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Grigorovich Flying Boats

The pusher biplanes (designed by Grigorovich and produced at Schetinin's factory, made of wood and fabric) were to capable of operating both at seas and rivers alike and were used in world war I and Russian civil war. These flying boats were armed with a turreted machinegun and bombs; some M-9 were outfitted with the 37mm gun. The M-11 flying boats were the 1-seater fighters, armed with a fixed MG and partially armoured (4-6 mm). The M-15 was the winter flying boats, it could be mounted on the skis. The M-16 was the hydroplane.

Specifications of WW1 Russian Flying Boats
nameyearbuiltenginecrewempty weightready weight max speedclimb to 1kmclimb to 2kmceilingflight time
M-51915~ 200100 hp2660 kg960 kg 105 kmph9.9 min25.5 min3300 m4 hours
M-201916~ 80125 hp660 kg960 kg 115 kmph9 min22 min3500 m4 hours
M-91915~ 500140 hp3 1060 kg1610 kg105 kmph13 min35 min3000 m5 hours
1916150 hp 1060 kg1540 kg110 kmph12 min30 min3000 m3.5 hours
M-11191661110 hp1676 kg926 kg 148 kmph11 min25 min3000 m2.7 hours
M-1219162620 kg870 kg 140 kmph6 min12 min4000 m2.7 hours
M-15191654140 hp2840 kg1320 kg 125 kmph8.5 min20 min3500 m5.5 hours
M-171917150 hp
M-16191640150 hp21100 kg1450 kg 110 kmph15 min4 hours

WW1 foto Rosyjski wodnosamolot latajacych lodzi M-5 Grigorovich
Grigorovich M-5 flying boat. WW1 foto.

Russian M5 flyingboat
The M-5 flying boats. Click to enlarge the picture.

Russia WW1 foto Grigorovic
The M-9bis flying boat.

Russische watervliegtuig vliegende boot m9
The M-9 armed with Maxim machinegun. WWI photo.

na Ruise ag eitilt bad m9  World War I
The M-9 armed with Lewis machinegun.

M9 fliing but 37-mm gun Specifications of WW1 Russian Flying Boats
The M-9 armed with 37-mm Hochkiss cannon.

M12 flying boat. pusher biplanes (designed by Grigorovic and produced at Shetinin's factory, made of wood and fabric)
Grigorovich M-12 flying boat.

foto M.11 hidroaviao russo voando barco
The M-11 flying boat (2-seater variant).
photo M11 hidroavion ruso
The M-11 flying boat (ski variant).

ww1 foto M15 russo idrovolante
Grigorovich M-15 military flying boat.

wwi M16 Rosyjski wodnosamolot latajacych lodzi
Grigorovich M-16 hydroplane.

Russian hydroairplanes of WWI
Russian hydroairplanes of WWI.

The photos presented by Sergey "Corsair" Efimov

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