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The Russian infantry have the good weapons, there are especially many anti-tank facilities: sometimes it looks like every infantryman have an anti-tank rifle or an anti-tank gun. The Russians very skilfully establish these weapons, and it seems like there are no place without ones.
F.W. von Mellenthin, general of Vermaht

Soviet ATR aces:
Wartime picture USSR.
ATR aces of 6th Guards army,
killed 7 tanks each.
The names are unknown.
Pvt. Fyodor G. Startzev - 15 tanks. KIA Jan 1943
Yablonko and Serdyukov together destroyed 22 tanks
Jr.sgt. Ostapenko Dmitry Yakovlevich - 13 tanks
Sgt. Ivan Derevjanko - 10 tanks
Pvt. Ilya Kaplunov (4th Guards rifle regiment) - 9 tanks. KIA 21.12.1942
Pvt. Semen Antipkin - 8 tanks + 1 plane
Ivan Knjazev (310th Guards rifle regiment) - 67 AFVs, MGs, guns and mortars...
Jr.sgt. Petr Boloto (33rd rifle division) - 8 tanks
Sgt. Pavel Bannov (19th tank corps) - 8 tanks [July 1943]
Sgt. Saveliy S. Oboldin (32nd mechanised brigade) - 4 tanks and 4 captured tanks + some tens soldiers [23.12.1944]
Pvt. Ostapenko Ivan Yakovlevich - 7 (8?) tanks
Roman Semyonovich Smischuk - 6 tanks
Mast.sgt. Kadi Abakarovich Abakarov (1054th rifle regiment) - 6 tanks
Pvt. Blinov (98th Guards rifle division) - 6 tanks
Malenkov (95th rifle division) - 6 tanks
Pavel Yershov (24th Guards airbone regiment) - 6 tanks. KIA in Jan. 1944.
Jr.sgt. Ivan Kondratiev (4th Guards airbone brigade) - 4 tanks + 2 armored cars + 3 cars [13-16.11.43]
Pvt. Sabir Ahtyamov (4th Guards motorized brigade) - 4 tanks + 2 APCs + 2 cars [oct. 1944]
Pvt. Vasiliy Kovtun (902nd rifle regiment) - 4 tanks + 1 APC + over 20 MGs + some soldiers
Pvt. Alexander Logunov (490th rifle regiment) - 5 tanks [oct. 1944] + many soldiers
Lt. Shonin (339th rifle regiment) - 4 tanks, 1 plane, 1 ATG, 28 soldiers [.-. 1942].

WWII photo
Pavel Illarionovich Bannov

If you can add any data about most effective AT-experts, please E-mail me. This list of infantry antitank experts is incompleted, because in Soviet army almost weren't statistics about personal victories. In many cases I was forced to use a fragmental sources, so some scores may be actually bigger.
This is the firstATR acesrating in the internet. Before the establishment of my own domen, this site grew up at the free hostings (, then

ATG aces of USSR

Soiveadach frith-umar saighdiuiri le gunna
The anti-tank rifleman aims an air target
Soviet bersenjata senapan antitank tentara dengan senjata PTRS, 1945
Russian PTRS ATR team in Germany, 1945

sovjetiske anti-tank skytter soldater med kanon, 1943
Soviet anti-tank rifle team 1943

Sovetrikjanna gegn tankur hermenn meo andstaeingur
ATR teams, 1944
Sovjet schutters soldaten met anti-tank gun PTRD ATR
Soviet PTRD antitank rifle

ATR in combat in Karelia 1942
WWII photo. sovieticas soldados tire con armas anti-tanque PTRD
Soviet PTRD anti-tank rifle team

WWII anti-tank rifles specification

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