Definitive list of North Fleet and Pacific submarines.

Sovetska ponorka Scuka, pouzivana ve druhe svetove valce. Soviet Northern fleet submarine of Sch (pike) type
Soviet Northern fleet submarine of Sch (pike) type
Soviet Pacific fleet submarine Sch-114
Soviet Pacific fleet submarine Sch-114
Sovetska ponorka Scuka, pouzivana ve druhe svetove valce

Summary Table:

ShCh class (6 units) 5 losses                  7 ships sunk        
S class ( 21 units)  2 losses                 12 ships sunk      2 ships damaged
L class ( 3 units)  no losses                  3 ships sunk      1 ship damaged
K class (6 units)    5 losses                 19 ships sunk      5 ships damaged
D class (1 unit)     1 loss                           -        
V class (4 units)    1 loss                    3 ships sunk
M class (16 units)   9 losses                  7 ships sunk      1 ship damaged

Total  units 57 with 23 losses with 51 ships sunk, 9 ships damaged;
  The losses-victories result was 2.21

Enemy military ships lost include submarine U-639, minesweeper M-346, (6) patrol ships Vandale, NKi-09, NM-01, NM-21,
V-6112, V-6115, (8) submarine chasers UJ-1108, UJ-1110, UJ-1202, UJ-1209, UJ-1217, UJ-1219, UJ-1220, UJ-1708 sunk 
and minesweeper M-22 damaged.
The hospital ship Birka was also sunk.

Lists of submarines

Shchuka series X

ShCh-401 (lost Apr 1942 mine)
23/Apr/42 sunk Norwegian merchant Stensaas (1359 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of ammunitions.
ShCh-402 (lost Sept 1944 by mines)
Received both the Order of the Red Banner and the Guards Badge
17/Oct/41 sunk Norwegian merchant Vesteraalen (682 GRT) torpedo. Had cargo and passengers (38 killed)
27/Feb/42 sunk German patrol ship NM-01/Vandale (392 GRT) torpedo
ShCh-403 (lost Oct 1943 mine) Received the Order of the Red Banners.
22/Dec/41 while missing a merchant, a torpedo run on the shore exploding and damaging a German observation tower.
ShCh-404 Received the Order of the Red Banner
1/Apr/42 sunk German merchant Michael (2793 GRT) torpedo. Cargo with iron ore.
ShCh-421 (lost 9 Apr 1942 sunk by Soviet submarine K-22, to prevent the capture. Despite being damaged by mine, she managed to move from the dangerous location with a sail done with engine canvas cloth, then she was located and crew rescued by K-22 that later torpedoed the ShCh-421)
Received the Order of the Red Banner
5/Feb/42 sunk German merchant Konsul Schulte (2975 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of prefabricated wooden barracks.
ShCh-422 (lost Jul 1943 mine or possibly by seaplane) Received the Guards Badge
12/Sept/41 sunk Norwegian merchant Ottar Jarl (1459 GRT) torpedo and hit with unexploded torpedo that same day the Norwegian merchant Tanahorn (336 GRT) (according some sources was lightly damaged)
26/Jan/42 sunk Norwegian motorboat F-3G Borge (10 GTR) boarded and sunk with gunfire.
ShCh-424 (lost 20 Oct 1939 rammed for accident by Soviet patrol boat RT-43 before the war)

Stalinist series IXbis

S-51 from Pacific Ocean through Panama Channel and Atlantic to reinforce the Norths Fleet. Received the Order of Red Flag
3/Sept/43 sunk German submarine-chaser UJ-1202/Franz Dankworth (464 GRT) torpedo

S-54 (lost Mar 1944 mine) from Pacific Ocean through Panama Channel and Atlantic to reinforce the Norths Fleet.
S-55 (lost Dec 1943 mine) from Pacific Ocean through Panama Channel and Atlantic to reinforce the Norths Fleet.
29/Apr/43 sunk German merchant Sturzsee (708 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of iron ore.
12/Oct/43 sunk German merchant Ammerland (5381 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 865tons of forage, 538tons of oats, 600tons of hay, 361tons of food.
8/Dec/43 should have been the sub. responsible for unexploded torpedo hit on Norwegian merchant Valerie (1016 GRT)
S-56 from Pacific Ocean through Panama Channel and Atlantic to reinforce the Norths Fleet. Had 5 victories, was the third best submarine in Arctic and received both the Oder of the Red Banner and the Guards Badge
17/May/43 sunk German tanker Eurostadt (1118 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 1.280tons of fuel
and damaged German merchant Wartheland (3678 GRT) with unexploded torpedo during the same attack. Its considered the only multiple torpedoes-launched attack by a Soviet submarine that scored hit on 2 different targets.
17/Jul/43 sunk German minesweeper M-346 (551 tons) torpedo
19/Jul/43 sunk German patrol ship NKi 09 / Alane (466 GRT) torpedo
28/Jan/44 sunk German merchant Heinrich Schulte (5056 GRT) torpedo. No cargo
S-101 Received the Order of the Red Banner
29/Mar/43 sunk German merchant Ajax (2297 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 538tons of oats and 349tons of straw.
28/Aug/43 sunk German submarine U-639 (769 GRT) torpedo
S-102 21/Oct/40 Finnish steamer Astrid (602 GTR) rammed by accident, there was no war. Cargo of salt.
14/Jan/42 sunk German merchant Türkheim (1904 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of iron ore.

Stalinist series IXbisII

S-14 20/Oct/44 may have sunk with torpedo an unnamed Norwegian fishing boat. (there are no records remained to confirm or deny)
S-15 24/Aug/44 damaged German merchant Dessau (5933 GRT) torpedo. There was no cargo. Actually Germans didnt repair her during the war.
S-16,S-17,S-18,S-19,S-20,S-21,S-22,S-23,S-24,S-25,S-26 (not operative unitsor operative only for few time at the end)

S-104 Received the Order of the Red Banner
20/Jun/44 sunk German submarine-chaser UJ-1209 Kuj-XXI (542 GRT) torpedo
12/Oct/44 sunk German merchant Lumme (1730 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 950tons of prefabricated barracks.

Leninist series XIII

L-15 from Pacific Ocean through Panama Channel and Atlantic to reinforce the Norths Fleet.
4/Oct/43 a mine from submarine could have sunk the German submarine hunter UJ-1214/Rau V (354 GRT), but that could also have been a German mine.

Leninist series XIIIbis

L-20 1/Jan/43 sunk German merchant Muansa (5472 GRT) torpedo.Cargo of 65 motor vehicles.
1/Feb/43 sunk German merchant Othmarschen (7077 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 2.070 tons of food.
L-22 Received the Order of the Red Banner
1/Jun/43 sunk German military hospital ship Birka (1000 GRT) mine, 105 wounded soldiers killed.
1/Sep/43 badly damaged German merchant Rüdesheimer (2036 GRT) torpedo. Ship didnt sunk and run aground because of cargo of timber. Not repaired until the end of the war.
28/Dec/43 a mine from submarine could have sunk the German auxiliary minesweeper R-64, but that could also have been a German mine.

Katyusha series XIV

K-1 (lost Sep 1943 unknown cause) Scored the good result of 8 victories, second best submarine of North Fleet.
8/Nov/41 sunk German merchant Flottbek (1930 GRT) mine. Military cargo.
26/Dec/41 sunk Norwegian merchant Kong Ring (1994 GRT) mine. 257 German soldiers carried were killed.
8/Apr/42 sunk German merchant Kurzsee (754 GRT) mine. Cargo of food.
23/May/42 sunk German merchant Asuncion (4626 GRT) mine. Cargo of 2.454 tons of food.
12/Sept/42 sunk German merchant Robert Bornhofen (6643 GRT) mine. Cargo of coal.
6/Dec/42 sunk German patrol ship NM-01 (350 GRT) mine
and sunk German patrol ship NM-21 (304 GRT) mine the same day
17/Feb/43 damaged merchant Moltkefels (7863 GTR) mine. Carried soviet prisoners, no losses.
K-2 (lost Sep 1942 mine)
K-3 (lost 21 Mar 1943 sunk by German submarine-chasers UJ-1102,UJ-1106 and UJ-1111)
Had collected 4 victories before her sinking.
3/Dec/41 sunk German submarine-chaser UJ-1708 Faroeer (470 GTR) gunfire Submarine had engaged in surface battle three enemy ships, the other two escaped after Faroer was sunk.
30/Jan/42 sunk Norwegian merchant Ingoy (327 GTR) mine. Cargo of post.
5/Feb/43 sunk German submarine hunter UJ-1108 Elbe (462 GTR) torpedo
12/Feb/43 destroyed German merchant Fechenheim (8116 GTR) torpedo missed but run aground. Towed in Germany and not repaired.
K-21 The second best submarine of the North Fleet, had 7 victories, received the Order of the Red Banner.
21/Nov/41 sunk Norwegian merchant Bessheim (1774 GRT) mine. Carried troops but only 8 KIA.
21/Jan/42 sunk Norwegian motorboat F-223N Ingoy (15 GRT) gunfire.
5/Jul/42 The best-known attack of the submarine. During the Convoy PQ-17 the British Navy abandoned the convoy of merchants, leaving alone the unarmed ships. German submarines and air attacks nearly destroyed the convoy and a powerful German group formed by the heavy cruisers Admiral Scheer and Admiral Hipper, the destroyers Z-6,Z-10,Z-14,Z-20,Z-24,Z-27,Z-28,Z-29,Z-30 and the torpedo boats T-7,T-15 headed by the powerful battleship Tirpitz (sister-ship of the Bismarck) sailed to attack the convoy. The K-21 faced alone the formidable group, launching four torpedoes.Commander Lunin believed to have scored an hit and the German group later turned back without attacking the convoy. The actual results of the attack has been debated and it will be debated for years, however the K-21 achieved a big moral success and its story became well-known in Soviet Union and the submarine and commander were highly praised by the Allied.

K-21 danneggia nave da battaglia Tirpitz *
K-21 danneggia nave da battaglia Tirpitz. .
According some sources, this aerial photo of the Tirpitz should show the aftermath of the attack.

Western and German sources (and some of the modern Russian sources), states that the K-21 attack was a failure, on contrary of Soviet and some of Russian sources.The final words over the debate will probably never given: it's true that lacks German documents describing the attack, and Germans stated they retreated in fear of still naval British presence. However some details remains true, as the fact that Gestapo tracked and killed the commander Lunin's father for revenge. Reguardless the true results of the attack, the most oustanding result was however a big moral and propaganda victory: the attack was highly praised both by the Soviet and by the Allied press. The moral effects gained were alone a considerable result, in time of war.

9/Jul/42 sunk German submarine hunter UJ-1110 (527 GTR) with mine. Also carried troop: among them 21 KIA (excluding crew)
20/Feb/43 launched torpedoes against the Lopphavet harbor, listening explosions. Future POWs (took on 12 April) reported that some small moored motorboats were destroyed by a mysterious explosion, possibly the torpedoes. However this claim lack of other confirmations..
12/Apr/43 sunk Norwegian motorboat Froy(40 GRT) gunfire

also boarded the Norwegian motorboat Skrein (70 GRT). Crew was POW, motorboat was abandoned and later recovered by Germans.
and badly damaged Norwegian motor boats Havegga, Barren and Oeistein with gunfire during the same attack
K-22 (lost 7 Feb 1943 mine ) Received the Guards Badge.
11/Dec/41 sunk Norwegian motorboat T-29SA Alphar (15 GRT) gunfire
and sunk Norwegian motorboat F-76G Borgar (15 GRT) gunfire (Alphar was towing Borgar, carrying fuel).
19/Jan/42 sunk Norwegian trawler/tug Vaaland (106 GRT) gunfire. General cargo.
and shelled during the same attack the wrecks of merchants Andromeda and Mimona: both were already considered lost, but according some sources, Mimona still had cargo inside (military coats).
K-23(lost 12 May 1942 sunk by German submarine-chaser UJ-1109 or Ju-88 bomber)
5/Nov/41 badly damaged German minesweeper M-22 (685 GRT) mine.
26/Nov/41 attacked Norwegian trawler Start with gunfire. 7 sailors wounded.
19/Jan/42 sunk Norwegian merchant Sørøy (506 GTR) gunfire and torpedo. Packed cargo.

Dekabrist series I

D-1 (lost 13 Nov 1940 accident, before the war, unrelated with Winter War)
D-3 (lost Jun 1942 mine).
12/Aug/41 claim to have shot down a Me-110C aircraft, Germans admitted the loss but its not fully clear if submarine was responsible.
Officially scored a number of sinking (from 6 to 8) and received both the Order of the Red Banner and the Guards Badge. However all the attacks were carried in 1941/early 1942 and enemy claim that none ship was sunk or damaged by D-3 actions, despite the submarine received much credits on Soviet Navy at the time.

ex-British Sunfish

V-1 (lost 27 Jul 1944 British air attack, friendly fire) ex-British submarine, lend-leased by the allied.

ex-Britsh Unbroken and Unison

V-2 ex-British submarine, lend-leased by the allied
12/Oct/44 sunk German submarine-chaser UJ-1220 Zeebrugge (830 GRT) with torpedo.
V-3 ex-British submarine, lend-leased by the allied.

ex-british Ursula

V-4 ex-British submarine, lend-leased by the allied
18/Oct/44 sunk an unknown ship (perhaps Norwegian) of small size. It was not included in German loss lists due the retreat but the sinking was clearly witnessed by crew of submarine that surfaced, with explosion and sinking of the target. (Its the only case when a Soviet claim on an unknown ship sunk by submarine without German confirmation that is accepted by modern authors due the exceptional nature of the event).
20/Oct/44 sunk German submarine-chaser UJ-1219 Kuj-I (830 GRT) with torpedo.

Malyutka series XII

M-106 (lost 5 Jul 1943 rammed by submarine chaser UJ-1217/Star XXII)
M-107 11/Sept/43 sunk German submarine-chaser UJ-1217/Star XXII (303 GRT) torpedo. (Took revenge for the M-106)
M-108 (lost 28 Feb 1944 mine)
M-121 (lost Nov 1942 mine)
M-122 (lost 14 May 1943 German fighter-bombers)
16/Mar/43 sunk German merchant Johannisberger (4467 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 2.042tons of coal and 60 tons of tar.
M-171 Received the Guards Badge
29/Apr/42 destroyed German merchant Curityba (4969 GRT) torpedo. The ship was carrying iron ore.
were also lost small minesweepers M-5403 and M-5407 carried on the merchant (both minesweepers were locally built boats, there is some lack of data but their loss is almost certain).
29/Jan/43 damaged German merchant Ilona Siemers (3245 GRT) torpedo. The merchant was never again operative because in Germany was further damaged by American aircrafts.
31/Mar/43 collided against a Norwegian motorboat while surfacing. Unclear event.
M-172 (lost Oct 1943 mine) Received both the Order of Red Banner and the Guards Badge
1/Feb/43 sunk German patrol ship V-6115/Ostwind (560 GRT) torpedo.
M-173 (lost Aug 1942 mine)
22/Apr/42 sunk German merchant Blankenese (3236 GRT) torpedo. No cargo.
M-174 (lost Oct 1943 mine) Received the Guards Badge
21/Dec/41 sunk German merchant Emshörn (4301 GRT) torpedo.

Cargo of 3.500tons prefabricated wooden barracks.
M-175 (lost 10 Jan 1942 sunk by German submarine U-584)
M-176 (lost Jul 1942 mine)

Malyutka series XV

M-200 (lost 21 Nov 1956 accident after the war )
M-201 19/Aug/44 sunk German patrol ship V-6112 / Friese (452 GRT) torpedo


(Only very few submarine saw action in last days of war in 1945)

Summary Table:

ShCh class ( 37units) no losses 1 victory
S class ( 2 units) no losses no successes
L class ( 11 units) 1 lost 2 victories + 1 damaged
M class ( 28 units) no losses no successes

Total 78 units with 1 loss with 3 ships sunk and 1 damaged.
The losses-victories result was 3.

Enemy military ships lost include only the large auxiliary gunship (Shinko Maru n2) that was damaged The other victims were 3 units: a merchant, a cable-layer and a motorboat sunk .

Lists of submarines

Shchuka Series V

ShCh-102 in 1938 seized what seemed to be a Japanese trawler but was found to carry mines. Few detail of this event.
ShCh-103 (lost 4 Nov 1935 accident before the War)

Shchuka series Vbis

ShCh-117 (lost 15 Dec 1952 accident after the War)

Shchuka series VbisII


Shchuka series X

ShCh-126 21/Aug/45 sunk a Japanese motorboat with gunfire.

Shchuka series Xbis

ShCh-138 (lost 18 Jul 1942 accident, detonation of a torpedo. Before hostilities with Japan)

Stalinist series IXbis


Leninist series XI

22/Aug/45 sunk Japanese cable-layer Ogasawara Maru (1456 GRT) torpedo. (375 killed on the ship).

Leninist series XIII

L-16 (lost 11 Oct 1942 sunk by Japanese submarine I-15 near the American coasts. Before hostilities with Japan)

L-19 (lost 23 Aug 1945 mine) The only soviet submarine in Pacific lost during wartime against Japan. Was also the best Soviet submarine in the Pacific with 2 victories
22/Aug/45 damaged Japanese auxiliary gunship Shinko Maru No.2 (2578 GRT) torpedo (533 killed on the ship) and sunk Japanese merchant Taito Maru (887 GRT) torpedo the same day (780 killed on the ship) (the targets carried both civilians and military).

Malyutka series VI


Malyutka series VIbis


Malyutka series XII

M-49(lost Aug 1941 mine before hostilities with Japan)
M-63 (lost Aug 1941 mine before hostilities with Japan)

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