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Hi! My nickname is PG monster.

This site was founded in the begin of 1998. It updates often with a new data and a pictures, and sometimes with a little corrections. The URL was changed.

My interests are: war history and equipment, so I like historical strategy & flight sims.
FlightSims Once I even won 16th Red Baron I Tournament (Division A) at CompuServe.

Of course, my site isn't devoted to propaganda of communism. Also, in spite of my hobbie, I'm very peaceful man. Make Love Not War! smile :-)

It's easy to see, my site isn't the best in design. My purpose was not to create a "cool" site, but fast and easy-to-use one.

If you have your own works or other interesting materials, please contact me and we'll put this stuff to my site.

The hosting (as well as the domain name) is the merit of MMX THANX! , thank you friend!

drawning by Marat Ganiev

FlightSims I'm a member of on-line squadrons:
25IAP VVS in War Birds ;
5GIAP VVS in Aces High, early name is 129IAP VVS ;
19KAO Russian Empire in Dawn of Aces - my own little squadron; before I created it, I was a member of Death Inc. ;
and I was a lone wolf in Red Baron II/3D.

Now the tanks time! Meet me and my clan WBFH in WoT world of tanks

3D action :-) My beloved daughter made this thing for me, and I like it smile :-) That looks like a transport plane shot down by the flaks, but indeedly that's simple Victory Day fireworks and the aerial parade smile :-)

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