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WW2 Anti-Aircraft Aces

During the war, Soviet ground AA guns shot down 21645 planes: 14657 were victims of the small-caliber automatic cannons (25mm and 37mm), 4047 destroyed by the 76mm and 85mm guns.

Sgt Suschenko A.I. aside his flak
Sgt Suschenko A.I. aside his flak.

1st sergeant Boris Alymov and his gun
1st sergeant Boris Alymov and his gun.

Known Soviet Flak Aces of WWII:
Sergeant Pjotr Petrov, 37mm cannon commander of 93rd separate AA regiment - 20 planes.
1st sergeant Ivan A. Shalov, 37mm cannon, 632 ZenAP - 18 Ju87 and Ju88 bombers + many infantry.
1st sergeant Golovin Vasilij D., gun commander 109 GvZenAP - 16 planes.
Jr. sergeant Timofejev Sergej I., gun commander 109 GvZenAP - 16 planes.
Master sergeant Nikolaj Botzman, 37mm cannon, 75 GvZenAP - 15 planes.
1st sergeant Ivan S. Fursenko, gun commander 2012 ZenAP - 14 planes + 5 tanks + some infantry (data on 23.7.44).
1st sergeant Sadykov Kazim G., gun commander 109 GvZenAP - 16 planes.
1st sergeant Muravyov Dmitry Nikitiovich, 465 ZenAP - 12 planes + some infantry.
1st sergeant N.I. Semochkin, 37mm cannon commander, 24 ZenAP - 12 planes.
Sergeant E.G. Grishev, 37mm cannon commander, 1349 ZenAP - 12 planes.
Corporal Bahishev A.I.B., gun-layer 109 GvZenAP - 12 planes.
Sgt Suschenko A.I., gun commander 1622 ZenAP - 11 planes.
Sergeant Daniil H. Guba, gun commander 256 GvZenAP - 10 planes + some ground targets.
Pvt 1s class Pavel A. Turkov, gun-layer 1487 AZenAP - 9 destroyed planes and 10 damaged, + some infantry.
Sergeant G.A. Zamulja, 85mm gun - 9 planes + some ground targets.
Sergeant Ivan Pilgun, gunner, 1257 PVO regiment - 9 planes.
1st sergeant Vasily Saveliev, gun commander - 8 planes.
1st sergeant Polyakov Vladimir Arkadyevich, gun commander 632 ZenAP - 8 planes.
Jr. sergeant Kulik Artyom A., gun-layer 109 GvZenAP - 8 planes.
Sergeant Bijko Ivan G., gun commander 109 GvZenAP - 8 planes.
Jr. sergeant Anatoliy G. Vavilov, gunner 1334 ZenAP - 8 planes (data on autumn 1943).
Prostokishin P.N., gun commander 618 MZENAP - 7 destroyed planes and 2 damaged, + 3 tanks, some infantry, 1 firepoint. Sgt. Dmitry A. Gulyakov, gun-layer 1487 AZenAP - 7 destroyed aircrafts and 1 damaged.
1st sergeant B.S. Alymov, 85mm gun, 351 ZenAP - 7 planes.
1st sergeant I.S. Korotkov, 37mm cannon, 977 ZenAP - 7 planes.
Sergeant Pyotr T. Volkov, gun commander 1334 ZenAP - 7 planes.
Corporal Pyotr A. Zhulyabin, 981 ZenAP - 7 planes.
Jr. sergeant Karpenko N.A., gun-layer 109 GvZenAP - 7 planes.
Pvt 1s class N.N. Ignatov, gun-layer 1487 AZenAP - 6 destroyed planes and 5 damaged, + some infantry.
1st sergeant A. Korolyov - 6 planes (data on July 1943).
1st sergeant Alexander F. Zubarev, gun commander 1181 ZenAP - 6 bombers.
Guards sergeant Melnikov, 37mm gun commander - 6 planes.
Jr. sergeant Panferov S.M., gun-layer 109 GvZenAP - 6 planes.
1st sergeant Kuchumov M.L., 618 ZENAP - 5 destroyed planes and 2 damaged, + some infantry, 10 firepoints. 1st sergeant Ankudinov V.G., gun commander 1401 ZenAP - 5 planes and some infantry (data on 3.6.44).
Jr. sergeant Chechin M.D., gun-layer 1409 ZenAP - 5 bombers Ju.87 in April 1944.
Master sergeant Mihail I. Kozomazov, MG platoon commander 632 ZenAP - 5 planes.
Sergeant Vasiliy T. Gurin, gun commander 1346 ZenAP - 5 planes.
Corporal Pavel G. Lavrentiev, 981 ZenAP - 5 planes.
Jr. sergeant Momjashev M.K., gun-layer 109 GvZenAP - 5 aeroplanes.
N. Orlov and P. Andreyev, armored train of 53rd ODBP - 10 warplanes.

         If you can enlarge this list of most effective flak crew, please E-mail me. This antiaircraft experts list is incompleted, because in Soviet army almost weren't statistics about personal victories. In many cases I was forced to use a fragmental sources, so some scores may be actually bigger.
         This is the first AA aces rating in the internet. Before the establishment of my own domen, this site grew up at the free hostings (, then Private Klavdia Barhotkina, 12 planes - no confirmation found.

Russian flak crew near shot down german aircraft in WW2
A. Korolyov and his battery commander I.Devayev near the shot down German warplane

Russian PWO 85-mm Flak Battery, 1943 WWII foto
Soviet flak battery of 85-mm 52-K guns

Russian PVO (Anti-Aircraft) aiming kalkulator picture PUAZO
Russian crew of PVO (Anti-Aircraft) aim calculator machine

Russian Balloon Crew Wartime image
Russian female balloon crew

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