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The insignias of the Soviet 4th Guards mechanized corps

Drawings by Alexey Stefanov

Main subunits of the 4GMK : 13th, 14th, 15th guards mech brigades, 36th guards tank brigade, 292nd and 352nd SAP, 62nd motorcycle battalion, 740th flak regiment.
4 Muhafizlari Mekanize Kolordusu Gardai 4 Cor meicnithe
Soviet M17 MGMC (marked with the elk image) in Danzig. WW2 foto

marked with the bear profile USSR WWII photo
Soviet SU-85, ZIS-2 and a truck (marked with the bear profile) of 36th Guards tank brigade in Belgrad

BA-64 marked with lizard crocodile sign
WWII photo. Armored car BA-64 (marked with crocodile or lizard sign) in Belgrad.

Russian 62nd separate motorcycle battalion - giraffe sign. GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR
The trophy Opel Blitz of Russian 62nd separate motorcycle battalion - the giraffe sign.

Russian M3A1 Scout Car near Budapest WW2 foto, Red army
Lend-Leased M3A1 Scout Car (the deer mark) of Red army near Budapest WW2 foto.

Russian Shevrole G-7107 WWII photo tactical simbol slon
Russian truck Chevrolet G 7107 marked with the elephant emblem in 1944.

APC UC USSR ww2 photo
Armored transporter Universal Carrier with DshK MG. Insignia of a fox or wolf.
WWII Lend-Lease M-2 APC halftrack marked with a swallow sign is towing ZiS-3 gun in Sofia
Lend-Leased M2 APC halftrack marked with a swallow sign is towing ZiS-3 cannon in Sofia 1944

camouflage slon
4e Guards Gemechaniseerde Korpsen, Gardai 4 Cor meicnithe foto, 4 Muhafizlari Mekanize Kolordusu

The tactical markings of the Soviet armor units World War II tanks

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