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Soviet 76-mm ZIS-3 cannons in combat

The most dangerous things for our panzers are the Soviet heavy anti-tank guns, which established in all key points of the battlefields. The Russians are the masters of camouflage, therefore it's very hard to locate and neutralize their guns.
Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Luftwaffe, SG2

SIS3 PzKpfw.V
Soviet ZiS-3 and burning Germat Panther tank, 1944.

Russian 76-mm ATG ambushing
Radziecka 76 mm armata dywizyjna wz. 1942 ZiS-3

The Studebaker trucks with the ZiS-3 guns in april 1945.

Russian 76mm gun SIS3 ww2 wartime foto
Russian ZiS-3 and Studebaker 6x4 in Hungary, 1944. WWII photo.

FOTO WW2 WWII Russian 76mm gun SIS3 3 Pomerania Pommern Pomorze
Soviet ZIS-3 cannon with UBR-354P APDS ammo photo 1945 in combat in Pomerania.

Russian 76-mm cannon ww2 foto
Soviet gun in Konigsberg. Wartime picture.

 76   Cannone ZIS.3 artiglieria sovietica
ZiS-3 russe canon divisionnaire 76,2 mm, utilise par l'Armee rouge pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.
Cannone ZIS.3 artiglieria sovietica.

Sovetsky 76,2 mm divizni kanon vz. 42 ZIS-3 druhe svetove valky
76-mm SiS-3 russisch Feldkanone mit einem Kaliber von 76,2 mm, Zweiten Weltkriegs
Sovetsky 76,2 mm divizni kanon vz. 42 ZIS-3 druhe svetove valky foto.

Rusca 76-mm tanksavar tumen topu ZiS3
Dodge WC-51 is towing ZIS-3 to Wriesen.
Rusca 76-mm tanksavar tumen topu ZiS3.

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