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The insignias of the Soviet 2nd Guards tank army

9th tank corps T-34-85 and SU-85:

photo WWII in combat
T-34-85 11 in Berlin.

insignias 2nd Guards tank army USSR
T-34-85 32, 1945.

12th tank corps (T-34-85 and Valentine):
foto WW2

Studebaker US6 (S-78-278, T-0-99-07 I, S-75-277) with the ZiS-3 guns in april 1945.

S-78-671 Bussing-N.A.G 4500
Russian troops on the trophy track Bussing-NAG L4500 in Neuruppin, 1945.

1st mech corps M4A2(76) Sherman:

M4A2 of 1st mech corps in 1945
Russian AFVs in 1945.
M4A2(76) Sherman photo WWII
M4A2 Sherman number 148.

wartime armor picture

-4-2(76)W GPW
42(76)W number 37.

16th tank corps T-34-85:
T3485 tactiques insignes 2 Gardes chars de l'Armee

World war II Red army armor signs and emblems.

The insignias of the Soviet 2nd Guards tank army - the pictures by A. Stefanov

The tactical insignias of the Soviet armor units
World War II tanks

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