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Sopwith fighters in Russia

Specifications of WW1 Sopwith fighters
Engine, hpMaximal speed kmphCrewMachinegunsReady weight, kgCeiling, mRate of climb, m/s
Triplane191613018711 x 7.7-mm Vickers MG7006250
Camel 191713018512 x 7.7-mm Vickers MGs6606400
Snipe 191823019512 x 7.7-mm Vickers MGs9556100

Pesawat pejuang Sopwith Tri-plane
Russian Sopwith Triplane fighter with the national roundels.
Sopwith Triplane Jagarfly
Soviet Sopwith Triplane - so many stars!

Sopwith Camel Caccia ariupranu
Red forces Sopwith Camel fighter with the winged scull paint

White Russian Sopwith Camel fighter
White forces Sopwith Camel fighter with the white stripe

Jachtvliegtuig Sopwith Snipe foto Snipe Sopwith fighter
Soviet Sopwith Snipe of Sapozhnikov ace
Snipe Sopwith Stihacie lietadlo

Pesawat pejuang, Jachtvliegtuig Tri-plane, Caccia (ariupranu), Jagarfly, Stihacie lietadlo, foto

Sopwith bombers

Russian aviation in WWI and Civilian War

WW1 Aces of Russian Empire

War is Over - 1st page

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