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Allied aces of War in China and Mongol-Manchurian border

ace Viktor Rakhov
Victor Rahov
ace Sino-Japanese warChin Shui-Tin
USSR Legend:
g =
shared (group, collective) victories
p = personal (indiviual) victories
r = ground victories

18+1r (inc. 5 in Manchuria)Kravchenko Grigory Panteleyevich USSR 22IAP plus 4 in WW2
12 (inc. 11 in Manchuria)Gritsevets Sergey Ivanovich USSR 22IAP plus 30p+7g in Spain
12 (1937..45)Li Kwei-Tan China
11p+3g (Manchuria) Zherdev Nikolay ProkofievichUSSR 70IAP plus 1p in Spain, plus 2p+3g in WW2
11.5 (13?)Neale Robert H. USA AVG
11.33 (1937..41)Liu Chi-Sun (Li Che-Sheng) China 4FG
10.25Hill David Lee USA AVG plus 6 in WW2
11 (1937..45)Liu Tsui-Kan (Lo Chi ?) China
11 (1937..38)Kozachenko Petr Konstantinovich USSR plus 4 in Finland and 8p+12g in WW2
10Burgard George T. USA AVG
10Little Robert L. USA AVG
10.5Reed William N. USA AVG plus 6 in WW2
10.5 (3?)Jernstedt Kenneth A. USA AVG
8McGarry William D. USA AVG
10Older Charles F. USAplus 8.5 in WW2
9p+2g (Manchuria) Noga Mitrofan Petrovich USSR 70IAP plus 18p+1g in WW2
9p (Manchuria)Domov Konstantin USSRplus 7 in Finland and WW2
8p+6g (Manchuria) Rakhov Victor GeorgievichUSSR 22IAP
8p+1g(1937..38) Wong Sun-Shui (Hwang Shing-Yei, Huang Shing-Yui) China 17PS, 29PS
8.9Smith Robert T. USA AVG
7Bond Chales R. USA AVG
7Lawler Frank USA AVG
8.5 (6.5?) (1944..45)Wang Kuang-Fu China
8p+1g (1937..39)Chin Shui-Tin (Chen Jui-Tien) China 28PS, 32PS
8p (Manchuria) Danilov Stepan PavlovichUSSR 56IAP plus 3 in WW2
8Kao Yu-Shin (Kao Yau-Hain) China 4FG
8 (1937..38)Yuan Pao-Kang China
8 (5?) (1944..45)Kuan Tan (Tan Kan) China
7p+23g (Manchuria) Vasilyev F.V.USSR 70IAP
7p+20g (1937..38) Blagoveshensky Alexey Sergeyevich USSRplus 5p+13g in WW2
7 (1939..40)Kokkinaki Konstantin Konstantinovich USSR plus 3p+4g in WW2
7 (1938)Gubenko Anton Alexeyevich USSR
5Bartelt Percy R. USA AVG
4 (7?)Schiel Frank USA AVG
6p+13g (Manchuria) Vorozheykin Arseniy Vasilievich USSR 22IAP plus 46p+1g in WW2
6p+3g (Manchuria) Smirnov Alexander IvanovichUSSR 22IAP plus 10p+11g in WW2
6p+2g (Manchuria) Kalachyov Dmitrij NikolayevichUSSR 22IAP plus 1p in WW2
6.52Rector Edward F. USAplus 3 in WW2
6.33Howard James H. USAplus 6 in WW2
6.29Rossi John R. USA
6Bright John Gilpin USA
6p Suprun Stepan Pavlovich USSRplus 4p in WW2
6p (Manchuria)Zaitsev Alexander Andreyevich USSR plus 5p+3g in Spain, plus 1 in WW2
6 (1937..45)Liu Chung-Wu China
6Chow Ting-Fong China 28PS
6 (1944)Chow Che-Kei China
5p+3g (Manchuria) Trubachenko Vasily PetrovichUSSR 22IAP plus 3 in WW2
5.83Overend Edmund F. USAplus 6 in WW2
5p+2g (1937)Kao Chi-Hang China 4FG
5.5Smith Robert H. USA
5.29Prescott Robert W. USA
5.27Sandell Robert J. USA
5.2Bishop Lewis S. USA
5.2Laughlin C.H. USA
5.08Haywood Thomas C. USA
7 (5?)Newkirk John V. USA AVG
5Bartling William E. AVG
5Weigel George USA
5 (Manchuria)Naydenko Vasily Mikhailovich USSR 22IAP plus 12p+19g in Spain, Finland, WW2
5Alifanov Nikolay Grigorievich USSR plus 4p+1g in WW2
5 (Manchuria)Krasnourchenko Ivan Ivanovich USSR 22IAP plus 3p+16g in WW2
5 (Manchuria)Glazykin Nikolay Georgievich USSR
5 (1937)Chen Chi-Wi China
5 (1937..45)Mao Yin-Chu China
5 (1938)Zhu Jia-Xun China 8PS, 32PS
5 (1937..45)Chu Chin-Hsun China
5 (1944)Tsang Tsi-Lan China
4p+5g (Manchuria) Kutsevalov Timofei Fyodorovich USSR 56IAP
3p+8g (Manchuria) Pyankov Alexander Petrovich USSR 22IAP
4p+6g+4r (Manchuria) Grinev Nikolay VasilievichUSSR 22IAP 27p+g in WW2
3p+5g (1937..38) Wong Pan-Yang (Hwang Pung-Yung) China 17PS , 5FG
3p+4g (Manchuria) Yakimenko Anton Dmitrievich USSRplus 31 in WW2
2p+6g (Manchuria) Skobarihin Vitt FyodorovichUSSRplus 10 in WW2
2p+5g (Manchuria) Zvonarev N.I.USSRWW2

Thanx for info to Alexander Abramov, Allan Magnus and Hakan Gustavsson.
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