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Soviet WWII antitank artillery

AT-artillery ww2
Soviet 57-mm antitank gun model 1941 in WW2 photo.

SiS-2 IPTAP cannone arma sovietica Russo Kanon vaben foto
Russian 57-mm ZiS-2 gun model 1941.
SiS-2 Russo Kanon vaben foto.
anti-tank sis2
Photography of Russian soldiers and ZiS-2 AT cannon in Kenigsberg 1945.

Field Artillery

Regimental Guns

Anti-Aircraft Artillery

45-mm Anti-Tank Cannons , 57-mm ZiS-2

76-mm Guns ZIS-3 , ZIS-3 , USV

Anti-Tank Aces

Captured Guns up to 75-mm,over 88-mm

Trophy Mortars

Howitzers of USSSR: 122mm , 152mm

Rocket Launchers

WWII Strategic Artillery

Soviet Mortars

Coastal Guns

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