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Soviet Armoured Tractors

Specifications of Soviet armored tracktors
Produced Weight
Crew Armament [Ammo] Speed
EngineArmor , mm
T-20 Komsomoletz , 1937-417 780 3,462 {+6}7,62mm DT [1260] 5050-52 hp7-100
T-26T , 1933-36177 none 31T-26 90-93 hp156

Also some vehicles based at T-34 KV-1S tanks without the turrets were used.

Built Weight
Crew Armament Speed, kmphRange, kmEngineArmor, mm
HTZ-16 (T-16) , 1941142 8,6345-mm + 7,62-mm 17911961SHTZ-NATI 58 hp3013,5

T20 Komsomolets fue un tractor de artilleria
Belorussian partizans at the T-20, photo 1943.

WW2 foto USSR
The T-20 Komsomolets armored transporter.

WWII photo
Soviet armoured tracktor T-16, wartime picture.

WW2 foto USSR T16
The armored tracktor T-16 of Red army.

WWII photo Russian T-20 Komsomoletz armored transporter in combat. Soviet T-20 Komsomoletz armored tracktor
Soviet T-20 Komsomolets armored transporter.
T/20 Komsomolec ciagnik artyleryjski.
Russe tracteur d'artillerie T.20 Komsomolets.

 trak USSR armored traktor T26T.
Russian T-26T armored transporter foto.
Tahac kanonu rusky T-26T.

War is Over Armored Forces of WWII

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