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		SP1-REAL 6.8 for Steel Panthers I ver.1.2

	*** All changed made accordingly historical materials ***

	Cost of units reassigned accordingly to theirs usefullnes

1) Backup old ob*. files
2) Unpack this arhieve in your SP directory. Files which have
same names must be overwriten.
Note target subdirectory for *.txt files is \ENCY ;
                         for *.lbm files is \PIC .


Soviet: 1. full aurmored SU-76 anti-tank
	2. OT-34/85 flame tank
	3. flame version of KV heavy tank
	4. KV-1 of 1941 heavy tank
	5. JS-1 heavy tanks
	6. late war T-44 tank
   	7,8. AT inf. Sqd.
	9. T-80 can shot aircrafts by new 45mm AA gun
	10. DShK AA machinegun
        11. 76mm flak armed with new 76mm AA Gun
 	12. 85mm - the same
 	13. 203mm Support off-map arty
 	14. 152mm on-map howitzer
 	15. improved version of T-28
 	16. T-50 infantry tank
 	17. T-20 Komsomoletz tracked and armoured track
 	18. SU-5 assault gun
 	19. SU-85M tank destroyer
German: 20. Ju-87D Stuka dive bomber armed with new 1000kg Bomb
 	21-23. 75mm, 105mm, 15cm, on-map howitzers
 	24. 21cm off-map arty
 	25. PzIF anti-partizan tank
	26. 37mm automatic flak
British: 27-29. three models of Crusader AA flak tanks
	30. Valentine X infantry tank
	31. Hurricane IV armed with new 40mm cannons
	32. Mosquito IV bomber without guns
	33. 3" flak
 	34. 90mm flak
 6	35. Valentine I infantry tank
 6	36. Cromvell IV tank
Italian: 37. flame version of CV-3 tankette
 	38-40. 75mm, 100mm, 149mm on-map howitzers
 	41. CC M42
 	42. M-14/41 tank
	Accepted units and formations from Silvio from Italy:
  		43-45. Alpini, Para, Bersaglieri inf.
  		46,47. two more variants of Autoblinda armoured car
USA:    48. M6 heavy tank
	49. full armoured version of M36 tank destroyer
	50. 3" flak
	51,52. two models of P51 Mustang fighters
 	53. A36 Mustang bomber
 	54. Anti-tank Jeep
 	55. Anti-tank Halftrack
	56. .50 cal AA machinegun
	57,58. two more versions of B25 Mitchel
	59. Earlier variant of P38 Lighting
	60. Earlier variant of P39 Airacobra
	61. M21 SP mortar
USM:	62,63. two versions of SB2C Helldiver dive bombers
	64. cannon version of F4U Corsair
 	65. Jeep armed with 37mm gun
 	66. M3 Halftrack armed with 75mm gun
 	67. M21 SP mortar
Japanese: 68. later model of "Zero" carrier-based fighter
 	69-71. 75mm, 105mm, 150mm on-map howitzers
	Accepted vehiles from a patch of Taki from Japan:
		72-74. three models of Ho-Ni SP-gun
		75. type 4 Chi-To tank
  	76. Ki-45 Heavy fighter
	Accepted vehiles adviced by Silvio:
  		77. Another variant of Toldi light tank
 		78. Zriniy SP-gun
 		79. Hetzer from Germany
	80. 75mm on-map howitzer
	81. FT-18 tank from France
	82. Pe-2 dive bomber from USSR
 6	83. Il-2 strafer from USSR
	84. T-34/76 from USSR
 	85. Mosquito IV from Great Britain
 	86. R-35 tank from France
 6	87. T-34/85 from USSR
	plans: IS-2, ISU-152
 	88. 75mm on-map howitzer
 6	89. A20 Komsomoletz tankette from USSR
 	90. BA-6 armoured car from USSR
 	91. Sdkfz-221 armoured car from Germany
	plans to change SU-85 to T-34/85

Some formation changes made, so T-70, T-40, T-37,
Ka-Mi, Sherman DD, Finn Volvo, Dutch planes  etc. avaliable to buy now.


Properties of some guns(penetration, range..) changed;
especially improved accuracy of small caliber flaks and
increased HE value of short barreled big calibers.
Crew corrected to 4 men of KV-85, BA-10 and ZIS-30;
to 5 for Ka-Mi, SdKfz-10/4, Su-122, ISU; to 6 for Semovente 90; 
to 2 for WZ.34 .
Towed 17 pounder gun had not HE & APDS ammo until 6/1944;
6 pounder gun got HE shells in 1944.
Some dates corrected. Before it, for example, Churchill I appeared
in 1942 instead of 1941; ISU tank destroyer on IS heavy tank chassis
Size of SU-85, SU-122, StuG, Matilda, Churchill increased by 1.
HE value of Hand Grenade and NbW92 increased.
Because of strange habbits of some planes (which made many passes or
only alone pass), I forced all of them to appear only one time;
durability and cost reduced.
Ammoload of towed guns, off-map arties and mortars standatirzied.
Crew of each towed gun/flak/howitzer equaled to 6..8, crew of each
mortar equaled to 5. So firerates are more resonable now.
Fire Control of small-caliber howitzers increased to 1..2.
appeared before the tank itself, etc...
AAMG established at Soviet KV-1S (even shown on
the photo), BA-64 (which had open turret); British Matilda II,
some Italian tanks.
Increased number of MGs of Soviet KV, T-35, BT-7A, T-133, IS-2 tanks, 
BA-10 armored car, ZIS-30 SP AT; Japanese Ha-Go, Chi-Ha, Chi-He, Te-Ke tanks;
US M3 Stuart & M3 Grant tanks, LVT(A)4 amphib.
Reduced number of MGs of Polish WZ.34 armored cars.
Some ammoloads corrected.
HVAP load introduced for Tiger I & II, PzIVG & H, Panther, some German
towed & SP ATGs, etc...
Few vehile names corrected.
Range & HEAT Penetration of Bazooka reduced.
HE value of Molotov's flaming bottle introduced.
Changed Fire Control of Soviet tanks (mostly increased).
Fire Control of French FT-18 (WW1 !), USM LVT(A)4, Polish WZ-34a reduced.
Fire Control of M5 Stuart and M11/39 increased.
Fire Control of German 88mm flak decreased from amazing 10 to 5.
Armor of some vehiles corrected.
Also Matilda II & III, Panther, Brumbar, Char D2 got Anti-HEAT side hull armor.
Increased Chance Radio of most of Soviet, few of French tanks
and Italian M15/42. For example the T-34 always had special crew member
for a radio!
AAMG added for PzIVh and removed off PzIIIE.
Speed of R-35 and of late Churchill's versions reduced.
Churchill Crocodile and OT-34 got long-range flamethrouwer.
Increased some flamethrouwer load accordingly with theirs capacities.
Effectiveness of flamethrouwers increased.
Two of German recon cars got correct 20mm cannon which can shot
to airtargets.
Corrected armament for Hungarian units: Toldi, Turan, Nimrad, Csaba.

Removed some wrong units:
1) Only one SU-45 built
2) The PanzJager 38 actually was simple Marder
3) There was no 15cm German Infantry Gun
4) Too few of early version of French B1 tank built
5,6) Too few of Soviet T-28 & BT-7A captured by Finns
7) Too few Tiger were sold to Hungary

Units swaped: KV-1 (heavier armoured) <-> KV-1S (faster)

Several units' class changed, for example Bishop is Assault Gun
now, it isn't SP-artillery because it couldn't raise barrel enough.

100, 500 and 1000kg bombs introduced; 120 and 250kg bombs' chars
corrected; Japanese 50kg Bomb transformed to 60kg Bomb.
Accuracy of bombs corrected.
Bomb Load of Ju87B, D3A and few Soviet aircrafts corrected.
Bombs added to French Potez.
Armament of FW190A, FM-2 Wildcat, P39, Ki-43, Pe-2 corrected.

Fire Control of all aircrafts changed. All figthers and level bombers
got FC=0 now, dive bombers 10 or 5.

It was too cool to have bombs + rockets + guns !
So bombs removed from TBM Avenger and B25H Mitchel.

HE value and Accuracy of AT-rifles increased; Range of large-caliber
ATRs increased; ammoload increased for ATR teams.
HE penetration introduced for MMGs and HMGs.
HE value & accuracy of all MGs limited by 10 points !
HE value of 20..40mm automatic cannons & flaks increased;
Fire Control of vehiles armed with such cannons reduced.

Accuracy, range, HE value of Sniper Rifle increased. Fire Control 
introduced for all snipers. So now ones are not such useless units.

Accuracy of Semi Auto Rifle reduced.

Introduced 300mm Rocket and established at new Katusha BM-31.
Introduced 132mm Rockets and established at new Il-2M3 Shturmovik.
HE penetration and HE Value reduced for Soviet 82mm Rocket.

MG removed from the Soviet Jeep.

Italian 90mm gun can really shot to planes now.

Finnish bomber changed from Stuka to Blenheim.

Number of men equaled to 10 for all of Infantry, Cavalry, Bunkers;
to 13 for Forts.
Ammoloads reduced for all of early Soviet infantry.
ST ATR team got SMG instead of pistol.
All Engineers got MGs instead of hand grenades.

		 THANKS to Vadim, Silvio, Taki !
		SPECIAL THANKS to Nicholas Bell !

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