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WWII Belgian Armor

Ail Ryfel Byd Armor Gwlad Belg

Belgian Selfpropelled gun T-13
Belgische zelfrijder kanon T.13-B1 Ail Ryfel Byd Armor Gwlad Belg T.13-B2
Belgian Selfpropelled gun T-13
Belgische zelfrijder kanon T13
Hunan Belg yrrir canon T.13
Belge canon automoteur T13

Selfpropelled guns   Produced
  T.13-B I             30
  T.13-B II            20
  T.13-B III          150
Armament: 47-mm ATG C.47 F.R.C. Mod.31 (ammoload = 40 shells) + 7,65-mm MG Fusil-mitrailleur 1930 (FM 30) FN-Browning
Armor: front hull and semiturret = 11 mm; side hull = 9 mm; rear hull = 6 mm; bottom = 3 mm.
Engine: «Meadows» power 55 hp 

  Light tanks                                                 Purchased
T.15 (Vickers Carden-Loyd Mk.VIC armed with 13,2 mm MG)        42
AGC-1 (Renault АМС-35R armed with 47 mm gun + 13,2 mm MG)
Renault FT.17 , FT.18 (mostly in bad condition)                54

Armored carriers
  Renault UE

Char leger T15
Belgian collumn of Vickers-Carden-Loyd T.15 in 1940.
Char leger T15

The SPG captured by the Germans were used as:
char leger T.13-B I, T.13-B II - Panzerjager VA.801(b); char leger T.13-B III - Panzerjager VA.802(b)

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