Definitive list of Baltic Fleet submarines

  -403    j
Soviet Baltic fleet Submarine Shch-403 (type Shch seria X).
-403 j.

Onderzeeboot Sch-301 foto
Soviet Baltic fleet Submarine Shch-301 (type Shch seria III). Onderzeeboot.

Lists of Soviet Baltic Fleet submarines successes.

ShCh class (24 units) 16 losses       23 ships sunk      7 ships damaged
S class (13 units)    12 losses       12 ships sunk      5 ships damaged
L class (4 units)      1 loss         16 ships sunk      3 ships damaged
K class (6 units)     no losses        7 ships sunk
D class (1 unit)      no losses        1 ship sunk       1 ship damaged 
P class (3 units)      1 loss          -                
Kalev class (2 units)  1 loss          2 ships sunk      1 ship damaged 
Ronis class (2 units)  2 losses        -                           
M class (22 units)    13 losses        -
B-2 & L-55 (2 units on auxiliary duty ) no losses              -  
Total 79 units with 46 losses with 61 ships sunk, 17 ships damaged. The losses-victories result was 1.32 .
Enemy military ships lost include submarines U-144 and U-367, torpedo boat T-3, T-5, T-34 , auxiliary gunboat LAT-7 and patrol ship V-2022 sunk and were damaged patrol ship Vs-302, landing barge F-188.

Shcuka series III
(lost 28 Aug 1941 mine)
ShCh-302 (lost Oct 1942 mine or Finnish aircraft)
ShCh-303 Received the Guards Badge
20/Jul/42 badly damaged german merchant Aldebaran (7891 GRT) torpedo. Was full of troops but only 3 KIA and 3 WIA.
ShCh-304 (lost Nov 1942 mine)

Shchuka series Vbis
ShCh-305 (lost 5 Nov 1942 rammed by finnish submarine Vetehinen
ShCh-308 (lost 26 Oct 1942 mine)

Shchuka series VbisII
ShCh-306 (lost Nov 1942 mine )
6/Nov/42 sunk German merchant Elbing-9 (467 GTR)
ShCh-307 Received the Order of the Red Banner
10/Aug/41 sunk german submarine U-144 (319 GTR) torpedo
26/Oct/42 sunk finnish merchant Betty H (2478 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of pyrite.

ShCh-309 Received the Guards Badge, also because completed a secret mission
12/Sept/42 sunk finnish merchant Bonden (695 GRT) torpedo
10/Nov/44 sunk german merchant Carl Cords (903 GRT) torpedo
7/Dec/44 sunk german merchant Nordenham (4592 GRT) torpedo
23/Feb/45 sunk german merchant Göttingen (6267 GRT) torpedo. Ship was carrying 1300 soldiers (an hundred killed).
ShCh-310 Received the Order of the Red Banner
30/Sept/42 sunk german merchant Franz Rudolf (1419 GRT) torpedo
8/Oct/44 sunk german transport Ro-24 Zonnewijk (4499 GRT) torpedo. Ship was carrying soldiers: 260 killed.
ShCh-311 (lost Oct 1942 by mines) Received the Order of the Red Banner after the Winter Wars campaign
29/Dec/39 sunk finnish merchant Wilpas (775 GRT) gunfire --- during Winter War
5/Jan/40 sunk swedish merchant Fenris (484 GRT) gunfire --- during Winter War

15/Nov/41 damaged danish merchant Emmanuel (1284 GRT) gunfire

Shchuka series X
ShCh-317 (lost Jul 1942 finnish minelayer Ruotsinsalmi)
16/Jun/42 sunk finnish merchant Argo (2513 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of potash salt.
18/Jun/42 damaged danish merchant Orion (2405 GRT) torpedo
22/Jun/42 sunk swedish merchant Ada Gorthon (2399 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of 4000 tons of iron ore.
8/Jul/42 sunk german merchant Otto Cords (906 GRT) torpedo
10/Jul/42 Swedish schooner Hannah (96 GRT) with a cargo of sand was lost and it is possible that she was sunk after a collision with the submarine (accidental or voluntary).
ShCh-318 4/Feb/45 sunk german tanker Hiddensee (643 GRT) torpedo
10/Feb/45 collided against an enemy merchant. Submarine got some damages, unclear the identity of the merchant and her damages.
ShCh-319 (lost Sep 1941 mine)
ShCh-320 (lost Oct 1942 mine) Received the Order of the Red Banner
5/Jul/42 sunk german merchant Anna Katrin Fritzen (677 BRT) torpedo
ShCh-322 (lost Oct 1941 mine)
10/Dec/39 sunk german merchant Reinbeck (2804 GRT) torpedo --- during Winter War
12/Dec/39 badly damaged german merchant Helga Böge (2181 GRT) gunfire --- during Winter War
ShCh-323 (lost 1 May 1943 mine ) received the Order of the Red Banner
5/Dec/39 damaged German merchant Oliva (1308 GRT) with gunfire --- during Winter War.
10/Dec/39 sunk estonian merchant Kassari (379 GRT) gunfire --- during Winter War.
16/Oct/41 sunk German merchant Baltenland (3784 GTR) torpedo. Cargo of lumber.
ShCh-324 (lost Nov 1941 mine) Received the Order of the Red Banner after the Winter Wars campaign
13/Jan/40 Finnish escort ship Aura-II was sunk after explosion while launching depth charges against submarine. Soviet sources actually claimed submarine surfaced and opened fire: the event its still unclear. during Winter War.

Shchuka series Xbis
(lost 13 or 14 Jun 1942 mine)
ShCh-406 (lost 1 Jun 1943 german minesweepers M-3104 and M-3109) Received the Order of the Red Banner
8/Jul/42 badly damaged german merchant Fides (581 GRT) torpedo. Carried a cargo of wood.
29/Oct/42 sunk swedish merchant Bengt Sture (872 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of coal. 7 POW.
1/Nov/42 sunk finnish merchant Agnes (2983 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of coke coal.
ShCh-407 6/Oct/44 sunk German merchant Nordstern(1127 GRT) torpedo. Carried troops. 531 killed.
4/Dec/44 sunk German merchant Seeburg (12181 GRT) torpedo.
ShCh-408 (lost 26 May 1943 german patrol boats or maybe by Finnish minelayer Riilahti)
22/May/43 damaged German armed barge F-188 (155 GRT) gunfire
ShCh-411 and ShCh-412 completed only in 1944 and 1945, inactive.

Stalinist series IX
S-1 (lost 23 Jun 1941 self-destruction ) Received the Order of the Red Banner after the Winter War
10/Dec/39 sunk German merchant Bolheim (3324 GTR) gunfire. Cargo of pulp for Finland. --- during Winter War
S-2 (lost 3 Jan 1940 mine) --- during Winter War, due Swedish mine, the only naval loss of Winter War
S-3 (lost 24 Jun 1941 sunk by german motor torpedo boats S-60 and S-35, after a gunfire battle.)
24/Jun/41 German motor torpedo boat S-35 suffered 4 wounded during gunfight.

Stalinist series IXbis
S-4 (lost 7 Jan 1945 sunk by german torpedo boat T-3)
12/Oct/44 sunk german merchant Taunus (218 BRT) torpedo
13/Oct/44 sunk german tanker Terra (1533 BRT) torpedo
S-5 (lost 28 Aug 1941mine)
S-6 (lost Aug 1941 mine)
S-7 (lost 21 Oct 1942 sunk by finnish submarine Vesihiisi)
9/Jul/42 sunk sweedish merchant Margareta (1272 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of coal.
11/Jul/42 sunk sweedish merchant Luleå (5611 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of iron ore.
27/Jul/42 has been reported that submarine missed German merchant Ellen Larsen (1938 GRT) but she ran aground and was damaged. 30/Jul/42 sunk german merchant Käthe (1599 GRT) torpedo. General cargo.
5/Aug/42 sunk german merchant Pojanlahti (682 GRT) gunfire. Cargo of potatoes. 2 POW.
S-8 (lost Oct 1941 mine)
(lost Aug 1943 mine)
27/Sept/42 badly damaged german tanker Mittelmeer(6370 BRT) torpedo. 42tons of gasoline lost.
28/Sept/42 badly damaged german merchant Hörnum (1467 BRT) gunfire
S-10 (lost 28 Jun 1941 mine)
S-11 (lost 2 Aug 1941 mine)
S-12 (lost 1 Aug 1943 mine)
21/Oct/42 badly damaged German merchant Sabine Howald (5956 GRT) torpedo
27/Oct/42 forced to run aground german merchant Malgache (6903 GRT) torpedo
S-13 The submarine had a total of 6 victories, and received the Order of the Red Banner
11/Sept/42 sunk finnish merchant Hera (1379 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of coal.
12/Sept/42 sunk finnish merchant Jussi H. (2325 GRT) torpedo. General cargo.
18/Sept/42 sunk dutch merchant Anna W. (290 GRT) gunfire
9/Oct/44 badly damaged german merchant Siegfried (563 GRT) gunfire
30/Jan/45 sunk german transport ship Wilhelm Gustloff (25484 GRT) torpedo. Largest ever human loss for a ships sinking in history. Ship carried 10600 persons (including almost 9000 civilians, the rest were soldiers including almost 1000 submariners). Up 9400 persons died with the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff.
10/Feb/45 sunk german transport ship General Steuben (14660 GRT) torpedo. Ship carried 4300 persons (including 800 civilians): 3800 died.

Leninist series II
L-1 (decommissioned in August 1941)
L-2 (lost 14 Nov 1941 mine)
L-3 The best ever Soviet submarine with 10 victories (and possibility of other two), received the Guards Badge.
18/Aug/42 sunk sweedish merchant C.F. Liljevalch (5513 GRT) torpedo. Cargo of iron ore.
28/Aug/42 sunk german trawler Walter (177 GRT) mine
17/Nov/42 sunk german merchant Hindenburg (7880 GRT) mine. Cargo of 36 vehicles and 1000 Soviet POWs (6 of them killed).
30/Nov/42 sunk German merchant Dirschau (762 GRT) mine (wreck never found, but remains located in proper position)
9/Dec/42 sunk german merchant Edith Bosselmann (952 GRT) mine
5/Feb/43 its possible that German merchant Tristan (1701 GRT) was sunk on submarines mine, or by storm.
6/Feb/43 its possible that German merchant Grundzee (866 GRT) was sunk on submarines mine, or by storm.
14/Nov/44 badly damaged german sailing training-ship Albert Leo Schlageter (3655 GRT) mine
20/Nov/44 sunk german torpedo boat T-34 (1754 GTR) with mine
29/Jan/45 sunk german merchant Henry Lütgens (1141 GRT) mine
17/Apr/45 sunk german transport ship Goya (5230 GRT) torpedo. Ship carried at least 6100 persons (but possibly more unregistered): at least 1500 soldiers, 385 wounded soldiers and 3500 civilians died.
19/Apr/45 sunk german minesweeping motor-launch by torpedo. (Boat was one of the launches assigned to vessel MRS-11: she was on the path of the torpedo that was aiming at the larger ship and was destroyed).

Leninist series XIIImod
L-21 Second best submarine in Baltic, with 9 victories
23/Nov/44 damaged german merchant Eichberg (1923 GRT) mine
24/Nov/44 sunk danish merchant Elie (1873 GRT) mine
and sunk sweedish merchant Hansa (563 GRT) torpedo the same day. 83 people died.
and damaged German patrol ship Vs-302 (563 GTR) mine the same day
14/Mar/45 sunk german torpedo boat T-3 (1088 GTR) mine
and sunk german torpedo boat T-5(1088 GTR) mine the same day
16/Mar/45 sunk german submarine U-367 (769 GTR) mine
22/Mar/45 sunk german patrol ship V-2022/E Colzmann(581 GRT) torpedo
25/Mar/45 sunk german gunboat LAT-7 Gretel (105 GRT) torpedo

Katyusha series XIV

28/Nov/44 sunk German trawler Solling (260 GTR) gunfire
1/Dec/44 sunk German trawler Saar (235 GTR) gunfire
28/Jan/45 sunk Danish merchant Viborg (2028 BRT) torpedo
Received the Order of the Red Banner
17/Mar/45 sunk german merchant Margarethe Cords (1912 GRT) torpedo
K-54 not in service
26/Dec/44 sunk german merchant Baltenland (3038 GRT) torpedo
29/Dec/44 sunk swedish merchant Vanersborg (1046 GRT) torpedo
11/Apr/45 sunk swedish schooner Ramona (57 GRT) gunfire


Dekabrist series I
14/Oct/42 sunk german merchant Jacobus Fritzen (4090 GRT) torpedo
19/Oct/42 badly damaged ferry ship Deutschland (2972 GRT) torpedo. Carried Norwegian paramilitary soldiers, 24 dead and 29 wounded, maybe killed also the Norwegian minister of propaganda.

Kalev series
(lost Nov 1941 mine)
Lembit Nicknamed the Immortal Submarine, received the Order of the Red Banner.
14/Sept/42 damaged german merchant Finnland (5281 GRT) torpedo
13/Oct/44 sunk german merchant Hilma Lau (2414 GRT) with 2 torpedoes
24/Nov/44 sunk german trawler Spreeufer (216 GRT) mine

Ronis series
Ronis (lost 23 Jun 1941 self-destroyed)
Spidola (lost 23 Jun 1941 self-destroyed)

Pravda series IV
P-1 (lost Sept 1941 mine)
P-2 and P-3 used as transports and for training

WWI era
old veteran of the Revolution (had sunk the British destroyer Victoria). Used to recharge batteries
L-55 old sunk and later recovered british submarine of WWI. Used to recharge batteries.

Malyutka series VImod
(lost 23 Jun 1941 self-destroyed)
M-72 M-73 decommissioned and in reserve already in 1942
M-74 (lost 23 Sep 1941 german air attack)
M-75 M-76 decommissioned and in reserve already in 1942
M-77 transferred in Ladoga Lake
M-78 (lost 23 Jun 1941 sunk by german submarine U-144)
M-79 transferred in Ladoga Lake
M-80 (lost 24 Jun 1941 self-destroyed)
M-81 (lost 1 Jul 1941 mine)
M-83 (lost 27 Jun 1941 self-destroyed)

Malyutka series XII

M-92 experimental submarine
M-94 (lost 21 Jul 1941 sunk by german submarine U-140)
M-95 (lost Jun 1942 mine)
M-96 (lost 8 Sep 1944 mine)
M-97 (lost 2 Sept 1942 sunk by finnish patrol boats VMV-1 and VMV-2)
M-98 (lost 15 Nov 1941 mine)
M-99 (lost 27 Jun 1941 sunk by german submarine U-149)
M-103 (lost Aug 1941 mine)

German merchant schooner Fides damaged by the torpedo of submarine ShCh-406

The large transport Wilhelm Gustloff is sinking after the hits of the S-13's torpedoes. Despite the large number of civilians losses, the target was legitimate (she was not hospital ship, was armed and officially used to transporting troops).

The German merchant Gottingen sunk after the torpedo attack of the Soviet submarine ShCh-309.

The German merchant Nordenham is sinking after the torpedo attack of the submarine ShCh-309.

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