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Илья Муромец (Russian WWI heavy bomber)

Sikorsky Ilya Muromets 4-engined airplane

color plate WWI Sikorskiy Ilya Muromets heavy bomber
color plate by Yury Ivanov

Ilya Muromets Russian bombers specifications
Series (Year) Crew Engine, h.p. Empty Weight, kg Combat Weight, kg Speed, km/h Wingspan, m Length, mBuilt
S-22 - (1913) 2 or 43
B / S-23 (1914)
4x140 3100..3600 4600..4800 96..105 30,95 19,06
V / S-23 (1915)
4x125..150 2900..3800 4400..5100 100..125 29,8..30,9 17,1..17,5
G-1 / S-24
G-2 and G-3 / S-25 (1915)
4x125..220 3700..4070 5200..6100 110..137 30,87 17,118 + 55
D / S-26 (1916)   4x150 3150..3800 4400..5200 110..130 24,9..29,7 15,5..17,0
E / S-27 (1916)
4x220 4200..5000 6100..7460 130..137 30,4..34,5 18,2..18,5

The wartime photos colored by Klimbim.
biplane crew
foto WWI pommitaja Sikorskij Ilya Muromets of V series
The Ilya Murometz of V series with the 400kg bomb
photo ww1 Russian bomber Ilya Muromets of V series
The Russian heavy bomber Ilya Murometz of V series

foto WWI Ilja Muromez type V S23
Ilya Muromets V (S-23) con le insegne dell'Aeronautica russa
Иля Муромец бомбардировач тип В (С-23)
wartime picture - Bombs for the Ilya Murometz S22 bombardmanci
The bombs for the Ilya Muromets warplanes of WWI.

bombardier bombardeo bombardeiro bombardeig aeroplan bombardues bombardmanci bombazo pommitaja bombardiman ucagi

foto WWI photo Sikorsky Ilia Muromets 4-engined aircraft
Photo : Russian bomber Ilya Muromets of E series (WW1)

foto WWI bombardeig Ilya Muromets tail gunner nest g2
The Ilya Murometz's (G-2 series) tail gunner ("nest")
photo ww1 Sikorsky Ilia Mouromets
Sikorski Ilja Muromec letadlo

bombowiec foto WWI cockpit Ilia Muromets cabina de piloto Sikorsky Ilya Muromets 4-engined bombardier photo ww1 Inner view of the Ilia Murometz fuselage
Inner view of the Ilya Muromets airplanes: cockpit and fuselage.

Ilja Muromez Pilotenkanzel, cabina di pilotaggio, cabine do piloto.

World War I and Russian Civil War Ilia Murometz 4-engined bomber g3
the Ilya Muromets of G-3 series
foto ww1 Иля Муромец бомбардировач
Soviet bomber Ilya Muromets
photo ww1 Red army Ilya Muoromets warplane Sikorskij
Ilja Muromiec samolot bombowy Sikorski, Ilja Muromec letadlo Sikorsky

Russian and Soviet aviation in WW1 and Civilian War

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