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Vickers FB.19 fighters in Russia

FB.19 - the one-strutterd biplane fighter, with relatively short fuselage. The pilot had poor observe. Armed with one sincronized Vickers machinegun. About 20-30 Vickers fighters were sent to Russia and used there in WWI and Civilian war.
  Wingspan 7,32 m ;  Lenght 5,53 m 
  Empty weight 405 kg ;   Ready weight 670 kg
  Max speed 160 kmph (with an enigne 100 hp) ;  
  Max speed 175 kmph (with an enigne 110 hp) ;  
  Max speed 190 kmph (with an enigne 130 hp) ;  
  Cuise speed 128 kmph
Climb time:
1 km : 2 min   
2 km : 4 min 30 sec  
3 km : 7 min 50 sec  
Ceiling 5 km
Endurance 3 hr

one-strutterd biplane fighter FB19
Aviones rusos Vickers FB-19

Soviet airplanes Vickers FB-19 and Farmans.

Ловачки авион FB-19
Russian Vickers FB.19 fighter (аrmament one Vickers gun) - color scheme by A. Kazakov

Orrustuflugvel FB19 ruso
Vickers FB.19 skied warplane

Orrustuflugvel Vickers FB19 ruso
Russian Vickers FB19 fighter

aviones rusos Vickers FB-19
Russische jager Vickers FB.19

Russian aviation in WWI and Civilian War

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