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SPAD fighters in Russia

Bought from Francebuilt in RussiaEngine, hpMaximal speed kmphCrewMachinegunsReady weight, kg
SPAD A.II57508011221815
SPAD A.IV10611013521860
SPAD VIIquantity100140/150185/19511775/795
SPAD XIIIfew-20020812920

The fast and durable SPAD 7 became the best Russian fighter of 1916. As well as A.2/A.4, it was produced in Russia under license.

Russian SPAD 7 comet foto ww1
Avci uzagi S.P.A.D.-VII Avion de vanatoare

Soviet S.P.A.D. VII naval fighter kitty
Soviet SPAD VII naval fighter "kitty".

Aviones militares sovieticos * world war I and civil war
1st airgroup of Soviet Air Fleet: SPAD (the cocardes repainted), Nieuports (the stars together with French roundels), Sopwith warplanes (British roundels).
Aviones militares sovieticos

SPAD VII fighters frog photo WWI
Soviet SPAD VII fighters (10 IAO) with the painted frog.

Avion de vanatoare SPAD S.VII 2BAG comet
Russian SPAD 7 (2BAG) with the painted comet.

SPAD.VII with the scull and bones - 19KAO
Russian SPAD 7 (19KAO) with the scull and bones

Russian and Soviet aviation in WW1 and Civilian War

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WWI Aces of Russian Empire

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