 1.

CD set to resonable 0 for SdKfz 7/1.

AD decreased for FlakPz38(t) by 2.

Ammo and Mov increased by 1 for IT 75mm SPAD.

Ammo decreased for Geman 8.8 AD.

Mov increased by 1 for ST 25mm SPAA.

Allied 90mm AD allowed earlier.


Heavy Cruisers were armed with 8" main guns, Ligth Cruisers with 6"
(less than some artillery). Range reduced for Light Cruisers from 4 to 3.

AD icreased for transports and destroyers - so ftrs can't deadly
strafe these ships any more. 


CD increased for Forts and StrongPoints, therefore inf can't
so easily damage and suppress ones.
Most important - these unit are Soft targets now, therefore
ones rather vulnerable for arty, not for tanks.
Defences increased for compensation, but AA reduced.


While PG/AG-REAL changes units chars to something more historically
accurate, it does make some playbalance violation in scns were
the Soviet Union is present. Decreasing prestige for Russians is one
way of few to avoid this disturbtion. But the player (or AI) is not
surprised as was Stalin by Hiltler, and fully controlled all own
troops. Therefore must be difficult to defeat Red Army using PG/AG-REAL.
Historicaly Soviets destroyed 75% of German ground and air forces plus
most powerfull Japanese Kwantung army group.

I remade already some scns and want to remake some other and create
new ones. That must repair playbalance. BT-5 tank moved to BT-7A slot;
T-26 moved to BT-5 slot (BT-7A was rare version, so historically right
and better for playbalance situation now). Rocket lancher Katusha BM-31
replaced by worse BM-8 (82mm instead of 300mm). Also users may use worse
bmrs and tanks (added by me) in the begin of the Great Patriotic War.


No warranties. But I'm hope - no threat. In any case you got so many
garanties how many you paid.


Thanks to SSI for intelligent game.

Thanks to Hrodbern Riemersma (Holland) for ideas and discussions and good
viewing tool and bug-seeking and researching and spell-check :) and for
util which we can buy additional units  ... Uff ...  Tired to count.

Thanks to Charles Tyson for PzGMapEd.

Thanks to William J. Haering for some bugs found in PG.

Thanks to Gregor Richner and Marco Carstensen (Germany) for WWW-pages
& beta-tests.

Thanks to Jeane C. Besida (France) for right and native city names.

Thanks to Clive Thomas for common help {also he is my 1st PBM opponent}.

Thanks to Anotoly Gubskii (Russia) for historical materials.

Thanks to Andrew N. Buslov (Russia) for discussions and a lot of cool icons.

Thanks to Frank Gleaves for very detailed info.

Thanks to Fredrick Chlanda for excelent SHP editor.

Thanks to Steve Farrel for few icons made.

Thanks to Silvio Nacucchi (Italy) for few icons made.

Thanks to Panos Stoucas (Canada) for "PG Recearch Center" coordination.

Thanks to Derrick Jensen (USA) for playtests.

Thanks to Chris Garling for some crucial data found.


"Panzer General" and "Allied General" are trademarks of Strategic Simulations Inc.
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