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SPAD aircrafts in Russia

Bought from Francebuilt in RussiaEngine, hpMaximal speed kmphCrewMachinegunsReady weight, kg
SPAD A.257508011221815
SPAD A.410611013521860
SPAD VIIquantity100140/150185/19511775/795
SPAD XIIIfew-20020812920

SPAD A series two-seater tractor biplane had a detachable nacelle in front of the engine and propeller which was folded down, out of the way, to start the engine. In the air, an observer armed with a flexible machinegun occupied the nacelle and was protected from the propeller by a wire mesh screen. Visibility from pilot's cockpit behind the engine was hampered by the observer's nacelle and made landing difficult.
photo Russian warplane SPAD A.4
Chian-tau-ki SPAD A.II
Russian warplane SPAD A2 photo of WWI

Chian-tau-ki S.P.A.D.-A Jaktflygplan, May bay tiem kich.

WW1 foto Aviao militar russo SPAD A
Aviao militar russo SPAD A, foto
Russische Militarflugzeuge S.P.A.D.-A
Russian warplane SPAD A-series World War I
Russian warplane SPAD A-series in WW1
Orosz katonai repulogep SPAD-A

Russian and Soviet aviation in WW1 and Civilian War

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