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WW2 MachineGuns of Soviet Union
Guards sergeant Minaev Valetin Grigoryevich

Some of the best Soviet machinegunners:

  • Nuradilov Hanpasha - about 920 killed enemies and 7 MGs.
  • Pugaev Stepan Alexandrovich - over 350 killed enemies.
  • Zhezheri Alexander (89th Guards regiment, 7.62mm Maxim) - it's known about 343 killed enemies, 3 MG emplacements.
  • Vedernikov Nikolay Stepanovich (969th rifle regiment) ~300 (including sniper score 41).
  • Minaev Valetin Grigoryevich (8th 9th Guards rifle division) - ~300.
  • Chemodurov Vyacheslav Ivanovich (858th regiment) - about 300 killed enemies.
  • Sinyavin Fyodor Fyodorovich (9th Guards rifle regiment) - 190 killed Germans.
  • Gubin V.F. (46th zenad) - 150 killed Germans, 1 plane, 2 MGs.
  • Junev Alexander Petrovich (2nd Guards airborne regiment) - it's known 153 killed enemies.
  • Namakonov Pyotr Georgievich (152nd rifle regiment) - 150 killed Japaneses.
  • Gluhov Fyodor Dmitrievich (184th Guards regiment) - it's known about approximately 140 killed enemies, 4 destroyed MG emplacements and 1 armored car.
  • Solodov Efim Mihailovich (220th regiment) - it's known about approximately 140 killed enemies, 3 destroyed MG emplacements and 1 pillbox.
  • Bogomolov Nikolay Trofimovich (142nd regiment) - it's known over 130 killed German soldiers.
  • Antonov Vasily Petrovich (271st regiment) - it's known approximately 130 killed enemies.
  • Kolomietz Petr Ivanovich (267th regiment) - it's known approximately 120 killed enemies.
  • Troshin Alexey Vasilievich - it's known about 108 killed enemies.
  • Romanov V.A. (162nd rifle division, 7.62mm Maxim) - it's known about over 100 killed German soldiers.
  • Harchenko M.S. (2nd Leningrad partisan brigade) - over 100 killed enemies.
  • Dohaev Hamali (273rd rfle regiment) - about 100.
  • V.P. Zharkov (262nd Guards regiment, 7.62mm Maxim) - 8 destroyed MG emplacements, and tens of enemies.
  • Baybusunov Solman (7.62mm Maxim) - 7 destroyed MG emplacements, and tens of enemies.
  • Sanochkin S.I.(247th Gards rifle regiment) - over 7 destroyed MG emplacements, and tens of enemies.
  • Cherepahin Sergey Pavlovich - it's known about 5 destroyed MG emplacements and 2 trucks, and tens of enemies.

  • †††††††††If you can add any data on most effective MG-experts, please E-mail me. This list of MG aces is incompleted, because in Soviet army almost weren't statistics about personal victories. In many cases I was forced to use a fragmental sources, so some scores may be actually bigger.
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    Captured MG-34 machinegun Maxim machinegun

    Soviet MachineGuns
    nametypecaliber, mm weight, kgmuzzle speed, m/scapacity max ROF, shot/minpract. ROF, shot/minaim range, m
    Maximheavy7.62 62..66860band 250 (or 500)600250..3002700
    DP-27light7.62 12840clip 47600801500
    DT-29removable from a tank 10.5disk 6380..1251000
    DS-39medium7.62 33855band 250600 / 1200300..3102400
    SG-43medium7.62 40.4800band 250500..700300..3502300
    DShK-38heavy12.7 155830..850band 50550..600803500
    DShK penetrated 16mm armor at 500m by the AP bullets. Also it had the AA mode featured with 1200 shots per minutes rate of fire.

    Attack RKKA supported by DP machine-gun, 1941 Russian heavy DShK machinegun at Dnepr, 1943
    Machineguners with DP and DShK

    Soviet Maxim MG team, 1941 DT team USSR Great Patriotic War machinegunners
    Soviet MG teams with Maxim and DT

    Maxim machinegun in Stalingrad
    Maxim machinegun in Stalingrad
    DP machinegun team ww2 foto frag
    Soviet DP machinegun team.
    Maxim at Willis in 1944
    Maxim MG at Willys jeep

    MG photogallery AA machineguns

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