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BALANCE MOD for Theater of war II: Africa 1943 Centauro

Valentine 9 (TOW Africa)
Valentine IX

StuG 40 F/8 Churchill, Faustpatrone
StuG 40 F/8 , Churchill, Faustpatrone

SPG Bishop obusier(Africa)
Bishop (Ordnance QF 25-pdr on Carrier Valentine 25-pdr Mk I)

TOW British Boys ATR (Africa)
British Boys ATR team, and so on...

BALANCE MOD ver.1.5.2 (only for Centauro ver.1.3.6 only)

Backup your MISSIONS, AI and DATA folders.
Point your Africa1943 folder during the installation.
You should got 3DOBJ, Samples, Presets folders;
UNITS, GUNS, ITEMS subfolders in your DATA folder;
and 15 new subfolders in your MISSIONS\MP_LIST folder.

You may need to replace the file MISSIONS\MP_LIST\TEXT.UTF8 

Delete MISSIONS and DATA folders, then restore ones from 
your backup.

The command file KILL-BIN.BAT included to MISSIONS folder 
for fast erasing trash-cash files.

* New balanced costs for all units.

* The cast armour (less hardness) introduced (M4A1, ...)

* The laying infantry are less vulnerable now.
* The tracks and wheels are stronger now.

* New units added:
 - T19 105mm HMC
 - Churchill NA 75, Valentine IX and Matilda II 
   infantry tanks
 - Bishop SPG
 - StuG 40F/8 SPG (the forward armor 50+30=80mm)
 - 3 inch Gun M5 (multiplayer only)
 - 17 pdr Pheasant ATG
 - Faustpatrone infantry (multiplayer only)
 - PIAT infantry (multiplayer only)
 - Ranger team armed with 7,62mm Johnson
 - British commandos
 - Fallschirmjager with FG.42
 - Bren and Browning MG infantry teams
 - Boys ATR team

* The M3 halftrack got the MG.
* The Universal Carrier got the passengers.
* The reload time decreased for the M1919A4, Bren, 
  Breda MGs.
* The reload time increased for the quad 20mm Flak38.
* The magazines capacity corrected for the German 20mm 
  Flak38 and Kwk38 cannons.
* The ammoload of ATR PzB.39 corrected from 10 to 70.
* The engine power and the mass corrected for M13/40, 
  M14/41 and Semovente.
* M14/41 got the correct gun DA 47/32 M35.
* M13/40 and M13/41 got the correct forward armor.
* The Crusaders armor bug corrected.
* The M10 hull armor corrected.
* The M10 invulnerable turret bug corrected.
* Texture smoothing on tanks and flaks in close view 

* The machinegunner of BMW and Hanomags now armed 
  with the MG34, not with the rifle.

* New MP missions "Thala", "Kasserine", "Sidi N'Sir", 
  "Tunisia", "Hill 141" added.

* In all MP missions: 
 - the usable area of the maps increased.
 - increased tanks, cars and infantry permissions.
 - the Italian armies added.
 - the number of the players increased up to 8.
 - the recapture time in CTF missions increased from 5 
   to 15 min
 - added Sdkfz250, Sdkfz232, motorcycle, artillery 
   to the German reserves.
 - added different cars and infantry detachments to 
   all sides (over 10 units existed in the game but 
   were not used).
 - a little bag fixed: an Italian ATR team - the 
   4th member had no any weapon in all missions.
 - some of the flags moved to a key places.
 - some of the spawn points moved to a places where 
   the armies don't see each other.

The original MP missions marked as (original), 
the edited ones - as (balanced).

Big pictures:

T-19 SPG

T-19 SPG



Infantry tank Churchill:
Churchill heavy tank (theater of war)

Ordnance Quick Firing 17 pounder gun in Africa:
Ordnance QF 17 pounder gun (theater of war)

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