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SPAD fighters in Russia

Bought from Francebuilt in RussiaEngine, hpMaximal speed kmphCrewMachinegunsReady weight, kg
SPAD A.II57508011221815
SPAD A.IV10611013521860
SPAD VIIquantity100140/150185/19511775/795
SPAD XIIIfew-20020812920

The fast and durable SPAD 7 became the best Russian fighter of 1916. As well as A.2/A.4, it was produced in Russia under license.
SPAD.VII with the scull and bones - 19KAO
Russian SPAD 7 (19KAO) with the scull and bones
SPAD VII fighters frog photo WWI
Soviet SPAD VII fighters (10 IAO) with the painted frog.

Russian SPAD 7 comet foto ww1
Avci uzagi S.P.A.D.-VII Avion de vanatoare

Soviet S.P.A.D. VII naval fighter kitty
Soviet SPAD VII naval fighter "kitty".
Avion de vanatoare SPAD S.VII 2BAG comet
Russian SPAD 7 (2BAG) with the painted comet.

SPAD VII fighter: the Soviet stars together with the French roundels
Soviet SPAD VII fighter: the stars together with the French roundels.

Aviones militares sovieticos * world war I and civil war
1BAG of Soviet Air Fleet: SPAD (the cocardes repainted), Nieuports (the stars together with French roundels), Sopwith warplanes (British roundels).
Aviones militares sovieticos

Russian and Soviet aviation in WW1 and Civilian War

War is Over - 1st page

WWI Aces of Russian Empire

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