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Voisin warplanes in Russian service

Russian bult Voisin
Voisin pusher two-seat biplanes were French (800 ordered by Russian Imperial Army) and Russian (produced over 500 under license). They were armed with a MG and bombs, and used in recon and bomber roles in World War I and Russian Civilian War.

Voisins color pictures

Voisin airplane Russian 5th Army Squadron
Voisin airplane of Russian 5th Army Squadron. Wartime picture.
Voisin Flugzeug russischen 5 Armee Squad.

Russian warplane Voisin picture
Voisin Russie des avions militaires.
Rosyjski samolot wojskowy Voisin foto.

foto avion militar ruso
Russian Voisin military airplane

Ruska vojenska letadla
skied biplane Voisin LAS of RKKA

Voisin ajruplani militari Russu
The Voisins in service with White forces. Note the insignia: the triangle on the white circle.

avioane rusesti.   L
Voisin L warplane
Ryska militara flygplan Voisin 37-mm
Voisin LB warplane armed with 37mm gun

Photo presented by Dmitri Solovyev

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Russian aviation in WWI and Civilian War

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