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Russian Anatra airplanes

WW1 foto Anantra vojenska letadla

The two-seater tractor biplanes built by Anatra factory: Anade and Anasal. This WWI designe war inspired by a captured Austrian Aviatik airplane. The Anades were not very stable planes, but it was enough for recon, artillery spotting and bomb missions (30 kg of bombs and a defensive rear-firing MG). The Anasals were very improved: more rugged, more stable, faster and had an additional synchronized MG. Anatra airplanes were used in CW by both White and Red armies. In Odessa were built over 200 Anades and about 300 Anasals.

Specifications of WW1 Anatra warplanes
NameYearEngine, h.p.Speed, km/h Empty/Combat Weight, kgCeiling, mClimb time to 1 km, minMachinegunEndurance, hours
type D (Anade)1915100..110132..135515 / 86540007 13.5
type DS (Anasal)1916150..160144..153810 / 11604300..44005.5 23..3.5

Damaged Anade warplane of Russian Army WWI
Damaged Anade airplane of Russian Army photo.

Velivoli militari russi Anatra

Anade - Anatra D recon warplane
Velivoli militari russi foto
Anatra factory D warplane WWI photo in World War I and Russian Civilian War

Anatra DS Aviones militares rusos

Anatra DS - Anasal multirole combat aircraft
Anatra DS - Anasal multi-role combat aircraft in World War I and Russian Civil War
Aviones militares rusos / militaire vliegtuigen

Anacler militaire vliegtuigen foto
Anacler Russian recon aircraft photo

Anantra vojenska letadla
Russian aviation in WWI and Civilian War

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